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Broken targetting system

Gausson.7836Gausson.7836 Member
edited August 23, 2018 in Aug 2018: Systems Team

I don't know how's everyone but I was getting the same problem over and over and over again. I have turned off the "autotarget" and "assist melee targetting" in options so that I have to target manually. However when I cast ground targetting skills, sometimes I was spaming clicks to target the ground. When the green circle is confirmed, I targetted an ally. When I try to follow with a target required skill, it warns me that the skill requires a target. Another example is that when I was doing Gors, someone is using entangled to immobilize the spirit. I keep selecting the root instead of the spirit when I try to click on the spirit. Turns out I have to tab tab tab to find the target in order to select it.

Can we have an option that "hold ctrl(or alt or whatever) to target ally"? Because it is very annoying when doing target critical contents. Also targetting allies is relatively rare when comparing to targetting enemies.

Can we also have a self only call target or numeric targetting system? Because I don't want to mess the party / squad current target because my priority may not be their priority. And it is tough when there is a lot of targets and I have to tab for many times to choose it if the target is hard to click.


  • Etheri.5406Etheri.5406 Member ✭✭✭✭

    On a similar note :
    Some leaps always leap to target (hammer2, holosmith, ....)
    Some leaps always go forwards over a (set?) distance (fire3 on dagger, almost all backwards-evades in the game)

    I find it insanely annoying particularly on holosmith that i have to de-target every time I want to leap in any direction that isn't straight to the target... Then to use 4 I MUST have a target or it fails completely. It's nice to jump towards the target, but have fun kiting / leaping out.

    Aiming ALL these leaps manually is already in the game, but only if you enable action-camera. Currently before every leap I must press ESC and have autotargetting options disabled just to be able to "aim manually" rather than leaping to a target.
    Followed by quickly retargetting in order to hit any projectile-based skills.

    Give us an OPTION that allows leaps and other skills which don't require a target to be aimed regularly regardless of class / spec rather than having it different for every mechanic / class in the game. TY.