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Transforms skills

I'd want to focus this thread more on transform elite skills and racial transform elite skills. (Ecluding things like the necromancer's shroud or druid's avatar which their own topic if someone want to open it)

I wonder if the system team intend to look at those skills that have high flavor value but suffer heavily from their poor uptime and the awfull clunckiness of their animation. I know that racial skills are not a priority but as someone that come from GW1 I can't help but be ashamed on how low the norn's transform ability fell.

All in all, In game, a transform skill usefullness can often be summed up by the questions: "what gimmick does it give me?", "Is this gimmick worth the cool down?" and "Is it worth the risk to lose your utilities and movement fluidity for it?"

So wouldn't it be possible to rework those transform in such a way that they get an acceptable cool down (10s), that they do not lock you out of utilities and their gimmick end up with a proper cool down worth the utility it give?

I know it's asking a lot but honnestly none of the racial elite transform skills really have an interesting gimmick and their damage potential feel, at best, very low. There is little to no risk that even with such drastic change these skills would end up "meta", however they could be revived in PvE (where they belong). As for the profession's elite transforms it's pretty much the same issue, most only existed until now for their gimmick, they seem to either need to be changed to common skills or made more accessible at the cost of their skill set cool downs.