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  • SoulGuardian.6203SoulGuardian.6203 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Jura.2170 said:
    Please let us be in 10 or more guilds
    we can only be in 5 at the moment

    The only guild I'm on is my own, and It's only me in it. Haha. But I can see why you asked for it.

    Please let toons have 12 bag slots instead of 10

    I presume you mean to have 12 inventory bags? Because each bag also has slots, so I'm a little confused about this.
    I would say yes, increase the amount of both inventory capacity and the bags themselves.

    Please change the number of bank tabs we can have to 20 or 25


    Please change the number of toons an account can have from 70 to 100

    I don't think I'll ever have even 70, unless I get rich. But again, agree.

    Please change the number of people who can be in a guild from 500 to 750

    I'll skip this one. See above.

    When we buy a skin from the trading post, we can use it on an item in our inventory, or add it to our account wardrobe
    If we use it on an item, we don't need to buy a transmutation charge
    If we add it to our wardrobe, it disappears from our inventory, and we have to buy a transmutation charge later to use it
    Please change it so it stays in our inventory but becomes account bound, or give us a free transmutation charge if you have to take it away from our inventory

    100% agree. Everytime we get a skin for armour, weapons, etc... they should stay in our account wardrobe and free to apply.

    In Heart of Thorns maps, our inventory tells us at the bottom how much map currency we have
    but it doesn't tell us how many map keys we have
    Please tell us that too


    When a guild becomes full, it kicks everyone from the roster's invite list
    Please change this so they stay on the invite list, but can't join until the guild stops being full

    When someone says no to a guild invite, the roster says they left the guild
    It should say instead that they didn't want to join

    Skip. Next.

    Let us put runes and sigils into our bank's materials storage

    Agree. There should be a section in bank materials for runes and sigils.

    When we're swimming on top of water, we can't use any skills or gather plants growing in the water
    We can only do that when we're fully in the water
    Please change it

    I agree, but I think I know why this wasn't implemented.
    If you're half way through the water, what do you use... land weapons or water weapons? See, that's the dilema, besides causing possible bugs.

    Please give us a way to turn off idle animations for our toons, or choose which ones we want to happen

    Agree... and Agree.
    I think there always should be some sort of movement though, so they don't look like statues.

    I'll keep adding more here

  • SoulGuardian.6203SoulGuardian.6203 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I would like to request backpack dyes and weapon dyes.

    There are a number of backpacks that have a matching glider; however, you can't dye backback and so to dye the glider becomes redundant.

    Also, changing weapon colour is just sweet.
    I would like to match my weaponry with my armour.

  • Eklouve.9354Eklouve.9354 Member
    edited October 17, 2019

    As someone spends the majority of my time playing music with the in-game instruments

    I think implementing the following improvement to the music system would be on the easier side and something worth considering.

    Currently most instruments can only play in 2 or 3 octaves, this is limiting factor for what songs and music we can make possible in-game.
    Splitting up a melody and background to, for example, 2 harps is challenging as majority of the time the background and melody together spans over more than 3 octaves.

    My suggestion is that you could introduce the F1 and F2 key to the music system, where F1 would lower all the octaves being played and F2 would raise them.

    A short explaination of this would be, if I am playing in octaves 3, 4, 5 and then press F1, then the octaves I am playing in would switch to being 2, 3, 4. While pressing F2 would have raised them to 4, 5, 6.

    Being able to change which 3 or 2 octaves that are being played on a instrument would open up a lot of possibilities. Players would be able to play songs in their correct octaves as well as being able to play a melody and background that spans over 3 octaves on the same instrument. Which would definitely make making band songs a lot easier.

    I believe this would be on the easier side of things to implement as a lot of things in-game already uses the F1 to F4 keys for different abilities and actions.

    // Powerina [Cmaj]

  • DietPepsi.4371DietPepsi.4371 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 18, 2019

    I've been using GW2's custom soundtrack feature since release, and recently realised how much of the OST I have missed out on because of this. I would still like you use custom soundtracks, but could the in-game music be further split up into more specific playlists. For example, instead of "Combat Music" replacing all combat music, event music, and roller beetle race music, it instead only replaced open world combat music.
    Playlists defined I'd like to see:

    Default Playlists(Play normally when in open world)
    1. Kryta Default
    2. Ascalon Default
    3. Maguuma Default
    4. Heart of Maguuma Default
    5. Elona Default
    6. Orr Default
    7.LS Episodes default (possibly one for each LS map)

    Combat Playlists(Play when player is in Open world combat, normal parametres)
    1. Kryta Combat
    2. Ascalon Combat
    3. Maguuma Combat
    4. Heart Of Maguuma Combat
    5. Elona Combat
    6. Orr Combat
    7. LS Episodes Combat (Possibly one for each LS map)

    Boss Specific or Story Episode/Chapter Specific Combat Music

    Event Specific Music (instead of using combat music.)

    Roller Beetle Music (instead of using combat music.)

    City Music(For each city)
    1. Black Citadel
    2. Divinity's Reach
    3. The Grove
    4. Rata Sum
    5. Hoelbrak
    6. Amnoon
    7. Ebonhawke
    8. Rata Primus
    9. Rata Novus

    Night music split into prior mentioned major regions of the in-game world (same ones a Default and Combat playlists)

    Menu (Left as it is)

    I understand that dependant on how the playlists are handled in-engine this could be either a very small or a massive undertaking, but I see no harm in asking, and I feel it certainly qualifies as QoL.

