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Please fix 'note decay' issue on The Minstrel, Harp, and Lute. Only Bass allows long rests (video)

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As a very active member in the musician community, for as long I have been playing the instruments in-game, this used to not be an issue. Here is a video that demonstrates the note decay issue + I also do a no-script Billy Idol - White Wedding Bass performance:

Note decay issue on The Minstrel, the Harp, and the Lute in-game explained:

When players manually hold down a note (or a chord) in-game during a 'rest' that lasts longer than 2 seconds, be it somewhere in the middle of a song, or at the very end of a song, the notes do not 'decay' properly so as to play their full duration on The Minstrel, the Harp, and the Lute. What instead happens (and should not be happening) is that note or chord replays again and again every 2 seconds for as long a note or a chord is held down during a rest.

The issue above messes up a lot of parts of songs that have long rests.

For example, when someone blows through an aerophone instrument like a Flute or a Horn, it does not continue to play notes after awhile unless blown through again with another breath of air, right? Well, the same applies to piano notes and chords that require to be pressed again in order to play those notes and chords.

The only instrument that allows long rests is the Bass, and it will only repeat the same note after 6 seconds (instead of 2). 6 seconds is ideal, though, because that is about as long it takes for a note's sound to decay, anyway.

Thank you for looking into this.


  • It's not too big of an issue though. We in [Cmaj] don't really have an issue playing songs together, timing notes and rests, and so on.

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