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[EU] In-game concert: [Cmaj] Anniversary 4

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We, A Music Guild Tries to Minstrel’s Waypoint [Cmaj], are hosting our fourth music event on the 4th of August. We welcome you to come and listen. Do you accept the invitation?

Believe it or not, [Cmaj] is not actually a raid guild. When we’re not being used by Silverdisc to make him that sweet sweet YouTube money, our primary activity is playing music without the assistance of third party tools like autohotkey scripts (macros).

The event will happen at 20:00 CEST on the 4th of August in some random cave north of Graupel Waypoint [&BGICAAA=] in the Dredgehaunt Cliffs. To make sure you get in the right flow, type /squadjoin Silverdisc, /squadjoin Splot Jacuzzi or /squadjoin Demson Mournwood.

This is our 4th event, they are always marginally okay and you might even be a little bit entertained, and we give away some a lot of free stuff. Last year we totally crashed the server. We had a sick after party (we think that sick is still down with the kids right?). The whole night was a solid 6/10.

Please make some of our members feel okay about their questionable decisions to buy 12000 Gems for the new legendary instruments. We may not have much going for us, but we try really hard. We have a lot of members who require your sympathy.

You can watch our previous music event, as well as our music videos, on our YouTube channel.

-The Cmaj

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