    EDIT: Also pleeeease get rid of the swiftness effect in Cities. It's a massive eye sore (especially during haloween in Lion's Arch), and isn't needed.

    You stand to benefit more from making friends than you do making enemies.

  • So I've just recently gotten a number of my friends into GW2 and they're really enjoying it, most of them are free to play, but a couple have got the expansions and are just wanting to go and level a character to 80 first to get a hang of things, but all of them have at some point stated that they really wish they could have a mount, and so from there comes my suggestion.

    A Moa Mount.
    A simple little mount that shares the low base (Grounded) movement speed of Skyscales and Griffons, but would still be faster for players. Doesn't have any masteries, since this is one intended for free players and they don't have access to that (Though could always have it to encourage them to buy the game in order to boost up a mount they've came to enjoy). It's special movement thing is that it has a double jump, where after jumping it can flap its wings to gain a little bit of extra height or to soften fall damage if timed right. It's dismount ability being a simple peck attack, just inflicting a bit of damage and not much else.

    This can help players to get a hang of how mounts work, and get them hyped for getting better ones in Path of Fire, or (If you go the route of giving it a mastery) to get excited to boost it up using mastery, plus it helps new players not feel so left out with all the mounts and such. It could be done as a little collection players could get directed to at Lions Arch (Which would be about level 35 for free players). Nothing too major, perhaps going about and finding a bunch of different moa eggs around area's where different coloured Moa reside, maybe crafting some feed for your new moa and a saddle, so it's like a bit of a hint of the vast collections to unlock stuff like the skyscale and griffon and the journey's they'll take you on to earn them.

  • SoulGuardian.6203SoulGuardian.6203 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 18, 2019

    I've been meaning to request this for a long time, and keep forgetting.
    Can you make it so we can exchange spirit shards for tomes of knowledge; please?

    We collect plenty of those things, and all that XP too going to waste, when we are at a point that our character is lvl 80 and have no mastery points.

  • BlueIce.6951BlueIce.6951 Member ✭✭✭

    @Starblind.5921 said:
    How about giving us a reason to log in every day to begin with? I recently noticed that I was no longer getting achievement points after doing the daily. I looked into it and discovered that there is a cap at 15,000. Why? Look, I have a full time job and full time family, at the end of the day I like to log in, do the daily, check out the gem store and maybe do a few world bosses before bed. I was hoping to someday get the cool armor and also rack up points toward what ever rewards will be waiting for me in Guild Wars 3. I've been playing since beta and I'm pretty much done with this game. I have everything I want. Done every thing I want to do. World bosses and occasionally joining bounty trains on the weekends is all I do now. If I do the daily all I get is 2 gold and spirit shards? I have 5,751 spirit shards. What am I going to do with more gold? I spent 1500 gold on deathly pauldrons about a month ago just because I thought they would look cool on my Herald. The novelty wore off quickly. Not interested in a second job running around doing collection quests or trying to kill a mob within a certain time period or whatever else you guys can dream up just to get more achievement points. I noticed older players like me who were only logging on to do the daily have left the game or I see them on briefly every month or two. Maybe they made the same discovery I did and figured what's the point?

    That was originally the idea behind the daily log-in reward. I think they should update the options or provide multiple log-in reward tracks that grow up to something unique.

    Currently attempting all Legendary Journey collections at once.

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @SoulGuardian.6203 said:
    I've been meaning to request this for a long time, and keep forgetting.
    Can you make it so we can exchange spirit chards for tomes of knowledge; please?

    We collect plenty of those things, and all that XP too going to waste, when we are at a point that our character is lvl 80 and have no mastery points.

    Agree, I have enough of being forced to earn spirit shard each 80+ level. And not interested in bags of luck as login reward.
    But that's another story.

    Shiny links, take a look!
    ->Ideas: Housing , Designing a new lounge , New GameMode
    ->Project: ASURAN/PRIMORDIUS EXPANSION available on WIKI.
    ->NEW: Crucible of Eternity path 4: Legacy on WIKI
    ->NEW Asurapedia

  • Increase squad message character limit from 250 to at least 2000.

    When I do raid training, it would be much simpler to type in squad message a summary of mechanics.

    Because what happen? After a couple of wipes players start to leave then you need to explain mechanic to the new comers and then another leave because it takes too long, or you dont bother explaining mechs to 1-2 new comers hopefully they can learn on-the-go...you see where this is going.

    Increasing character limit is good for 2 reasons:
    1) no need to explain everything from scratch to new comer.
    2) players can open squad message any time they want and refresh their memory about mechanics.

  • Here are couple of suggestions I have:
    1) Legendary trinkets get 2 slots when they are created. It is a lot of effort and mats go into it for only 1 slot. You would most likely see an increase in people doing them due to this fact which would help the economy based on the sheer number of mats and items some need.
    2) A transmutation charge gobbler / vendor. I'm the kind of person who once i find an outfit that works I really don't change it. Maybe a vendor or gobbler that would use min 500 to 1000 to get something like a guaranteed wardrobe unlock or dye that you are missing. Currently sitting on 2500+ with nothing to do with them.
    3) The rare flowers you get from the plot after completing the master gardener, legendary spikes and the some of the gifts ( I.E gift of fleet etc), can they go into your inventory and not your bank?
    4) Possibly reworking the higher achieve chest ( 25k on up) drops to something that is more useful for players who have been playing for a while? For example, I just hit the 25K chest and got an insta lvl 20 scroll as one of my drops. If you have played that long to get that far you most likely have enough experience scrolls to get an alt to 80 very quickly.
    5) A way to filter in the TP to show which dyes, minis or weapon skins you either have or dont have?

