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Core Tyria Personal Story skipped several chapters

My wife and I started the Level 70 portion of the Personal Story the other night and we had something weird happen:

After completing "Forging the Pact" the story skipped straight to "Battle of Fort Trinity". After completing that, it went to "Delivering Justice", even though we had not done any of the lead-up story parts to have any idea what they were talking about. We also did not receive any rewards that would have been acquired from completing the skipped chapters, if there were any.

Potentially relevant background info:

  • We were in a party together with just the 2 of us.
  • These 2 characters have done all of the personal story chapters up to this point together as a party of 2.
  • I had completed the level 70 story chain just fine a few weeks prior with a different character, and the Syska storyline is the one I did with that character (so I at least knew what had happened)
  • I do not remember which "greatest fear" we had chosen with these characters (we don't get to play that much, it was probably 2 weeks ago when we did that part).
  • My wife's character was the instance owner when the "greatest fear" was chosen
  • I was the instance owner this time (we alternate being the "lead" every 10 levels)

Has anyone else had this happen?


  • DBZVelena.5186DBZVelena.5186 Member ✭✭✭

    Its a known thing that sharing the personal story with another player can cause all kinds of weird bugs. From suddenly being in a different order, to being unable to complete a step due to a random bug that makes npcs refuse to respond.

    My best advice i can give is to create a support ticket and let them help you. No idea if they can reset completed story steps but you can always ask. They can however see in your acc history if you did receive the associated rewards. And if you didn't send them to you. So regardless of their ability to reset story steps, you could at least get the loot.

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  • aikatara.3462aikatara.3462 Member ✭✭
    edited July 25, 2018

    This has happened to me too more than ones, and precisely at the same spot, while playing together with another person. The story skipped from "Forging the pact" to "Battle of Fort Trinity" and then to the last part of the greatest fear storyline. The other parts of the greatest fear story were left out. When playing alone I have never encountered problems with the personal fear story part.

    I wonder what happens if you play the part where you choose your greatest fear ("A light in the darkness") with another player, but the following part up to "Battle of Fort Trinity" alone or what happens if you play only "Light in the darkness" alone, but the rest together. Maybe the bug is produced by the "A light in the darkness" story part, where you choose your greatest fear, since the greatest fear story part was temporarily removed from the personal story some time ago and was later reintroduced in the personal story again.
    But this is just a theory. I think if I play the personal story again together with another player I will test what happens if I and the other player play the "Light in the darkness"- part separately (but choose the same fear). Just for curiosity's sake...

  • Guess it is not just us, then. Given the huge support backlog that I've seen discussed elsewhere in these forums, I'm not sure I'll bother with a support ticket. Whatever reward items we would have gotten will probably be obsolete in a few levels, anyway, and XP is easy to come by.

    Would be nice to see this issue at least get acknowledged/looked into, though. Seems like doing the story as a group would not be a terribly uncommon thing, and this could have killed my "as casual a gamer as it gets" wife's interest in the game if I hadn't been able to explain the plot points we missed.

  • This happened to me recently as well

  • Me and my friend (we were doing the Personal Story together from the very start) have just had this bug too. Our story skipped from "Forging the Pact" directly to "The Battle of Fort Trinity", and all three quests that were connected to "the greatest fear" choice are missing and are not even shown in the Story Journal.

    Seems like it was never fixed, as for all the threads regarding this problem are 2-3 years old. I've also contacted the support: to my friend they answered that there is no way the story can be fixed or replayed, and to me — that it all happened because we were doing the story together. While understanding the first answer, I was extremely disappointed by the second one. The GM just stated that the bug was our fault. The only feeling I've got after reading this answer was that the game punished us for playing together, and there is nothing to fix. Well.