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Next Fractal could be Scarlet's Playhouse?

So with the return of the Labyrinthine Cliffs and the Crown Pavilion as permanent yearly content, will we get Scarlet's playhouse as a possible new fractal?

Molten Furnace, Molten boss, Aetherblade, and Captain mai Trin fractals all use LWS1 instances, and Nightmare fractal uses some assets from the Tower of Nightmares release. So with Anet having Crown Pavilion as a zone, maybe they could bring back the characters, mechanics, and dialogue from the instance and make into a fractal? I, like many wish to play Living Season 1, and fractals are a nice way to umm pacify? While we wait for Anet to bring the season back (Yes, I am still hopeful they will somehow bring it back....for 3 years.)

I linked the wiki article, but also here'a video :smile:

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