    Hope this helps!

  • SoulGuardian.6203SoulGuardian.6203 Member ✭✭✭✭

    ● An instant Home instance device, that brings you back to previous location if used again.

    ● A map marker with a keybind or UI button that translocates you to the nearest way point the marker is without having to open up the map.

    ● A revert to previous look device like a transmutator charge, if you regret changing your character using a Self Hair Style or a Total Convertion one.

    ● Also a copper fed, infinite transmutator device.

    ● The ability to dye backpacks and weapons.

  • dx12 or even 11....... please.

  • Sparky.3672Sparky.3672 Member ✭✭
    edited January 3, 2021

    AWESOME GAME! But my QoL?
    1. Minion/ Squad name plate toggle option.
    2. Also, I'd love it if I could disable the damage numbers.

    It's a beautiful game and during non-high stakes open world, I'd love to see the animations and stuff rather than on screen numbers!
    Keep up the good work y'all!

  • Hellooo, why don't you find a way to store more efficiently the bloodstone dust, dragonite ore and empireal fragments? I am always overwhelmed by those, altho i have all the converter, i have the bank with stacks up to 500 and still they happen to be in all my characters inventories.. It's really impossible to handle them. Perhaps make them into some sort of currency? Cheers

  • Hero Points: Uncompleted hero points colored in red. Completed hero points colored in green. That way we can tell at a glance which ones we need.

    Flying Mount Suggestions:
    Dive: I've often found myself wishing for this. Sometimes I'm in a confined space where it's difficult to maneuver in order to lose enough altitude to land or I simply want to lose altitude quickly. Sometimes I just need a precision landing on a small spot but I can't simply drop down.

    Using air currents to rise up/recharge endurance the way it works for gliders.

    Dodge: Use endurance to dodge left/right or quickly move forward.

    • A range placement skill set for guild decorations with action camera so you can midair place objects instead of needing to place off things and hitting decoration caps as you place.
    • Either a decoration mount or flying decoration craft limited to guild hall.
  • SoulGuardian.6203SoulGuardian.6203 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Would like to request Flares as utility skill for thieves.
    They'd be specially useful in dark places like underground silverwastes, the caverns in lion's arch, and dungeons.

    As for its effects.
    Other than the few minutes bright light it provides, I'd say just temp blindness to foes.
    Its purpose would be mainly just to provide light in very dark places.

  • Hellooo and here is my suggestion of the day! So I recently found out that I really enjoy using the skyscale to eat those lines of Volatile Magic around the new maps, It's really fun and also usefull! They give a meaning to the Skyscale as it is a nice mount but it's very limited and it's a shame. Perhaps add more rifts also to old maps? Wouldn't be bad! But what I would like to suggest as I think is necessary is to make it possible to zoom even a bit farther behind when you are on the skyscale or other mounts as with the current zoom it's really hard sometimes to see at what height you are flying, and happens to miss some volatile magic. Not that it's a problem to miss some of course, but it's really visually hard to see the ones just in front of you as the mount is quite big. For the same reason also make a bigger zoom for other mounts as I feel they are too big for the world of guild wars. Cheers =)

  • Friday.7864Friday.7864 Member ✭✭✭

    1) Mistlock Sanctuary

    • change the map layer to the lowest one when I click on a WP chat link please
    • it sucks so freaking much having to leave it to follow a WP link or having to manually look for it on the map

    2) Teleport Tomes/Scrolls for LS maps

    • PLEASE make the selection appear on TOP of all other windows!
    • if I double click on the tome it should be obvious I want to teleport somewhere, don't hide it behind other windows

    3) Nova launch skill would be nice in fractal loby for owners of the mistlock sanctuary passkey, always try to use it there too - it's just a suggestion tho

  • TrinitySK.6713TrinitySK.6713 Member ✭✭✭

    Perhaps a better leaderboard for Beetle Racing? It's nice seeing the times of your friends and bragging to them about how better you are, but for those who wanna climb the ranks it can be really motivating to see that they are just 0.100s behind the best time, so they jump back into the race and try to get a better time. A top 10 or 15 would really be nice, not only for the racers but also for the champions, how great of a feeling it would be to have your great preformance in a top list for everyone to see and try to beat :3

  • Here's a QoL tweak that I keep coming back to with resounding agreement from friends and guildmates:

    • Please have eyewear and facial scars be a separate cosmetic slot

    In the current system, there are a few wardrobe options for glasses and facial scars— which is awesome!

    There's the frustration that they are considered a "helm", and therefore, when your helm is auto-toggled or removed with an outfit, they vanish too. It's nice to have these character storytelling bits. It makes them feel more real. It would be amazing to be able to make glasses, eyepatches, or scars a character choice that stays with them regardless of outfit or even other helm wardrobe choices. It feels especially workable on the backend since scars or face-paint style "helm" skins don't have a model, they're just an additional texture. Glasses and eyepatches are a bit more difficult since they do have a model, and some helms might cover them or clip with them if worn simultaneously, but I feel like the overall major impact of this character design improvement is well worth the work it would take to identify which models are incompatible and would override the eyewear.

