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    A way to have the food etc you are using, say for wvw available on screen (maybe by skills) rather than having to keep going to your invent to replenish it. Yes i know there are things available to increase food/utility time
    A bit like the menu for the toys but showing the food so you can click on it.
    rambles stop

  • Here are a few things I have in my mind fur now:

    • When we turn the option "Show All Players Names" Mesmer clones/phantasms are also included, it would be nice if they could be removed from that category.
    • Converters, it is possible to change all converters to have a merchant UI? Merchant UI is more convenient because it automatically uses stuff from our storage/bank and we don't need to click multiples times.

    • I am not sure if this one is a QoL but, the hotkey "Snap Ground Target" (not Toggle) sometimes get stuck making it active always, not sure what is the cause, but when it happens I have to manually go in the options and uncheck the "Snap Ground Target to Current Target" box. I believe it is a bug.

    If I find something else I'll post here again.

    Joko lies, Balthazar don't.

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    A feature that i found in other games which I'm missing very much in this one is the ability of linking another characters name in the chat. You can link items with shift-l-click, why not charcters too?? Like in

    'Ask the [Developer] about that'

    This feature would save us a lot of typing and would as well eliminate the frequent typos made there. Making it easier to reach out to other people would be a good thing IMO

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    • Ability to lock items in Shared Inventory Slots. (If you equip then unequip something that was in your shared inventory slot, it goes back to the slot you initially equiped it from. Useful for weapon swapping.)

    • Increase max Shared Inventory Slots to 32.

    • Allow Soulbound items to be stored in Shared Inventory Slots.

    • Dungeon Portal Device (Teleports you to whichever dungeon you want.)

    • White mantle portals not sharing the same cooldown so you can have multiple.

    • Bring back Twilight Arbor Forward Up Dungeon.

    • Allow Nuhoch Warbler to be used in all instances including raids because music matters. <3 :)

    • Endless Makeover Kit.

    • Invisible Chest Piece.

    • Infinite Revive Orb (Usable in all instances EXCEPT raids.)

    • Salvage-o-Matic Container (Stores all salvage-o-matics.)

    • Remove diminished returns in dungeons.

    • Increase dungeon rewards to what they were before nerf.

    • New dungeon recipies/armor/ascended armor/etc.

    • Bring back all past 2012-2018 special events/side stories and allow players to choose only one they wish to complete for achievement points.

  • Hey. I just wanted to suggest a few things i think would really benefit this game. A lot of these were probably already mentioned a few times on the forum but i think they're worth highlighting again.

    Map queues in open world - It can be very tidious to click the "join world" button only to get an error message all the time.

    Stacking orders in the trading post - Instead of having 100 orders for mithril ores I think it would be a lot more reasonable if the UI for the trading post would actually just stack items and instead display the total number of orders

    Remove the transformation from the candy corn gobbler - I think anyone in possession of this knows just how tidious using it is. I don't think anyone is using it for the transformations to begin with, you can't really use for costume brawl and it's just kind of annoying to get. I really think it would be better if the item just increased the amount of candy you had to consume to even out the loss of the transformations and removed the completely (i think you transform 2 out of 3 times so that would be 9 candies per use)

    Shared gathering tool slots - I know this one was already frequently requested but i really think it would be great if they were introduced

    Underwater mount - Still my number one most wanted kind of mount

    Account unlock explorable path in dungeons - Either if you did the story once or just unlock explorable for everyone

    Permanent crafting station access - Not really all that high on my wishlist but it might be a useful item to add to the game

    Increase the material storage for mithril and elder wood - Also not really essential but as the HoT legendaries require so much of both of these which also implies there's a clear need for a sink of these i think it would be reasonable to increase the maximum storage space for just these two in comparison to other items

  • Probably already been suggested but make it so that when I block people all I can see is their nameplate. Really don't want to see any more skyscales hovering 2 feet off the ground flapping their wings all day. Especially with the new skin set.

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    Friend only Whispers Option. Im tired of salty people whispering me.

  • Small suggestion for the Crafting Recipe Books. Could we get some indicator on when we have learned all the recipes in a book set. I have purchased the "Page of Spearmarshal Recipes" multiple times because I have forgot which ones I have completed already.

  • i was wondering if it would be possible to get a non-mount server/battle group, for those ( if theres any other than me ) who feels like the mounts doesnt add anything to the game. but instead takes away immersion and makes the world trivial, as you can skip any and all dangers in the normal world zones

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    There's a bit of a struggle finding a name for a character these days. We can't save our character creation and don't want to loose everything, and I personally end up sometimes finding a name that I don't really like. So I think it would be awesome if the Name Change Contract in the gemstore refunded gems on use depending on how many levels away from 80 the character we're changing the name of is currently at, making its price progressively increase as we advance in the game.

    For example, if we're using it on a level 75 character, the Name Change Contract would actually cost us 750 gems instead of 800, because it would refund 50 gems on use. If the character is level 3, the contract would cost 30 gems and refund the 770 remaining gems.
    In the end, the name change would cost 10x the character's level.

