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Environment, field and aura vs conditions

Gausson.7836Gausson.7836 Member
edited August 23, 2018 in Aug 2018: Systems Team

Hi everyone, I would like to discuss about the detail on how environment, fields and aura should able to interact with conditions.

I found that environment, field and aura is lack of detail in a fight. For example, why am I getting burned while I am in the water or under the effect of frost aura? Why am I getting chilled while I am under the effect of fire shield or standing in a fire field? why am I getting blinded while I am under the effect of light aura? Devs is adding a lot of conditions to the new contents, professions. Everyone is now always equip condition cleanse, condition conversions or resistance with them. This makes the choices of utility and traits becoming very limited.

Can environment, fields and aura be a counter measure to conditions? For example,

  • Fire Shield, Fire field, Lava: Remove and Immue to Chilled
  • Frost Aura, Frost field, Water, Wet lands: Remove and Immue to Burning
  • Water field, Water: Remove and Immue to Posioning
  • Light field, Light Aura: Remove and Immue to Blindness

Or some more interesting effect like:

  • Shock Aura + Water = self stun / AoE pulse damage
  • Magnetic Aura + Steel ground = self immobilize / floating

Any suggestions on it?