    It would also be amazing to have more facial scar options for our characters in general, and they could be added in conjunction with that slot.

    Thanks for your consideration!!

  • If you want me to buy anymore backpack skins you need to make them dyeable. Why can you dye some of them but only when flying? Like the new skeletal wings? Green while standing but when you fly you can dye them any color you want? Talk about lazy programmers. The code to dye is already there, all you have to do is make it consistent. Also, I was going to buy the Mad kings mount pack but it only includes 5 mounts? If you're going to release mount packs from now on you need to do them all. For instance, how about riding a giant scary rolling pumpkin instead of a beetle?

  • SoulGuardian.6203SoulGuardian.6203 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 24, 2019

    @Tawniey.3796 said:
    Here's a QoL tweak that I keep coming back to with resounding agreement from friends and guildmates:

    • Please have eyewear and facial scars be a separate cosmetic slot

    I agree.
    I want to use sunglasses with one of my chars without substituting something else in helm.
    Also face/war paint would be awesome.

  • I would love to see a revamp of the LFG menu.
    Specifically, open world squads being either greyed out or otherwise marked with no vacancy if the leader's map is full. Mad King Thorn might think it's a fun Halloween prank to join a squad for his labyrinth only to find out that the map cannot support any additional players. But beyond the Halloween event rush, it is frustrating to try and join organized meta-event groups when you can't tell which squads occupy maps that have already reached player capacity.
    Also, remembering your previous menu location would be a brilliant addition to the lfg feature. Having to go through the drill down menu every time you join a squad but can't transition to the map because of player occupancy is a pain in the kitten's paw.

  • Add favorite box to crafting menu.

  • Thornwolf.9721Thornwolf.9721 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Make it so we can turn off our chestplate just like we can our shoulders, gloves and helms. This way if we want we can run without a chest piece to show off our Tattoo's, fur patterns or whatever.

  • Sortable character selection screen. Please, make it happen, I'm tired of having to log into my toons in a specific order.

    Pardon me, I'm an Asura nut.

  • I second, third, fourth, a thousand times add that we really really need more guild slots. Please. We're finally getting build templates. Add more guild slots next. I don't even care if I have to pay gems for them. Take my money, Anet!

  • Ones I seen that I second:

    • Dye for Backpack. That is an oversight in my oppinion
    • More Guild slots
    • Crafting favorites
    • tattoo/face tattoo layer
    • The auto-craft if you have the materials on things with deep layers as suggested
    • Rework of Guild Halls, they are ghost towns

    Some of my own:

    • Massively reduce Assembly Device time for scribes. This is just annoying. Doing 100 sieges for a Guild at 30 seconds each and not even able to put all 100 in queue is just an artificial way to keep us logged in... It is absolutely ridiculous to have to wait so long for things to asssemble. Please remove this stall time. I mean if we are inactive we get a warning... however stand in Guild Hall for an hour just to watch the assembly slowwwwly move forward is acceptable? No it is not.

    • Deconstruct of refined materials. An example: I refinded all my copper ore into ingots to save space... then come across an achievement... I had 500 ingots and maybe 20 ore... I needed several stacks of ore! I had to farm it all again because I had ingots, not ore... let us deconstruct that back into ore when need be. (Yes I was swearing hard at my screen on that joke... and did not appreceate it at all) maybe ad some realism that deconstructing gives a percentage loss.

    • Heal equals out of combat immediatly if nothing is targeting you, and you have no conditions upon you... works better than relog your toon as I do now several times a day because of falsely being registered as "in combat"

    • Skinning regardless of armorclass: A skin is a skin, there is no reason why my heavy armored toons cannot wear the light or medium skins. It is one of the reasons why I avoid medium and heavy classes. Specially on Asura the medium and heavy skins are well... ugly (In my oppinion, taste is personal) - Skinning is just for looks... armor class should not be an issue. (and if the argument is 'To visually recognize an armor class' then that can be put aside with Outfits as example.)

  • Dante.1508Dante.1508 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Lower the conditions stacking in Hot and Pof and seasons.. That would go a long way to balancing PvE and quality of life on the newer content maps.. Customers would return in droves.

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 26, 2019

    As someone said abouve a deconstruct option in guild hall assembly would be very nice. We have some some halloween decos (haunted table and chair) made without wanting them, will be fine to deconstruct them into pumpkin. Essential for mad lab walls as example.

    Shiny links, take a look!
    ->Ideas: Housing , Designing a new lounge , New GameMode
    ->Project: ASURAN/PRIMORDIUS EXPANSION available on WIKI.
    ->NEW: Crucible of Eternity path 4: Legacy on WIKI
    ->NEW Asurapedia

  • SoulGuardian.6203SoulGuardian.6203 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Think we should get a Hero Point/skill point, everytime we level up after level 80.
    That way XP earned wouldn't feel like it's going to waste.

    We could also eventually get our Elite Specs full, if we occasionally feel like switching, without having to go through the PoF and HoT expedition again and again, to get HPs.

    Also after level 80, we could get a Mastery Point every 10 level up, instead of being stagnated in the mastery you can't master due to not having mastery points.

  • BlueIce.6951BlueIce.6951 Member ✭✭✭

    @SoulGuardian.6203 said:
    ● An instant Home instance device, that brings you back to previous location if used again.