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    Hi I tried a search and not sure if this has been requested. Can we have some kinda buyback for stuff from Karma/currency merchs? Sometimes the item is a bit pants and you don't want it. But mostly it is because I have 3 extra endless teddie tonics and 2 other endless tonics and they cost me 175k karma each which is a lot. I don't expect all the karma back but it seems a waste to trash them. Surely in a a place as large as we play in everything has some kinda value to someone?

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    Make a holster for nourishment exactly like the one used for toys. Make the whole bar to open to make a selection of 6 consumables and leave the little arrow out. Make the slots linkable to the first 6 slots of a general storage bag that contain nourishment or allowed consumables. If there is no room on the screen for more buttons then make it a toggleable option with toys. I don't know why this wasn't done with food instead of toys in the first place.

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    For the love of GOD let us skip 2min dialogue after opening gate in raid wing 7.

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    Remove level up pushback for level-80 characters. Players trying hard to pull together mobs in many situations, but that level up pushback wasting the effort. It maybe works for lone lowlevel characters, but not for level 80s in crowd.

  • An out of combat only or in town only build profile swap. So we have the ability to save a set of skills and specs with different profiles for different purposes. I often find the need to switch between a solo focused build and a team supporting build depending on what I am doing.

  • Greetings,

    my name is Feuerkeule and this post is my take on making GW2 a bit (or a lot) better. The idea comes from the frequent discussions I have regarding the game dying (might be a WvW issue on a low pop. server) or at least having a bad/worse time when compared to past years.

    Disclaimers first
    1. English is my second language, spellcheck is the best I can do, should I make no sense at all, ask in the comments, the post will be tidy.
    2. I don´t use forums a lot and might lack picture posting/link posting skills so I will use it only when unavoidable.
    3. Yes, I have seen the pinned post [https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/53097/suggestions-qol-quality-of-life-ideas/p1]https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/53097/suggestions-qol-quality-of-life-ideas/p1 "https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/53097/suggestions-qol-quality-of-life-ideas/p1") but am a person that likes to make a tidy post instead of adding to the others.
    4. This of course leads to some inspirations from said post, I will try to post those at the end of each section as additions. If I had the same idea as another person, but didnt see their post, I will type it down as my idea. This is not to steal, I simply cant read through the entire Forum.
    5. The entire post will be in sections, sorted by categories and then by importance. Category is my interpretation, importance my opinion, please keep that in mind.
    6. At the end of each section will be the additions from previous posts in no particular order and without source, though all will come from the post mentioned in #3.
    7. I am a software developer and have >some< insight into the process. If you think I missed a very important previous suggestion, I might think it too difficult to add short term or at all.(For example a new setting for the entire game just because I like steampunk)
    8. To accomodate different reading styles, most talking points will be ordered into the idea and some background, additional thoughts/examples in brackets(), brabbling in square brackets[]
    Also, some abbreviations:
    QoL=Quality of Life
    Imo=in my opinion
    F2P= Free to play
    HoT=Heart of Thorns
    PoF=Path of Fire
    AP=Achievement Points

    Last but not least, my motivation. I like the game. I get lots of talk of the population dwindling, friends I tried to recruit from other games disliked the leveling progress(too many to be a coincident) and I would love more things to do as well as more new or returning players. At the moment its my favorite free time waster for 2.5 years now. This summs up to suggestions for QoL as well as new contents and some wishful thinking.

    Lets get to it.

    1. Getting new players to come and stay.
    I know, I know, veterans barely care about leveling, but the order makes sense.
    As I said, tried to get many friends to play the game, most didnt make it to 80. I tried to help them as they asked me to, no help was enough. This might be the case for many new players, the leveling might feel outdated and grindy. As GW2 needs more players, we need to make it more enjoyable for them to reach 80. (Yes, I know that the game really starts at lvl 80, but the point stands. If people leave before, they most likely wont every try the good lvl 80 stuff.)

    This will be divided into making leveling more enjoyable, some additional tips and setting goals for reaching late game.

