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[EU] PvX - Rétry From Checkpoint [DEAD]

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Rétry From Checkpoint [DEAD] is a laid back guild happy to help anyone progress from beginners right up to end game content (raids, CM fractals etc..) We're social and have a weekly schedule for events that we run throughout the week, feel free to show up to as many as you'd like or none at all, it's all up to you! We have an active discord server and would love it if you joined us on there however if you can't it's understandable.

Whether you're new to the game and looking for a friendly new family to help or an experienced player looking to clear their weekly bosses give us a try! While most of us are primarily focused on PvE at the moment we have members interested in PvP and WvW and are looking to branch out shortly with some PvP guild events on the horizon.

We do weekly giveaways and run fun competitions like "Fashion Wars" where guild members submit their best photos for the rest of the guild to vote for with gold prizes as the reward! We also want to get a guild lotto up and running! We run two consistent raid nights each week on Thursdays and Saturdays at 5-7pm (server time) open to any, a hardcore raid night on tuesday (aimed at clearing all wings fast) as well as guild missions on Mondays at 6pm while the rest of the schedule is done on a week by week basis based on what members want to do and when (mostly evenings), these other events could be fractals (t1-t4), Silverwastes Chest Farms with RIBA, map completion and more. We're happy to help players begin raiding (picking out builds, selecting and acquiring gear, rotations through golem training, raid mechanics etc...).

You're welcome to represent other guilds while within this one as we aim to make it better than the rest so you'll want to rep it not be forced to!

We have Windswept Haven as our guild hall (PoF).

Feel free to leave a comment down below, message me directly (Owen / TheHumbleTuna.7810) or add any of the following in game to request an invitation or get more information!






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