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GoogleSheets Script - WvW Pip Reward Track

Hi guys, first time poster on here. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about google sheets script?
I currently have a WvW Skirmish Ticket helper spreadsheet.

We don't have API endpoints for pulling pip progress so I currently enter the following into a spreadsheet:

  • Pip Chest Type (eg wood, bronze etc), selected from a drop down
  • Tier
  • Current Pips earned
  • Average pips per tick
  • Amount of Skirmish Tickets (currently I use the API to pull this directly so theres no need to enter)

Shopping list -
You can select which items youre aiming to get. Eg Selecting each piece of Triumphant armor and 6 Legendary War Insights. It will calculate the total amount of tickets this costs / how many left to earn / How many you can get this week etc

My current spreadsheet will use this data to estimate various stats for you:

  • How many hours to finish current chest
  • How many tickets are left from this chest
  • How long until you hit your goal of diamond
  • How many hours you should put in for remaining days to hit goal
  • How many weeks of hitting your target chest you will need in order to get enough tickets
    -- Estimated Tickets and remaining weeks both before weeks progress and after weeks progress

  • Estimated end date for having enough tickets

  • various other little details...

What I want to do:
I know Gw2Efficency has a lovely api for drawing the pvp match progress. I would like a visual representation of your current WvW Skirmish chest progress. I would like to pull the necessary pip graphics, and have them display depending on your current chest/tier/pip data (already recorded in some cells).
Eg: If im in Silver Tier, draw green pips. 4 sets of 10 and a set of 5 (i already have the numbers stored in cells).
Maybe even have them click on the pips to update their progress

Anyone have any idea where i could go for doing this?


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