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Skill Reworks?

How many more skill reworks are we likely to see like the rework guardian focus got?

I wouldn't mind seeing more skills reworked that either are underused or have poor reliability/are buggy.

Among some,
Reapers touch(necros focus 4), (almost never lands/super buggy)
Torch 4's second chain where you throw the flame on guard, (rarely lands, when it should)
many of ele's warhorn abilities I feel could do with a rework or at least be sped up a bit
Revenants Seven shot ability on shortbow

Just a few that come to mind, with the first 2 being my biggest gripes as they are not necessarily balance related, but more bug related.

Full Counter is supposed to counter everything, why else is it called FULL Counter... Just like 100 blades should really hit 100 times so you instantly die to retaliation.