    The leveling progress/character creation
    1. Area lines for renown hearts. Those should be added to the minimap so they dont annoy while running around, but are still more easily traceable. (We all know the struggle of figuring out where the quest ends. Yes, you can just look when it becomes inactive, but running half a minute, then half a minute into another direction is annoying. New players might not want to guess, neither do completionists on character 36)
    2. ALWAYS give the option to finish a renown heart by simply slaying stuff. Imo some of them are horrible and make me want to do anything else. (Looking at entertaining cows or sneaking around a charr camp invisible to avoid detection but not knowing how far the radius is.)
    3. Give players more accurate descriptions of playstyles when creating a character. Of course not all heavy armor are tanks and not all mages are burst mages, but you could add the info that the classes are easiest to play from left to right. Useful info would be how fast paced a class is as some players are looking to avoid this or to pick exactly this. Make their choice easier.
    4. New players creating their first character on a F2P account first see that they need to pay for one of the (designwise) more interesting classes. We all know the usuall classes warrior ranger thief etc., but Revenant is unique to GW2. This is far fetched, but it might be better to make Revenant F2P like every other core class and hide the elite specs behind the DLC. (I know that revenants are created by our favorite charr going into the mists and taking some powers with him [Well I think I know] and that changing the class to not require HoT is immersion breaking, but that could be a lore-fix. For example, give them mystical powers to begin with and the mist powers are added in HoT story, thus unlocking the Herald.)
    5. Also on character creation, there should be more info on what makes GW2 a little unique as far as weapons and the class triangle go. Meaning players should be informed that most classes can be played very differently based on their weapon, rangers dont exactly scream "brawler with a pet" for example, neither do mages give the impression to be playable in close combat. As for the class triangle (the usual MMORPG system of healer, tank and dps), more effort should be put into explaining the absence of it in GW2. (Thats not a bad thing, I personally like being able to do open world alone on a druid and still go heal in raids. But when new players see the classes and are looking for one playstyle, they shouldnt have to guess.) Maybe also add that races do not offer distinct advantages for certain classes.
    6. Killing enemies shouldnt feel like doing the exact same thing with higher numbers attached. Some refreshment could be added by more enemies having clear AoE-zones to avoid or channel-abilities that need interruption or dodging.
    7. Group events often feel more like an obstacle that cant be completed without help. Dont get me wrong, it should be this way, but it often takes time for players to come around. This could be fixed by making them appear on the minimap earlier and maybe making them a bit more lucrative so people actually join in.
    8. Maybe make the last 10-20 levels a little bit faster, the few friends that got to 60 lost interest there when it took too long. This might be fixed by allowing F2P accounts to at least use the guild buff for the little bonus exp. This doesnt need to be a DLC-feature.

    Additional tips
    1. Explain the difference between condition builds and power builds. Imagine being a new player, loving a skillset from a weapon but dealing low damage because you built condition damage but deal no conditions.
    2. The option of action camera usage should be suggested so it cant be ignored and probably in the tutorial. For some players the game is unplayable without it and new players do not want to spend an hour of setup before playing the actual game. (About half of the friends that tried the game gave it another shot with the action camera.)
    3. The keybinds should probably be changed for new players, this refers back to the setup part, some hours into the game every player with small-ish hands will have problems reaching beyond 6. No need to force it on them, but as a new player you dont know which keys are important later and shouldnt be overwritten.
    4. More of the important QoL features should be hinted at or listed somewhere. For new players in particular this includes: Sell all junk-option (and perhaps an assurance that junk really isnt needed for anything.), the salvage all-option on salvage kits, a short explanation on the material depot (are all my mats lost when I do this? Where to find them? Is this an account-wide storage?) Imo this should absolutely be in a window somewhere, there are incredibly many features that took me years to discover, for example I think there is a percentage of veterans that dont know the "/wiki statement" command to open wiki quickly. This list might also include links to important game mechanics such as combo fields or boon corruption or profession mechanics.

    Setting long-term goals for new players
    (I know that MMORPGs usually are the most fun when you set your own challenges, but you still need something to look forward to. I also know the story of GW2 is great, but some players dont like story modes and want to grind to oblivion, thus ignoring every spoken line.)
    1. Give players more to look forward to than reaching 80 and completing the story. This is difficult to bring down to one point, which is why I will leave it at the problem. Players feel the grind of leveling with no real goal. There needs to be something new to strive forwards for. Some personal ideas are:
    -See "The leveling progress/character creation", point 5. Make players vary their playstyle so the combat feels refreshing. (This is a little tricky to achieve of course, but some enemies with "Immune to/Less damage dealt by: Ranged/Melee and Condition Damage/Power Damage" would be a start.)
    -Remember Guild Wars 1? In case of no, the Hall of Monuments was a great way to showcase your achievements. Currently GW2 mostly offers the AP count in the friends list and a single title to display. An account-wide instance to display your achievements and deeds that can be shown to other players and is introduced early (pre lvl 20 imo, or when you reach Lions Arch) could be something for all players. (The reason being that titels/AP have no value to new players that do not know how hard they are to achieve. Same goes for legendaries or rare skins, status for veterans, nothing to new players.)(Also bonus points for Anet if its unlike the home instance. That offers more of a farming aspect, but cant be individually decorated like a guild. Make the new Hall of Monuments customizable outside of the trophy displays, maybe even add the home instance nodes for free placing)
    -To add to the previous point, many games offer the "inspect character"-option. This might be a way to showcase HOW you got that title or those skins. Also gives new and old players the option to see where a skin comes from and to view it in detail instead of getting a short glimpse when the player passes you. (This should of course be adjustable by each person to hide features you dont want seen. Might also be a great feature for raiding/fractal parties to check if all equipment is lvl 80 at least. Yes, that might lead to more kicks for beginners, but more fun and time-saving for raid vets.)
    -Maybe a list of all endgame content with some detail. For PvP/WvW especially this should iniclude info on the you cant start without (major) disadvantages due to being scaled up.
    -To add to that, making the damage test golem in the Lions Arch Aerodrome a known feature and useable without the commander tag would be a great idea. Players should have the option to test different builds for free and early in the game. Yes, you can do that in PvP lobby, but new players dont know that and/or dont want to be diisturbed while testing. The golem in Aerodrome is super, just make it easily available.
    2. Make players feel more powerful when leveling. This might be an issue due to downscaling to the area. Thats a great feature, but when you spent 4 hours to 100% a starter map just to go to another starter map and feel like lvl 3 again, thats a bad feeling. Maybe just scale players down one or two levels less to make them feel better about their progress. (Yes, this is horrible to adjust because that makes everything easier and potentially farmable, which in turn cant be fixed by making everything stronger and ruining it for the real low level players. It still might be an issue for players to not feel strong after investing time.)
    3. Introduce skilltrees earlier. They make your playstyle way more interesting/complex. Why wait for lvl 21 (if I am not mistaken its 21), when it makes players feel more unique early on. Give clear indicators as to when you unlock the next tree slot and where to level the trees. As far as I know, there currently is a lock on the trees that you cant use yet, poste the level number for a clear goal.
    4. The clear goal might go for more parts of the game. Every interesting feature should not be pushed onto the player when he/she cant use it either way, but when looking at your locked skilltrees/skillslots, a number would be clearer than a lock. I do not know which other features could use this, but I am sure there are a few points.
    5. Show more of the cool stuff, referring to the Necromancer f1/Shroud skills for example, those could be shown on the build tab as a third option to terrestial/underwater skills. Seeing skills that seem mighty engages the player to try them out and work towards.

