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Random Character Roller

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edited September 26, 2017 in Community Creations

Hi all, now that POF's out I have updated my Random Character Roller that I shared in the old forums;
If you're stuck for ideas on what kind of new character to create, give the roller a try.
The tool will suggest species-specific name, species, gender, class and backstory options among other things, and it now also generates basic appearance images and elite specialisation choices.
Currently appearances are generated for:

  • Charr Male / Female
  • Asura Male / Female
  • Norn Female
    Other appearances will be added in future (it took me about 6 hours already to cut out and prepare the facial elements for the above) :(
    I'll be adding starter colour palette suggestions in a future update, along with the rest of the species appearance suggestions.

If you use the Roller to make a character - let me know! :)

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