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Elite skills - will they get updated and can we get new ones?

Hallo! Any thoughts or insight to share on the current state of elite skills? Has there been any discussion on revisiting elite skills, either by updating them (especially the racial skills), or introducing more of them?

Regarding the former, I understand that racial skills need to balance with core gameplay, and not ramp up to the level of skill power present in the expansions. But, it doesn't look as though the core elite skills - racial and non-racial - are encroaching on powercreep. That is to say, they aren't anywhere near too strong, not even in the core game. So, could we see some rebalancing and / or makeover of those elites?

Also, it seems to me that adding elite skills would be a comparatively quick and easy way to expand the versatility of all professions, whereas adding new specializations is, I assume, much more resource intensive.

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