    General QoLs/new features
    Lots to be said here, so those will mostly be things I personally noticed to be strange/missing/incomplete etc while playing. I am sure the list is endless if we take every players opinion. Sorted after QoL and new features.

    1. From the previous points, map markers for renown hearts (The leveling progress/character creation, point 1), just as a reminder. Getting 100% map completion on a new character feels like a chore most of the time.
    2. Mystic Forge recipes should be craftable multiple times. This is obvious when you try to get the Mini Raptor Hatchling achievement(and of course all the other mount mini achievements) and you have to craft the same recipe 60 times. What should be kept in mind is that upgrading crafting materials is a way to make profit by using the Mystic Forge and is a good point against this feature. The following mass crafting and overthrowing of the entire GW2 economy is something I am aware of, but with some adjusting of recipe prices or simply not adding all recipes as craftable in bulk, it could be avoided. Crafting the same thing more than 10 times will forever be a chore and what feels like a waste of time.
    3. Guild halls feel mostly useless apart from the guild buff you can select and the few things you can only get from there. I imagine this is an issue for all guilds, not just my small one. It is a difficult fix sadly, since adding more features from somewhere else might have drawbacks. For example crafting stations would lead to very empty cities. Being honest, I have no suggestion, but spending thousands on something with close to no use is bad to all players that dont like massive guild and keep between their friends. (Not saying you should ignore the community, but you should also not be forced to take part in it for guild buff usage. Either the full buffs should be obtainable cheaper, or there should be more interesting use for the money you spend.)
    4. The permanent gathering tools could be for your account, not for one character. Yes, you can swap, but why would you? It is annoying to swap them over storage or shared slots. Creating a new character for players that want then perfectly equipped (yes, for some people including me a character feels better when he doesnt have to run to a merchant for an axe every day) would cost 3800 gems without any discounts. Instead make them obtainable as basic but endless, then offer more harvesting skins as an option for more gems. [Remember here that this is my opinion. I dont want to spend 3800 gems on each character, the idea alone annoys me. When I have to run to merchants for new gathering tools every few hours it annoys me. The option to swap them between characters annoys me. All options are suboptimal IN MY OPINION. /rant]
    5. There are still lots of areas in the game with texture bugs. Meaning holes in water surfaces or overlapping textures that flicker when you move your camera. Reporting them is the job of the players, but I personally have reported a few all over the map without ever seeing any changes. Exmaples will be provided if asked for in the comments.
    6. Performance, oh boy. This is probably the most difficult point of the post as major updates to the engine might aswell be called Guild Wars 3. However, some areas/meta events are only playable on mush settings or with very low fps. Yes, that is partially the fault of Fashion Wars, but some optimizations need to be done. I am no talking about a new engine, but software can nearly always be optimized. With a good computer, you should be able to run GW2 with good fps everywhere. If not everywhere, then at least improve then to "ok" as much as you can. (This might be a rumor, but I have recently heard of a player that wrote a possible optimization using a newer DirectX than GW2 currently uses. Even if it is a rumor, it should be a change that is not impossible to achieve. In case Anet is already working on it, please tell us for a droplet of hope.)
    7. Performance also goes for the gemstore, it is often unusable and shouldnt be impossible to fix. Give it 10 seconds to load, after that it should work perfectly. As it is, sometimes it needs minute.
    8. Give us the option to hide certain achievements in the achievement tab. This includes all repeatable, most notably "Agent of Entropy"(Salvage 200 items), but also other achievements that could for example block the "Nearly completed" section or simply some that you started by accident but cant or dont want to finish. (Looking at 5 rounds of PvP after a friend convinced me as a beginner and 200 hours of PvP to get all quests out of my nearly completed section. Thanks Fluuh) Achievements that are selected to be hidden do not appear in the nearly completed list and could be dropped under the completed achievements of the currently selected category.
    9. So many things that could have storage space but currently take up space in inventory or bank. Apart from those slots, all parts of weapons/armor could have storagespaces, no need to make them waste space. This includes but is not limited to, always with suggestion as to where it should go:
    -Mystic Forge Stones (Wallet)
    -Exquisite Serpentine Jewel (One example for multiple gems, Storage)
    -Black Lion Statuette (Wallet)
    -Selfstyle Hairkit/Total Makeover Kit (Wallet)
    -Legendary Crafting Materials (Gift of X, also PvP/WvW legendary backpiece materials, legendary Trinket mats etc, Storage)
    -Ornate Rusted Key (Wallet)
    -Fire Orchid Seeds (Storage)
    -Tomes of Knowledge (Wallet)
    -Philosophers Stone (Storage)
    -Unidentified Color (Storage)
    -WvW Blueprints (This is a maybe since you dont want to accidentally send them away while at an enemy keep etc.,Storage)