    There is a home instance portal that does this. The only problem with it is you cannot select which map, it goes to the characters racial city home. Sucks for me because I main Subaru and hate the grove home instance layout.

    ● A revert to previous look device like a transmutator charge, if you regret changing your character using a Self Hair Style or a Total Convertion one.

    This would be very cool.

    ● Also a copper fed, infinite transmutator device.

    What would happen to existing transmutation charges?

    ● The ability to dye backpacks and weapons.

    I would love this, but don't think it is practical for animations, or the original cut scenes. Also, how would skins that have effects work? There are a lot of skins like the and scientist set that have slight to strong color change effects.

    Currently attempting all Legendary Journey collections at once.

  • Solanum.6983Solanum.6983 Member ✭✭✭

    I'm just going to add to the People asking for Backpack Dyes.
    It's a shame you can't really Dye a Glider if you want to use the Backpack combo too since it'll switch between the Default when standing and Dyed when Gliding making it look very strange. I'm sure a lot more Glider combos would sell if the full combo set could be Dyed.

  • Wardrobe Templates/Build

    Having a set wardrobe when switching a set of legendary armor to another character of the same weight class. This allows for different themed characters using the same set and helps differentiate the outfits of different gendered characters of the same weight. It's understandable a female outfit has a male counterpart, however, it's very uncommon that the designated legendary armor set's design will look the way you want it to look on its male counterpart especially, if it has been transmutated.

  • Virdo.1540Virdo.1540 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Make it stop that invisible classes get out of combat, while their enemies keep being in fight, probably even suffering from the conditions of the "out-of-fight" invisible classes

  • I thought of one extra that is very simple

    I was doing achievements today and had the wiki open and after using a few of the WP tags I got warned for Exsessive Spamming.
    Can we please PLEASE have a channel that lets us paste Wiki POI, WP etc unlimited that is ONLY visible to ourself?

    Because whisper to offline isn't possible.
    If I create a 1 person squad "Nobody hears you"

    So open chat or guild chat are the only viable options, but we get warned to not spam...

    I need a "talking to myself" mode :o;)

  • Aeon.4583Aeon.4583 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 30, 2019

    Since it is QoL now, i will make request :)

    Give us ability to set same hotkey for Equipement and Build template.
    I have Elemental - Tempest heal and Weaver Dps. When i switch from Heal to Dps, one way or another i need to switch traits aswell, since my main hand weapon is sword in Weaver build.

    Save us some button pushes, remove conflicts of hotkeys between Equipement and Build templates.

  • Siege.3217Siege.3217 Member ✭✭
    edited October 30, 2019

    Dyes: I'd like to have another sorting option for the Hero: Dyes screen. Currently there are four options. Sort by Hue, by Material, by Set, and an option to hide locked dyes. Here's the thing, sort by set is actually sorting by rarity. I propose adding a sort by rarity option and give it sort by set's current functionality. Change sort by set's functionality to sort by the dye pack it came from(Zhaitan, Awakened, Sacred, etc). That would make it much easier to see at a glance what dye packs I might be interested in without having to tab out of the game.

    Hero: Outfits screens: So we can preview outfits we don't own yet. Cool! Some of the default color schemes on those outfits are....not so great. Not cool! But what if I could customize the colors on those outfits I'm previewing.....

    Why does this matter to you, the developer? In short, to sell more outfits.

    There are a number outfits I'm on the fence about buying because the default color scheme doesn't appeal(or some are a single color so I have no idea how they're going to look once I'm able to customize them). It's not really selling me on the outfit. I found out quite by accident that those outfits will adopt the colors of whatever outfit I'm wearing(when viewed from the hero tab but not the bank wardrobe or black lion merchant tabs) which visibly demonstrated in dramatic fashion that some of the outfits I was on the fence about could not only be salvaged but looked absolutely fantastic once they got a new paint job. Yes I can access the dyes in a roundabout way if I have an outfit equipped by swapping back and forth between the dye and outfit pages and seeing what changed but that's a bit slap dash and kind of a hassle and doesn't always work depending on where I'm viewing it from.

    If I could somehow access dyes directly from an outfit page that would be a lot more convenient and I could sit there playing dress up and checking out the possibilities of each outfit. And yeah, once I see how great an outfit looks in the colors I've chosen I'm a LOT more inclined to buy it. Food for thought.

  • SoulGuardian.6203SoulGuardian.6203 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Zaishen Menagerie.
    A home instance for your ranger pets.

  • Kilrik.6320Kilrik.6320 Member ✭✭✭

    QOL concerning Build Templates

    • Build storage that stores account bound weapons and armor so that it is not tied in equipment templates to one character (ex make a chain link available for other toons).
    • An option to have wardrobe alterations to the same armor so that there can be something distinguishable from other builds and looks (ie. legendary armor I have transmuted for one toon but if I switch it to another it won't work because of racial wardrobe features....additionally, legendary loses out to normal ascended here as well since with separate armors you can have different looks for a pwr build compared to a condi build which is nice but creates a "WHY DID I MAKE LEGENDARY" issue)
    • Separate templates for PvE, WvW and PvP modes...GRATIS....since in a way we already had those build modes when switching between game modes but now we don't with only 2 equipment slots
    • Make available more build template and equipment template slots, and include 3 equipment template slots initially.
    • Make the build and equipment template purchases include additions of such to all toons (very unlikely change since the implemented way is intentional)

    Side Note
    This is all I can think of at the moment for the newest update. I don't mind the update in the overall and investing in a game I love, but it feels intentionally unpolished in order to encourage the money sink into countless single character slots. It also seems like a slap in the face to any and all who spent countless hours earning legendary armors and weapons to avoid the massive storage for multiple builds despite the obvious fact that it is cheaper to build over a dozen ascended weapons to one legendary. The looks of legendaries can be impressive, but I have transmuted a few to match the look I want for a toon. In other words, I for one worked to get legendaries for their convenience and now ascended seems far superior for having multiple looks and not having to rework infusions and sigils into them each time I change into a new template/toon (so legendaries < ascended).

