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HoT outpost events

Do people still do these? I been trying to finish Chuka and Champawat III and it seems no one does outpost events anymore. Or I’m just unlucky.


  • I mostly see them being done when there is a daily event going on in Verdant Brink, but sometimes there is an organized group. Try checking LFG--there is often a group for the night meta, who do events until nightfall, and which can at least get you on a populated map where you could start your own LFG group for outpost events afterward.

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    Whenever I need one of those events I tag/apple up on the map and let ppl know what I'm after. "Doing Ordonance meta chain" or something alike let's ppl know what you're doing.I also set up a lfg ad, to add more ppl. It helps to get VB organized from the start or better yet 10min before the new day starts. Other than that I can only say that I still see lots of ppl on the HoT maps but to find something organized you need to come early. VB is probably the most problematic meta at this point, since most ppl don't know what to do or leave an area in the few seconds between the events of a chain. It helps if they see a tag/apple stick around, signalizing them that you're not done here.

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  • Most of them are pretty doable solo / with a small group, fortunately. There are a few events in some of the chains that take a bit more dedication or coordination. I was able to finish up a bunch of the outpost recently to finish up achievements, and usually just me doing them, but when it got tricky I just called out in map for that particular bit and people came in to help.

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    If you tag up, people will show up to help. Mentor tag is fine.

  • Thanks for the help! Almost finish part 3 finally.

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