    Inspired behind this point
    10. Build Templates, as far as I know they are in the works.
    11. Buy/Sell more than 250 of anything at a time in Trading Post.
    12. Map join queues. If you want to join your squad in another instance of a nearly full map, you need to spam join and hope to get a slot at some point. Make a queue like in WvW.#
    13. For Trading Post, add the option to look for skins/novelties etc. that are locked.
    14. For inventory management, the wallet is perhaps a little too well hidden at first glance. This might be of little concern.
    15. For inventory management, I noticed that i mostly use 2 options from the submenu at the top right, those being deposit material and compact. Just to make it a little faster to use, those could be combined and maybe even be put outside the submenu as a direct button.
    16. This may be a personal issue, first person camera. It exists, but not in a state that I can imagine using it. That means combat is horrible and on mounts its just disabled. I would love to do a first person playthrough as it often leads to a completely different perspective.
    17. Crafting feels so grindy for big amounts. I only have one storage expansion and crafting all mithril ore away takes ages
    18. Crafting could also remove one time recipes. Why would i craft another cook backpack once I got all unlocked? Goes for all skins that are only unlockable by crafting. If for some reason you might actually need another craft, make them into a different category or hide them behind a checkable option.
    19. For Legendary equipment, is sigil/rune swapping free yet? I dont know the current state, but it should be free in my opinion.
    20. Loot adjustement in every region of the game. From jumping puzzles to Istan farming(example, I know its been nerfed), the rough Gold/Hour is incredibly far apart. You shouldnt get the most gold in the game for doing close to nothing different than following a tag and hitting stuff.
    21. Many features of the game are denied by certain Meta events in a frustrating manner. The best example are the dungeons that you can not do at any given time since sometimes events need to be completed first.
    22. Soulbound stuff should be allowed in a different characters inventory, just deny him wearing it.
    23. Easier mount selection, I think there is a mod for it other than having to either click or have 8 hotkeys. If I am not mistaken, you press a button and get a wheel to choose from.
    24. Make more things into novelties that still take up item slots. Example Birthday Blaster, the second birthday item.
    25. See more easily which fraction you joined (Whisperers, Vigil, Priory). This is mostly for achievements.

    New Features
    (I know lots of this is just a wish, but it would help keep players in the game and make more come either way)
    3. From "Setting long-term goals for new players" point 1, the Hall of Monuments subpoint. I can not stress enough how important this might be. MMORPGs make players want to share their achievements in the game, yet in GW2 sharing is not well implemented. The goal would be a visual representation of a players achievements that can be more easily shared with others. In case some AP-collectors are unhappy about their massive numbers not being that dominant, make it a mountain of goldcoins that grows the more AP you have and put it somewhere into the instance.
    4. Some sort of structured Guild versus Guild action. I personally am not a big sPvP player, but even I can see that GUILD WARS 2 in comparison to Guild Wars 1 hast nothing to do with the name. The only GvG action we get is by coincident in WvW, which is always fun, but rarely balanced. Cant go into detail here since its simply not my point, but its one thing that you often hear requested. but personal opinion: Make the option of simple deathmatch available, with different maps of course. sPvP but with more people and named GvG would be little difference, the maps need to be bigger and, in my opinion, less focused on objectives.
    5. More jumping puzzles/mini dungeons. They are lots of fun but there are not enough.
    6. An underwater mount? maybe
    7. Outside of achievements there could be a lot more instances with higher difficulty, so they need more players to complete them. Like raids, but not that hard.

    I should call this WvW only since I personally barely play PvP and have little suggestions to change because of that. The few things I can say do come first:

    1. Make clear distinctions between ranked and unranked queues. It is not entirely obvious which is which when you open the menu.
    2. At the time I actively played, I was told to switch classes from Ranger about half of my games. This is just one example of a class being imbalanced in sPvP, it should be more balanced so that every class has room. I know this is optimistic, but 27 different classes is a very limited number and should be balancable. If not perfectly, then at least enough to not get me trashtalked because even in lower Elo Ranger is just too out of meta. For all role play players, being bullied for playing their favorite class is a sure way to get them to quit playing sPvP.

