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Defeat Reidarr Rockcrusher broken, can't finish Brewmaster

Brewmaster collection requires 'Stein of Cold Beer', purchased from Explorer Rivera once you complete the [Defeat Reidarr Rockcrusher to calm him down] event.

I have been standing next to him for hours, and the event never starts, thus collection can't be done at the time (unless i'm missing something).

According to, event should occur every 15-20 min



  • This problem is still occurring.

  • Is this by Refuge Peak Waypoint or outside the lodge at Belldron's Guardholme? What does he say when you talk to him?

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  • He never goes to Refuge Peak Waypoint. He just hangs out at Belldron's Guardholme. When I try talking to him he just says, "not now, I'm hunting." with no other options.

  • I can confirm this as well. He never travels to Refuge Peak Waypoint to start the event. He remains at his start location saying that he is hunting. Which means you can never collect the stein of cold beer.

  • Just Checked today this is back up and running, Thank you! Mission and achievement complete.

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