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Something strange from APIv2/items

Elfo Bianco.3786Elfo Bianco.3786 Member ✭✭
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Hi, I'm updating a local data file from APIv2/items endpoint, but now I have noticed that sometimes (especially when I update data and at the same time API adds new IDs to the same endpoint) I get the exact total amount of IDs as reported in "x-result-total" header, but some of them are duplicates while others (same amount of duplicates) are missing.
Different languages of the same endpoint may return distinct missing/duplicates IDs.

Just to mention, because I'm not sure that what I'm writing now is related to the bug above, few days ago I got 57 IDs from APIv2/wvw/upgrades, but now this endpoint return only 48 IDs; ID: 5,6,9,24,26,32,47,49,58 are no more whitelisted.

Anyway I have opened the discuss about APIv2/items, but I'm pretty sure that this bug happened even with APIv2/recipes and maybe few other endpoints.

I'd like to know if someone else could confirm the issue.

Edit to the main post:
I forgot to say that I update data using the paging.


  • I report the APIv2/items update I have just done, starting from 50526 IDs for each languages:

    lang=fr @ 2018-08-04T17:13:46.966Z => 50464 updated, 59 added, 62 missing/duplicates
    lang=de @ 2018-08-04T17:18:43.689Z => 50472 updated, 59 added, 54 missing/duplicates
    lang=es @ 2018-08-04T17:23:21.015Z => 50504 updated, 59 added, 22 missing/duplicates
    lang=en @ 2018-08-04T17:27:58.871Z => 50526 updated, 59 added

    While the IDs list is updated at the same time for every languages (that is what it seems to be), related items are not really added and returned using paging.
    After other tries I can confirm that when new IDs are whitelisted, the related items can be returned from APIv2/endpoint:/id: but not using paging. In other words there is a large discrepancy over time.
    In addition I want to clarify that the cache was clean before the update.

    The fact that udpating the lang=fr I can find more missing/duplicates than added, it could mean that there is something else wrong.

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