    Oh lord, do you get a lot of complaining about WvW. I want to say ahead of time that this is a lot harder to balance than 5v5 PvP and because of that I will barely get into that. But:
    1. Balance in WvW. The very minimum would be to buff the classes that get you kicked from squads. I understand that some classes are simply better for roaming and give no advantage to squads, but some get kicked because they are just bad in WvW. Fix that, see PvP point 2.
    2. The Meta in WvW is at times a bit boring. What could be epic massive battles often doesnt get that for because one squad has extremely many Scourges plastering everything with AoE. This might be a personal problem again. Standoffs in fights can happen, but not wanting to engage because of massive AoE on the floor and the only way to the enemy squad being through that AoE, thats a bad thing. Maybe nerf them just a little so they are less supressive.
    3. Last balance is another personal frustration. Warriors that automatically trigger complete damage immunity at 50% hp, then can have the same skill as an active, then the same duo for crowd control, and a heal that negates all damage for another short while. Many classes have some sort of short time invincibility, warriors just feel overloaded in that regard.
    4. Mounts. Dont moan, I love them for all the good they bring. But you all know the complaints that everything was better than before. A simple fix for that might be a few servers in seperate link pools that just dont have mounts. At current player counts this might be a bad idea, should GW2 become great again at some point, ask the community if they would like it and act accordingly.
    5. The payoff in WvW feels just so incredibly underwhelming. Some open world farms offer 20-30 gold/hour, WvW often feels like 5g was a very good hour. This may be better when you get 7 bonus pips each tick, but getting to that stage is an extreme grind.
    6. Concerning that grind. I only heard in stories that earlier, you could buy WvW levels. I dont think it was bad to remove that, but it might have been better to just reduce it heavily instead. I dont know how many hours I have in WvW, but realistically 5 levels per hour is optimistic on most days. That would mean 2000 hours of WvW alone are needed to still not compare to open world gold/hour.
    7. The difference between the three borderlands is just unreasonable for me. The concept of one dominant force is great, what isnt is that we have 2 identical maps with identical functions and one different map with different mechanics. The desert borderland map has so many cool things, but most people dont like the desert setting. Instead of having 2 identical maps, give the good features to one of the normal borderlands, make all 3 maps unique. Desert and one borderland without mechanics, one borderland with. I would love to see jumppads, unique bosses, themed towers/castles and shrines on a different map.
    8. There is one persistent gamebreaking bug in red corner spawn in EB, which could be called an exploit so I wont list it here unless I get an official pardon from Anet for it in the comments. Dont want my account banned for doing the right thing. I reported it ingame but it wasnt fixed about half a year later, maybe the post helps.

    And the rest
    To be honest, the rest is just a bunch of minor things that come to mind. This post took me half a day to compile and brain need sleep.
    1. Raids need a way to get new players into them. Its a pain to start at 0 Legendary Insights and gather your first 50-100 by hoping for training groups. Dont know a good fix, but currently new players are pretty much stuck without some luck.
    2. Exotic and especially precursor drops seem too random. Some players get lucky, others play for 5 years and their best drop is worth 10 gold. A hidden luck system could help, increasing each time a container is opened and no exotic is inside. Higher luck means more exotics etc.. This system might exists, but doesnt seem to work well. Maybe it needs another adjustment to increase the chance on rare exotic skins. I am not saying give me one 50g skin per day, but maybe give players that play for a few hours each day a high chance of getting a good drop at least every few months.
    3. The difficulty scale in fractals seems a bit too high. I do not mean fractal 1 compared to 100 but Cliffside compared to Shattered Observatory. A new player getting hit with some fractal recommendations by daily missions can get anything from beginner friendly to "you better have full ascended gear and food running". Hyperbole, but a new player getting an incredibly hard fractal only to be stuck at the end with an hour of work and no way to finish is frustrating.
    4. Sometimes when I mount, my camera turns for no reason known to me and my mount makes a 180° turn. Why.
    5. Raids need clear statement on which mastery is required. Imagine spending a while to find a group on Xera training, convince that commander that even though you only have 20 LI, you deal good dmg and learn fast, only to be unable to glide LeyLines and get a fast kick.
    6. This is more of a general thing, but in case GW2 player counts are on the rise, give us a way to follow the numbers. Any sign of making an impact motivates people to spend more time on the game and make it better from developing to being part of the community.

    For now this is it. though I hope this post gets some attention and maybe at least 10% of the viable suggestions get put into development.

    If you, the normal GW2 player, not the Anet employee, read this and think it might help, share it to get some attention to it. In hopes of getting GW2 a way longer life expectancy than it currently has (now matter how good/bad it is, it could always be better)

    Also, since this needs to be said after thousands of words that only mention bad things. I love GW2, otherwise I wouldnt be making this post. I just want it to be better and have not yet been disappointed enough in life to not make the effort of doing my part. GW2 has lots of amazing content but its struggling and I would like to help change that. I would also like to point out that the community of GW2 is the best community I know. I came from League of Legends, that might help get my point across. :)

    Best regards,

  • nanomidgy.9180nanomidgy.9180 Member ✭✭
    edited July 12, 2019

    Hi Dev teams,

    I have been advised by the support team to make forum posts to raise your attention about a cross-hair adjustment in Action Camera Mode, I have been experiencing this issue for a very long time now since its been introduced.

