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Aura infusions

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edited August 22, 2018 in Aug 2018: Systems Team

For being some of the rarest items in the game in some cases, aura effects are extremely inconsistent. Common/affordable ones like the ghostly infusion and winter's heart infusion add a little flair without doing too much. On the other hand, phospholuminescent infusions are intrusive and overbearing, while liquid aurillium infusions are extremely subtle at best and bugged so that they don't show at all at worst.

Could you guys please look over them and maybe tune them up or down depending on individual infusions?

Edit: While I'm at it, there are a number of effects that I know lots of players would rather have as infusions than consumables (infinite or otherwise), the main case being the Selfless/Thoughtless potions. A simple mystic forge recipe so players have the option of using a potion or an infusion would fix this problem entirely.