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Just another question or maybe is a feedback

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Skills balance is always a chaotic thing because gw2 has much diversity in terms of contents.

  1. Does the team only solely incharge of toon's skills? How about mobs' skills?

  2. If it does not affect mobs' skills, does the team has scientific means (like framework) to balance without making them too strong or too weak in any particular gamemode? Since gamemodes generally don't inherently go well with one another.

  3. Likewise, pvp and wvw are actually quite different since one is a small scale and another is a large scale with custom gears and food. Will anet or team consider this differences and separate WvW from Pvp balance? Or will consider a predefined stats approach to make it more controllable?

  4. I always been wondering, does anet or the team ever consider the differences between support and brawler class (and etc)? Or simply treat every class as the same and want every class to be able to win one another in pvp.

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