    This particularity happens in fractals and raids. When a fight triggers, the cross-hair automatically moves higher as the the FoV rears back during boss fight/events, it’s impossible to fire ground targeting skills directly underneath or near my character.

    Please, make adjustment to the cross-hair that its location on the screen is fixed above the character, no matter how further you zoom out/in. Just like the commander tag, (screenshot comparison) it always sits directly above the character height.

    Thank you for your time!

  • Can we get the instantly teleport the camera,if using a teleport skill for mounts too? I just used the jackal and the default option of the camera swiftly catching up is very annoying and irritating, especially on jps like the one in the crystal oasis.

  • Inculpatus cedo.9234Inculpatus cedo.9234 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Crystal Black.8190 said:
    Can we get the instantly teleport the camera,if using a teleport skill for mounts too? I just used the jackal and the default option of the camera swiftly catching up is very annoying and irritating, especially on jps like the one in the crystal oasis.

    Not sure if you are already using this option:
    Enable Camera Teleportation - Normally, when a player performs a short-range teleport (e.g. using Blink or Spectral Recall) the camera moves quickly to the new location. This option enables the camera to teleport instantly with the player.

  • @Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

    @Crystal Black.8190 said:
    Can we get the instantly teleport the camera,if using a teleport skill for mounts too? I just used the jackal and the default option of the camera swiftly catching up is very annoying and irritating, especially on jps like the one in the crystal oasis.

    Not sure if you are already using this option:
    Enable Camera Teleportation - Normally, when a player performs a short-range teleport (e.g. using Blink or Spectral Recall) the camera moves quickly to the new location. This option enables the camera to teleport instantly with the player.

    I use it, but is does not apply to mounts, which is why I suggested to extend it to also work for mounts or make a similar toggle for it under the mounts section.

  • VDAC.2137VDAC.2137 Member ✭✭✭

    There are some materials that would make sense to have space for in material storage, such as the flowers obtainable from the home garden plots. Meanwhile, there are some storage spaces that make no sense to me, specifically an item needed for a specific legendary weapon — why would you need a material storage space for that??? It is something that you are going to obtain/craft probably once at most and could be stored in bank or inventory while working on the legendary item. Storage space should be reserved for items you will be regularly finding, crafting, etc.


    I love the Bifrost for the looks and footprints effects, but when i use it on my ele i really miss the default projectiles for fire/water/air/water and double attunement weaver skills. I wanna use the Bifrost but i dont want to see every cool elemental projectile turned into a rainbow, it kills the visual identity of playing an elementalist! Pls add this option for all legendary weapons projectiles!

  • BlueIce.6951BlueIce.6951 Member ✭✭✭

    @VDAC.2137 said:
    There are some materials that would make sense to have space for in material storage, such as the flowers obtainable from the home garden plots. Meanwhile, there are some storage spaces that make no sense to me, specifically an item needed for a specific legendary weapon — why would you need a material storage space for that??? It is something that you are going to obtain/craft probably once at most and could be stored in bank or inventory while working on the legendary item. Storage space should be reserved for items you will be regularly finding, crafting, etc.

    Not everyone uses the garden plots for the metabolism items, so for me that would also be one that makes no sense.

    I would love to see the material storage grow in options (including flowers) just because we can stack massive amounts of that material. However, I would hate to see any current item removed to make way for new items.

    From previous conversations with the dev who works/worked (not sure if she left), I know it takes a lot to adjust the mat storage. I just really hope that this feature continues to grow and stays relevant to current game mechanics/items.

    Currently attempting all Legendary Journey collections at once.

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭

    1st person on mount

    +++In creative mood. New Engie Elite spec' , Housing , New asuran expansion , Designing a new lounge , New GameMode
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  • Ryukai.6524Ryukai.6524 Member ✭✭

    Hide Weapon Tool Tips, for those that have been playing for months/years, we REALLY don't need to see a WALL OF TEXT whenever we mouse over a weapon ability (this ability is already in game, so to speak, as they vanish upon pressing that ability and stay vanished until you move the mouse off and then back onto the ability)

  • Make luck refinable by all crafts not just artificiers. Having to put luck into the bank, switch chars and then refine it on another one is tedious.

  • Can we have the compact option in our inventory sort out our items by rarity or alphabetically

  • Westenev.5289Westenev.5289 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but...

    A toolbar timer on Thief Preperations (specifically Shadow Portal) would be cool. Something similar to how the Mesmer Portal has a visable count down.

  • With raids being a thing lately and new builds flying around. We need a way to test gear sets out with specific stats without having to invest all our money for a CHANCE of an idea working. This being said:

    Make the advanced raid training arena have the following:

    • Hologram Food/Item that lets us use any stat food/utility thats available in game for sake of testing. Stats are removed after exiting the Raid Training Arena the same as boons and banner buffs are.
    • An outfitter similar to the ones in the PvP arena that lend you gear, however this is test gear like we get in betas/ temp 80 boost (the exotic armor boxes) - Also offers temporary ascended stats and trinkets. - maybe BLAND legendary gear that always disappears after you exit the arena.
    • Rune/Sigil merchant that lets us lend the runes or sigils for testing.

