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"Test Subject" Story instance drone detection radius showing incorrect size

So I was wondering why I was constantly failing the achievement "Drones Disabled" for A Bug In the System story and constantly being detected by the drones despite not being in their radius. After being frustrated many times, I watched a video to see if I was doing something dumb and the drone detection radius was much bigger than it was showing in my game. For me, the drone's radius is a small circle around them but in the video the radius was much larger and would explain why I was being detected. Was this changed, maybe accidentally in a patch? Has anyone else seen this? Do I have some bizarre setting ticked in my options that has changed this?


  • Ray Koopa.2354Ray Koopa.2354 Member ✭✭✭

    I also had a strange feeling playing through the story last time. Though I didn't go for the achievements. I'm pretty sure I got detected outside of the visible range too and then simply shrugged about it.

  • Poormany.4507Poormany.4507 Member ✭✭✭

    Having the same issue, drones are detecting me outside of their small radius, which seems like it is supposed to be bigger based on guides.

  • Having the same issue. The VISIBLE detection radius is much too small. Any solutions? Restart doesn't help.

  • same issue. i was able to get acheivement eventually though

  • same issue here. really small circle around the drones which causes detection even when being outside of it

  • If people are still having issues with this, I was able to get the achievement by watching a video from Youtube and trying to follow their movements. Hug the wall, give the drones a lot of room, etc. It's still a pain, but at least it's at the beginning of the instance so you can leave and quickly try again if you fail it.

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