  • Aeon.4583Aeon.4583 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 31, 2019

    Check box and settings for each Equipement and Build templates, that will perform auto switch to that Template(s) depending on game mode chosen from settings.
    Possible game modes:
    Open World, Raid, Dungeons, Fractals, WvW, PvP.

  • I would like to have my automatically stored build when I enter WvW/PvP... wait, didn´t we have that QoL feature before the template-patch?

  • JPUlisses.8756JPUlisses.8756 Member ✭✭
    edited November 1, 2019

    UI options to hide player titles.

    This will help color blind people because of title colors.
    Improve performance a lot in WvW.
    Make the game more beautiful.

    Showing off titles is a thing of the past an old system that in face of the positives of hiding them has no place in real world. However since it is optional people can do whatever they want and no one truly loses.

  • GHOST.8609GHOST.8609 Member ✭✭
    edited November 2, 2019

    I noted down few things while playing this game last year and found many place for improvement (Only in my opinion so far)


    1. Account Selection : Me including my friends and many GW2 players use multiple account. Logging them manually is a hassle every time and the client already stores info for one account why not make it able to save few. So from one PC multiple players or account holders can log in at ease. Of course the is a shortcut option with parameters and also 3rd party software like GW2 launch buddy but an official method would be nice.

    2. Character Slot : Many people reached 69 Slots by now. Make it 100 so if some one wants they can make [(9 Class Male + 9 Class Female) x (5 Race)] = 90 toon, that means each class each race each profession. Also, the number 100 look better than 69 ;)

    3. Character Sorting : Many people have lots of Character and a sorting option will help them to navigate in their character selection screen. These maybe by age (when created),Name,Class or even Slotted like Guild wars 1 with addition you can move them to desired slot. If those are not possible then a favorite marker or something so his all main character always stays at first.

    4. Storage of Universal Upgrades : You acquire a lot of universal upgrades time to time (You have to manually sell them either and normal NPC or at TP). There can be slot in bank for them how we store gems. They are not directly crafting materials but you use them to make Amalgamated Gemstone.

    5. Guild Storage : You cant make stacks inside guild bank, double click to withdraw like normal bank. IF that creates a problem for larger guild then have an option to toggle it. Many people uses guild stash to transfer items between account since 2 mail in 5 min limit is not much. As more mail allowance might give griefers more power and a simple trade system will ruin the current economy.

    6. Vista : While interacting with a vista the white flash hurts my eye. Initially I thought it was just me or I have some problem with my eye. (I use a ASUS VG248QE 144hz monitor, also i noticed this in my brother's AORUS AD27QD monitor both set on gaming mode). Also I asked around some of my fiends and my brother and one of them replied that they close their eye and look away from the monitor interacting with the vistas.

    7. Class Specific Animation: Some animation like (Aegis, A big red mark under reverent forgot what it was, Reverent green hand etc). I read in a thread somewhere that it is important for PVP. So what you can do this options select able. You can created a new tick in the options menu creating "class specific animation" toggle so who wants it can have it and who does not want it can track aegis trough how they track their other boons. Its like something I use auto targeting in PVE but when go to PVP i disable that. Its also like having the options with "Character Model Quality / Limit"

    8. Account Bound Items : There are a lot of account bound items which you accumulate playing this game. Most of them have recipe in mystic forge to make them sell-able or get something in return. For example blood stone dust, karma = you can destroy them using currency eaters. You can even convert your gift of expiration to legendary and sell them (Only Core). You can create ascended insignia and sell them with Globs of Dark Matter. However there are still some items which people gradually gets but nothing to spend on after they have done everything with it. I may be not one of them but I know some are. They have nothing to do with their extra Vision Crystals and Balls of Dark energy, yes Balls of Dark Energy. After creating all the legendary, slotted all their toons with ascended they do not have anything to do with those. You can add some consumable account bound recipe like one can make 20-50 of a certain kind of ascended food with these or trade crafting mats for them at a bulk. Also people with 300 MF do not have anything to do with their extra "Essence of luck" sure maybe there are few guild upgrades but that's about it. Consumable are way to go as they will not hurt economy but better it.

