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[Feedback] Ease the reverb on The Minstrel (+ it's too distant). Notes also do not 'decay' properly

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As a member of the GW2 musician community, I recently heard The Minstrel legendary is now a playable instrument (awesome!), so I looked up a couple videos (some recordings worse than others), and then I heard what it actually sounds like in-game from a fellow musician friend.

The new sound is great, yet the reverb is a bit much, and it could at least use one less echo (or two). If you scroll down and watch the second video, you will hear 4 echoes at 1:05 that was going to echo at least 2 more times, yet the video ended. The reverb overkill, and as a result, the effect tends to wear out quickly.

Not only that, the sound of The Minstrel is too distant, per se, when played with other instruments as I've witnessed in-game (notably with the Bass Guitar), the sound from The Minstrel is almost at the Bass' level instead of given more attention as the lead instrument (like the old Harp sound).

Furthermore, when players manually hold down a note (or a chord) in-game during a 'rest', be it somewhere in the middle of a song, or at the very end of a song, the notes do not 'decay' properly so as to play their full duration on any instrument. What instead happens (and should not be happening) is that note or chord replays again and again for as long a note or a chord is held down during a rest.

The above is something that should really be fixed, because when someone blows through an instrument like a Flute or a Horn, it does not continue to play notes unless blown through again with another breath of air, right? The same applies to piano notes and chords that require to be pressed again in order to play those notes and chords.

Anyway, here is what I believe The Minstrels' reverb should sound like that I remade:

I went for an acoustic hall effect. See how the sound is less deadened than in the second video below?

vs. the current sound of The Minstrel:

Thank you for looking this over.

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