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[suggestion] Having some UI Elements and other tool tips be Optional.

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Hi, I know for some of you, some of the UI things are bit iffy a bit. Rather than make seperate posts about these, its easier to lump into one large one.
Basically there are just things I want to suggest to make the UI a bit less clustered.

Everything in the Content Guide needs to be optional.
I like a few other people, don't like the fact we can't hide the daily achievement panel, Can't we have an option to turn off the daily achievement panel. I know some of you are gonna say "well do the dailies and it'll disappear" but it returns the next day, So it's pointless to do it if it'll just return. The only way to get rid of it is to have the achievement Watch list up instead but then you have something else there instead. It's not really getting rid of something.

I don't want anything in that top right corner of the screen. It would be nice to have the top right hand side of my screen be visible.
I can disable story progress from showing up, and local events, but can't get rid of the dailies panel.

Other thing small tweaks to the content guide, are disabling seasonal events and having the map be optional for those who want the complete right hand side of their screen to be visiable

The other glaring thing is when you roll the mouse over the skill bar and having giant tool tip appear that covers the up a chunk of the screen, this a problem that a lot of mesmars and guardians have, but also if they have skills that chain into other skills. examples SoI , Echo of Mem and SoJ
The tips are good for new players but you've been playing for 400+ hours and know your class inside out, then you don't need it anymore, and if you ever want to reference what any skills you have do is open up the Build tab in the Hero panel, and every weapon and ulity skill is there, So could we please get the ability to Disable skill bar tool tips when we roll the mouse over them. I don't think its even needed, To be honest, it should be an optional thing, and was optional in the orginal Guild wars.
Not all players only use the keyboard, and sometimes its easier to use a mouse espically for classes that have AOE targetting skills.

My suggestion is that

In the options under User interface the content guide drop down list need changed and be expanded and be its own section,
They need get rid of the drop down menu for the content guide and have it be list a of checkboxes instead like the other parts of the UI.
Something on the lines of this.

Content guide
* Disable Personal Story (does what it does already)
* Hide Nearby Events (does what it normally does and doesn't show nearby events)
* Disable Daily achievements (the dailies panel doesnt show up)
* Diable Achievement Watch list (any active achievments don't show up)
* Disable Guides and Tutorials (sometimes when you get new characters tips pop up that you already know so having an option to disable those would nice too)
* Disable skill bar tool tips (hides the tips in the skill bar, so when you roll over them with the mouse they don't show up)
* Disable/Hide Mini-Map (for those who want to get rid of it)
* Disable Seasonal Events ( disables wintersday, Festival of winds, haloween etc)

What do you guys think?
This way users can customize what shows up in the content guide, and a few UI elements.

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