    9. Rings & Accessory: Its 2019, There are like 10+ or even more you ways you can easily get ascended rings and amulet. However still you can only equip only one of the same ring or Accessory (only Mist Trinkets have exception). A person may want to ware "Blood Ruby Backpack, Band and Pendant" and use bloodstone related armor and dyes to role play but they cant. It might be silly but for me and I believe for a lot of people symmetry is same as quality of life. Also another point, I heard that Jewelcrafting will move to 500 which is also symmetry. You can add ascended rings / accessories recipe. You do not have to add new rings. For example core Tyria have all the ascended rings you can buy for laurels (Berserker : Ring of Red Death), POF has (Harrier : Corsair's Ring, Sigil of the Fool, Goren's Eel-Tooth Charm, Elonian Transit Pass and still missing a trinket if you font use mist trinket or all start trinket from LWS 3,4 Maps ). You can add these existing Trinkets to JC 500 and remove tag only one of each can be equipped. For example someone can buy the recipe of "Ring of Red Death for Karma or 1-3 laurel and craft 2 of them start heading to content rather than mine,chop or cut for those.

    10. Crafting : Discovery is important part to level crafting, however when you reach 500 there are many things you haven discovered. Discovering them is very expensive and even if you discover them that is not account bound (Yes many people including me does profession in multiple toon for QOL even tough it docent give you any benefit). What i am asking here is recipe vendors that sell level 400/500 recipes of lower tier discoverable recipes. So when you reach 500 you can just go and spend a lot of karma to buy all the recipe and they can be account bound and only activates after another toon hits 500 or it can even be character specific. Again this is a part of symmetry and people buy contents from "Legendary Belongings of the Great Zehtuka" at very high price to add main recipe to their account.

    11. Gear Drop Symmetry : Assaulter, Defender, Healer armor was a nice addition to the fractals. Not only it was convenient to store armor but letting people to choose stats base on their expansion was another nice thing and it deserves applause. You can top this up buy dropping POF + HOT rings on fractals (the rings you buy with laurel and for now only rings you get is core Tyrian ones). So if someone has POF and doing fractals he might have a chance to get (Corsair's Ring, Sigil of the Fool etc) you can also add these to the vendor. Not only that you can also make (assaulter, defender and healer) Weapons that drop from fractals and you already have trinket (assaulter, defender etc) in raids.

    12. Repeatable Achievements : There are few many repeatable achievements with specific tier. Not the daily ones like "Blood in the water" but tier based ones like "Agent of Entropy". Specifically "Agent of Entropy" when each tier gives you 2AP and when you reach 125 Tier or do it for 125 times you get the Max 250 AP from that specific achievement. However that achievement still counts that after 250AP or 125 times and when you go see that achievement it feels like you are still incomplete in achievements. For a completionist like me and many others its a very negative thing. You can find many these achievements in festivals. In recent Halloween you can find "Champion of the Labyrinth" "Knock Down the Doors" etc where they are capped at mostly at 5 tier with 25AP after that when you do it once you get few bags and the Achievements keeps the count. What can be done in these cases is when we finish the max tier mark, the achievement looks like every other achievement (glowing purple) and also as it is repeatable can have a small marker or sign indicating that this is still counted or repeatable for more rewards and when you click that achievement and go inside it you see how many times you completed it and what you get next time.

    13. Retired Achievement : Just remove this. We can see what we missed In wiki and also there are some uncompleted as i bought the game and played 10-15 days for before switching to GW2 permanently at the start of this year. For example " Active Guild Member" Half Filled and i will never be able to complete that.

    14. Build Temp : Again another thing to deserves applause. However you made gear and spec separate which I initially though be 1 feature but not 2 separate . I under stand why you did it also you gave 3 Free spec slot but 2 Free Equip slot (even tough it breaks symmetry for all my alts ) I still understand why you did it. However you have to manually change both spec and equipment. There should be an option where you connect a spec tab with a equipment tab (As far as I know its not there, If its there i am really sorry that i posted this). Another thing you can add is a remember mechanics. For example when i am in PVE its spec one. When i enter WVW and change to spec 2 and equipment 2 it will remember that when when i come back to PVE it auto switches to Spec 1 And Equip 1 and when i re enter WVW it goes back to spec 2 and equip 2 just like how it was before specially the spec.

    15. Auto consume: There are few tings that fills your inventory such as karma, trade contract (You source karma many ways those bottles , LWS4 Map Karmic retribution, You get trade contract from crystal desert various way). Some of them are consumed automatically and some creates mess in the inventory. So please make all currency item consumable directly.

    16. Pet: Give rangers and Necro minion option to hide. There is a option for ranger but as soon as you go to combat the pet comes. Give an option to remove pet or keep it hidden. There are a lot of places where I do not require my pet and does extra aggro yes there are options to make it docile but its the choice of the game that makes it great. If i want to be a ranger without pet let me be. And for Necro once you bring them out you cant remove them.


    1. Personal Story : There are still no way to skip personal story and the green marker is always there on the map. Changing content guide or stopping the story from jurnal does not remove the marker.

    2. Auto Start LWS2 : As I like to create alts and the game wants you to make alts in form of (Backpack collections, Elite Spec Equipment Collection etc). So only way getting rid of the green marker is to finish lvl 80 mission killing Zhaitan "Victory or Death". Doing few story mission while leveling is fun and also rewarding and they are short and simple. After that you get History Lesson about LWS1 in LA and you are done green marker is gone. UTILL I bought LWS2 and it automatically starts. Note that "All the later LWS (3,4,5) and expansions needs to be started manually but why not LWS2 ? The problem it creates now to get rid of the green marker, I have to finish whole Living World season 2 running across Tyria with boring stuff which is not also as rewarding. You have already the mechanism in place for later Living World Season why not implement it on LWS2.

