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Mount Refuses to Move Backwards

I do not know if this is mentioned yet or if it is a new thing, but just today I purchased some of the desert racer mount skins and shortly after unlocking the skins I noticed that strangely my mounts refuse to walk backwards. I had some friends see what I was doing, and from their perspective my mounts were doing the animation of walking backwards, but were staying in place. On my screen they weren't even doing that. This is happening on all of my mounts, even though I only applied 2 of the new mount skins, and it is incredibly annoying, especially when trying to line a springer up for a good jump. In case it would be useful, I unlocked the Ntouka Snakeskin, Stormchaser, Trailblazer, Iceberg, and Primeval Roller Beetle.


  • It's an intermittent bug and I haven't been able to narrow down the circumstances when it happens. I think it might be related to swapping quickly between different mounts, but it's not that simple.

    However, I can make it go away. Moving to the character select screen works all the time. Waypointing usually works. And sometimes, gliding or swapping weapons (while unounted) fixes it too.

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    Okay, I will look into it. This was just the first I had noticed it and I quickly swap mounts often.

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