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Elona/Cantha Professions

Just a few ideas I had regarding former professions integrating into Guild Wars 2~

Elona [Nightfall Expansion]

Elite Specilization: Paragon "Guardian Angel of Elona"
Weapon: Spear (Ranger/Warrior/Elementalist)
Utilities: Command
Elite: Dedicated Divinity (Resurrect fatal teammates within 350 yards for 5 seconds, gain a personal 10,000hp barrier)

Elite Specilization: Dervish "Holy Warrior of the Gods"
Weapon: Scythe (Necromancer/Revenant/Thief)
Utilities: Enchant
Elite: Grenth's Wish (Gain lifesteal equal to 15% of outgoing damage for 6 seconds. Upon expiration, receive 10% of all of damage done back as health)

Cantha [Factions Expansion]

Elite Specilization: Ritualist "Shaman of the Mists"
Weapon: Effigy (Mesmer/Guardian/Necromancer)
Utilities: Spirit
Elite: Phantasmal Preservation (Summon a Spirit with 15,000hp granting 75% damage reduction for 8 seconds within 500 yards)

Elite Specilization: Assassin "The Shadow of Death"
Weapon: Shuriken (Engineer/Revenant/Elementalist)
Utilities: Malevolent
Elite: Truth Serum (Reveal enemies through all obstacles and gain 66% run speed & 66% skill recharge for 5 seconds)

All feedback is welcomed, positive & negative
If you don't understand or would like to know more about my concept don't hesitate to comment and I will do my best to elaborate.

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