    3.CC and Movement : Tone down cc and one hit mechanics in open world. Yes there are mounts, yes its easy to get ascended items and kill enemy easy but there are some areas special HOT areas where you still get 1 shotted and cc'd hard. Implement them on story or specific content is alright but open world is not a good idea. You toned it down in POF but still its their slow, immobilize and etc. I am not saying make the game easy it has a nice overall balance but reduce some mobs cc and hitting power at least in open world. [I am sure to get a lot of hate for this point :(, but still i have to make it ]

    1. Underwater gear: I know its not hard to get ascended underwater breather from Bitterfrost Frontier, and looking at new Aquatic Ruins it seems you are adding underwater content. I think it is time to give core Tyria stats or stat selectable (Common,Uncommon and exotic) underwater breather. Either dropped from mobs like normal armor or bought using easily accessible currency such as karma. (Yes i know about the NPCs in ORR). Also proper underwater balance for healing, condi damage power damage not a mashup of whatever you wanted in 2013 when underwater content was not a focus. But I believe you kept that for a proper underwater expansion.

    2. Bag : Now that you have introduced 32 Slot bags why not let us upgrade our main bag to 32 slot for symmetry. It can come as an elaborate collection in a later LW Episode map or you can implement it on a core Tryia in the form of content like Chef (500).

    3. Backpack : Again you can get backpack various way, you can even transmute other backpacks to look like something else. But you should add backpack recipe to all the crafting discipline. For example "Banner of the Dauntless Commander" its crafted after a collection but you can only make ONE ? Why not make the items attainable after collection with a hefty price and produce more. Just like "Light of Dwayna" "Spinal Blade" etc. I would love to make all my main toons that I play all have same untransmuted backpack :)

    **WVW **

    1. Reward Track Selection : Do not auto start a random reward track, (its not random there is a pattern I know) let us select the next one. For example "I am currently doing a reward track which is repeatable" you can add an option next reward track or keep repeating this one. Or another option (Which may be tolerable as many people might not want this) that after you finish a reward track you have to manually select another track or you wont get reward track and the points will be wasted. (AS I SAID CAN BE TOGGLE ABLE)

    2. WVW Map Completion: The vistas, point of interest and hero points are already there why not give us map completion. I read somewhere that it was necessary for gift of expiration before and I am not asking for that. What I am asking is people to complete WVW maps just like normal maps and get rewards maybe few wvw tokens or even experience. It will defiantly spice WVW up a little bit as people will want to raid more. If none of them is possible at least give a tracker like normal maps somewhere where you can see that you have collected x/y amount of hp , vista etc just for those completionist out there like me. You can do this to PVP lobby as well as there are few poi and after you get them you get some free xp just like going to Order of Whisper cave.

    3. Hide Titles : You can hide a lot of thing is WVW to improve performance but not title. Implementing an option to hide it like other stuff that already exist will improve the overall WVW experience and performance.


    Do Not hate please I am A very bad PVP Player with 250+ MS ping and Gold 1/2 last season

    1. Reward Track Selection : Same As WVW

    2. GOD/ GODESS of PVP : (Let the hate rain xD) There should be multiple ways to reach this. Let me explain either competitive in those matches capture point with bunker builds. OR addition where arena 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 even where the top teams get titles easily every season with hefty rewards like a lot of mystic coins and stuff. Other who can reach it by grinding a certain level that may only be grind able in ranked and slowly getting all titles and reach GOD of PVP in the end. I think its still fair someone grinds it for 2-3 years and someone who is good can get it in 3 months. Another thing you can increase the rewards for top tier players like many more mystic coins and another stuff which is still acessable to the mass in other way. He is good so he gets 500 mystic coin at the end of the season and i am not good at pvp so I do not get those coins but still can farm in another way. You can create statutes and where clicking season 14 or 15 will say all the names of top players. Or create dedicated small instances one where from one portal people can visit each season's room and see champion's statutes. But for the love of god do not keep titles behind pvp tier wall (there will always be few good players, only 3 months season), everyone should have access to titles at the same time. That means not only one player each 4 months. I consider achievements as a part of content. (Storm of hate xD)


    Hate me or love me these are my opinion and mine alone. No matter what happens i will still love the game and keep playing it. Even tough i bought the game in 2015 I properly played it for last Year. And also there might be some typos and spelling mistakes as I am not a native English speaker. Happy Halloween and enjoy :)

  • Hello, today I have 2 nice suggestions i'd like to share.

    1) I think it would be very usefull and enjoiable a small bar or even just a hot key as was done with the novelties, but with some utility items as for example the Xera Portal, or the Prototype Position Rewinder, but why not also foods for example , any usable item! I mean one or two slots where a player can put any usable item he/she wanted to and be able to use it with a key. As it is now you have to open the inventory to do it and that often happens in combat and it's really not comfy to open the inventory in combat use the item, close it again, reopen reclose etc. I know you want to keep the interface simple without many bars etc and I agree with that, I like it, but adding just a small bar of 1-2 slots, or even just implementing a slot in the novelty tab for utility items I think it would be amazing. I love to use the prototype position rewinder for example, but I almost never do it for this reason.

    2) I would like to have an option to highlight friends or be able to change color perhaps, or whatever to recognize someone quickly when opening the tab. I think that would be very usefull.

  • Please give us the super simple option to hide ranger's pet name... it's the only name in the game you cannot hide, and just kind of ruins immersion. I cannot believe that this still hasn't been added in...