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The same identifier on Guild Banners should be applied to all gizmos / vendors / feasts

Early on as a new player, I recall the excitement of seeing a Guild Banner appearing, knowing the swath of boons it gave, and I always took a moment to say "thank you" in /map to the guild tag associated with that banner. I think similar identification should apply to all gizmos, vendors or feasts that players can summon to the world.

For example: player Togan Lhackeray summons a bobblehead laboratory while waiting for Teq to swim up and give loot. If you look at the gizmo its object title would read "Bobblehead Laboratory (Togan Lhackery)".

This would provide two benefits:

1- It allows players to thank their fellow player for putting these items out there for the rest of us to use. Even if an item like the Bobblehead isn't consumable, they are running around with it in their bags / storage, and they took the time to click and summon it for us to play with! Equally relevant to Boxes O' Fun or tray of pies, etc which are consumable. I know how expensive it is to get a recipe for feasts, so if someone puts down some Omnomberry bars before a meta, I want to thank them for the extra MF.

2- And it saddens me to have to describe this, but this would also allow us to report players who misuse these types of items to purposefully disrupt, agitate or 'troll' other GW2 players. We've all experienced it when someone puts an Aviator Box underneath a meta chest, or summons a vendor solely to make it harder for you to open a chest or speak with an NPC. With the identity of the player who owns that gizmo, etc, visible, then we could at least take a screenshot and send it to ANET. Whether this is an actionable offense or not I don't know, but at least the playerbase would have something to combat this type of behaviour.

I'd even go so far as to say Mesmer portals should also display the owner's name, more for reason #2 than #1, as I've never had any difficulty identifying a friendly Mesmer trying to be helpful.

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