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  • @Daddicus.6128 said:
    Give us a way to abort a race adventure. If you make a bad turn going for gold, you shouldn't have to wait 12 minutes (or re-zone) just to start over.

    there is the X above the quest objective of the race ( should be on the top right side of your screen)

  • Solanum.6983Solanum.6983 Member ✭✭✭

    An Aura wardrobe for all visual effects like the new otter enrichment, cosmetic infusions, some novelties like the hearts ect.. It'd make things a lot easier.

  • Aeon.4583Aeon.4583 Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 2, 2020

    Can you please increase amount of Equipement Templates to 8 ( even better 12 ).
    Equipement Templates are awesome, but it can serve not only as Gear-Stat change, but also to switch Sigil variations under same Gear-Stats combo.

    I have thief-deadeye with atleast Dagger\Dagger-Rifle Dagger\Dagger-Pistol\Pistol. Each of those weapon combos use atleast two templates to have switchable sigils in 2nd slot ( in my case legendary sigil, means it is not that easy to simply equip something from inventory ). With all weapon-sigil variations, i kinda run out of templates to add Daredevil with same possability to have templated sigil switch.

    And i think your players will appreciate more Equipement Templates.

  • Could we get a dark mode or a grey mode on the forums, the blinding white is nice for showing things true but it blinds if your playing in low light

  • Daddicus.6128Daddicus.6128 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @BOAsnake.7401 said:

    @Daddicus.6128 said:
    Give us a way to abort a race adventure. If you make a bad turn going for gold, you shouldn't have to wait 12 minutes (or re-zone) just to start over.

    there is the X above the quest objective of the race ( should be on the top right side of your screen)

    I'll try that. Thank you!

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I know, you don't really like persons breaking out of maps and exploring out of bound. But, may I ask to see more hidden easter eggs or features, beta things hidden or disguised in maps? I will not go ask for a secret map only accessible through secret holes/ interacting with certain objects but that's the idea.
    As example: Footage of hidden area.

    Shiny links, take a look!
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  • WyvrnRipsnarl.5918WyvrnRipsnarl.5918 Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 6, 2020

    Also dunno if it has been requested before...
    Can we PLEASE get some settings options for Colorblind people?
    Slothasaur, and most of the Strike are inaccessible due to the lack of options.
    If we try, we underperform and end up quickly being kicked out because we don't see telegraph and getting hit; or the correct colors for a fight mechanics.
    This is something that GW2 is HUGELY Lacking in terms of Accessibility.

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  • Add all the pact agent purchases to the daily Karmic Converter.

  • Siobhan.6027Siobhan.6027 Member

    Please give us the option to craft all legendary trinkets without visual effects. I will never craft them as long as they have so much visual clutter.

  • Ehsan.6328Ehsan.6328 Member ✭✭

    Bounty board guild
    This is an idea to bring Guild to life in GUILD Wars 2.
    Justification of project :
    Bounty board will be beneficial to the players and the gaming company in the both economically and functionally aspects, in such way that players do the tasks and the Bounty Board give them prizes. These prizes can be in-game money or items.
    The main problem of players in such games like yours is the in-game money farming and most of these games have something like Bounty Board but none of them are similar to what I am going to say
    The attraction of Guild wars is team playing that occur with guild. Now, if we strengthen inactive guilds, it will lead to coming back players who left the game and coming new players who like to participate in the challenge.
    This means more players, more purchases, more capital for the company.
    # Explanation of the idea:
    # Part 1:
    I plan to put up a board for the guilds which has weekly quests that rewards in-game money or items but if these boards are the same in all the guilds it is meaningless so I take this into account .
    The quests for each board in each guild and the prizes are determined by the guild leader and not pre-arranged by the game developers.
    For example: killing 5 champion bounty rabbits = prize: 3 gold or winning 15 Beetle races = 2 gold
    In this way, any guild that has a knowledgeable leader has better quests and be more active team.
    But where do these awards come from?
    Prizes that include: in-game money are placed on the quest by the game itself
    All Quests will have 3 degrees of difficulty, easy, normal and hard. in the same way the gold award is determined for them.
    This will be from 1 gold to 20 gold. Quests above 10 gold on the board are only once per week.
    Each person in the guild can choose one from any degree of quest difficulty and take 24 hours to complete it. If he fails to do so the quest will be out of his reach and quest will return to the board so that the other members can choose.
    If he done it, it is checked on the board and contains the name of the person who succeeded. These quests can include subgroups.
    The leader can request to do something in: wvw, pvp, fractals, raids or open world for the quest.
    This board can only be activated and adjusted by the builder of the guild and the main leader, and no one is allowed to change it.
    # Part 2:
    The question is, why should only the builder of the guild do that?
    There is a proverb that says that when the queen is asleep, her hive or honey becomes bitter or dry.
    A powerful guild is a guild with an energetic and active leader. We do not seek to give lazy gold to lazy people.
    Why not Gold Awards from Guild?
    Since this is a kind of active farm, it must be payed by game itself so that it can be activated for all guilds and does not have a specific audience (Rich guilds).
    In the part 1, we said awards are in-game money and items but what is an item?
    This is where the story differs. Until now, the game itself provided gold quests, but here these quests have item prizes that the leader himself must award after determining the quest.
    These items can be all items that can be sold except for legendary weapons.
    If we put legendary weapons in the quest, the security of the quests will be compromised, and also the value of weapons farming will be drastically reduced, and part of the old farming of the game will be destroyed and the game system will be disrupted.
    These quests are only visible and usable to members of the Guild who have been ranked higher than members and have played and bought expansions.
    Gold quests are open to all members with the above conditions. All item quests are only open to people in the guild who have been active in the guild Affairs (Guild Mission + Board) for 1 week and received a rank above the member level from the leader.
    The final word of the idea maker
    Hello to the great team of Arena net
    I am Ehsan, a player with more than 10 years of experience in the games. The idea I gave you is based on my experience with all games I played and how to increase their usability.
    I have not only been a player but also a game developer.In my own country, I make first-person games and also I am a Part of the team of writers and creators of ideas
    I hope that with this idea and of course the patience you put into reading and doing the idea, I can help raise the level of this game in the world and attract more fund to this game.
    Of course, I have to apologize to you. I am not very good at graphic design, but I will try send you the design of the painting and how to arrange the quests at the board in the future.
    I will be happy after reading this idea to share your opinion with me.