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Crowd control

First of all, thank you for informing us about the changes in teams and more bright looking future :)
My question is: Will there be any tweaks to the current amount of CC in the game?
If we take PvP as an example, some times it is literally never-ending chain of stuns, knock-ups, etc until your character is downed or even dead right away. Some of those CC abilities are AOE. Now let's imagine the 6 vs 6 - 10 vs 10 matches. It is very likely that there will be teams that can just chain CC the other team to death.
Thanks for the answer and good luck with your new team and way of working! :)


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    O god the hornet nest called CC in GW 2

    Short answer we need to have a lot of CC skills because of PvE it is the fault of the HoT team so far I can tell. Its the breakbar.
    As a MMO veteran its feels weird to down right wrong to name it CC . The CC with AoE is what veterans identify as CC but does here the least CC/breakbar dmg .

    I haven't been around since the beginning so I don't know if the amount of CC and the counter stability boon were before HoT this much I guess not.

    I once did a table to compare classic CC and what GW2 understand with it I came up around 10 points where in each it was opposite /different from each other.

    Classics CC in old WoW like MMOs were for crowd control means each skill where for multiple enemies and lasted 3-5 seconds(in pvp you could clear it with the right skill GW2 has something similar for some classes ) .

    This was used to stun enemies who have agro chains or have been absurd powerful and could kill your team members in a one shot , you had to keep 5-7 of them in a stun lock by counting down between you team member in the TS so when you came back to the first guy who did the CC had already his skill again out of the cool down.(it rarely took in reality so long but putting out all of you cc at once would have ended in a fail)

    The epi bouncing which the necros is kinda similar to this I think Arena NET did decide against classic CC and agro chains because it would require more skill and communication from the players which woudln't let the MMO feel casual anymore. Which when I look at raids and CMs is absolute ridiculous. On top of this ago chains work as punishment for by passing content in those other MMOs

    Anyway in PvP you have always have stun skills when it is also an MMORPG here is the problem everything is so fast(like an action MMO) while you have still a lot of stuns and easy targeting with TAB. Action MMOs have less amount of stun and often you need to manual target you enemy.

    Sadly nothing will change for this it is too late.