    These merchants temporarily lend you the gear while within the raid instance. Foods, Runes, Sigils, Armor, Weapons with all the stats you would need for testing builds.
    Upon leaving they are refunded BACK to the merchants. (no you can not keep them).

    This would allow builds to be theory crafted/tested to the fullest.

    Please !

  • @Gaile Gray.6029 said:
    Over time, we've seen a lot of good QoL suggestions on the forums. It seems to be it'd be good to have a regular sticky post -- yes, yes, I know, we already have too many stickies! ;) -- so that these can be better seen, added to, commented upon, and so forth.

    So here's the official QoL suggestion thread. I will try to merge in previous threads on the topic of Quality of Life, but if you see any I missed, could you please PM me to let me know?


    Increase the number of mails you can send, or cut back on the 'squelched' time. I offered simple dyes to the guild, and after four mails, I'm on timeout. I get it for big, expensive things, or sending money, but c'mon.

  • LOL at the new rev changes... Thanks, throws in the towel... Yea maybe high end peeps didnt like the combo attacks with rev and others, thats what rev is supposed to do. Nerf.... I do not think rev is ever gonna be viable in PVP with what you are doing. Ive suggested and suggested. Now Everything ganks me like im not even fighting back. Wrecked it even worse again. Maybe its just me... IN pvp we always hit the rev first because they die so stupid easy.... the set up should be for majority not for the few who have played 6 years and are very dang good at it. There are hardly ever any revs in the top 250 who only play rev... Its because they play other classes to make up for all the fails.... anyhow, Wrecked it again.... No idea what to say, I quit rev again. It just gets worse and worse. Paper armor or more like, crown of thorns armor, it does more dmg then good. FAIL.., Sorry, just truth there. Total fail. Why not just make them not even able to attack back, thats what it seems like now, EVERYTHING is wasting me like nothing now.

  • Trollocks.5084Trollocks.5084 Member ✭✭✭

    Your game is giving me actual headaches. Please let us turn off other people's skyscales. The constant flapping in the corners of my vision is adversely affecting my health.

  • Can we make the LFG a little more easier to use/clearer? I've gotten too many trolls/eRP soliciters in Fountain of Rurikton.

    Pardon me, I'm an Asura nut.

  • Not going through the 30+ pages to see if it's been mentioned....
    but maybe the next Bday present could be an upgraded Bday blaster with a selectable food stat type of your choosing.
    Also....where's my POLYMOCK!!!

  • Aeon.4583Aeon.4583 Member ✭✭✭

    Add a exit portal indicator ( run out timer ) for thief's new shadow portal, same as mesmers have.

  • NullValue.4956NullValue.4956 Member ✭✭
    edited July 22, 2019

    Few ideas I would like to see

    Wiki menu option: A lot of new players don't know about the /wiki chat code, would be nice if every item that had a right-click menu had a Show on wiki option

    Sort squad alphabetically: Trying to find someone in a full or mid sized squad can be a real pain because the order is so random

    Commander/Lieutenant in front: This one is a rarity, but occasionally, Lieutenants are not in the front of the subgroup

    Lieutenant should have a visible marker: could be clutter, but maybe have it only show if the commander is not in the same map, or only show the Lieutenant of your subgroup. this would be useful for locating the Lieutenant on the map.

    Ready check visible regardless of map: Currently if you do a ready check members that are not in the same map will be asked if they are ready, but the commander can not see their ready status.

    Guild Hall Instance size: I get that this is rare and is a cost savings system, but I would ask for one change, if a member of a squad enters the guild hall, PLEASE make the initial instance shard for the size of the squad, it can take up to 4 map changes to get a squad of 50 into a guild hall.

    Nicknames/Account Names/Character Names: the in-game mail and character tool tips should always show the actual account name next to the nickname/character name. This one is really infuriating Ill send an emails to our guild lottery winners account names asking them to pick a prize, but when they reply it sometimes comes from the character name and there is no way to cross reference the character name to the account, especially if they are offline. Same with nicknames, once you set a nickname on a user you cant see their real account name anymore.

    Guild leaders mail spam removal: So i get why there is a spam limit on in game mail. But there shouldn't be one (or a more relaxed one) for guild leaders sending message to guild members. an example would be when its time to clean out the guild banks we like to give away items to online guild members, and as you can guess after sending 3 dyes, things come to a screeching halt. we also purge members that have not logged into the game for over a month. we where sending message to the users to let them know why they where kicked and how to reach to get back into the guild when they get back online. but again this becomes a painful task because of the spam system

    Think that's all I have <3 keep up the good work anet

    -Tiny Taimi

  • Tumult.2578Tumult.2578 Member ✭✭

    Lot's of great ideas. I didn't make it thru all 30 pages so I hope I'm not repeating something but can we please break the novelties away from the mounts on the HUD? The mount spot is used a lot. The novelty spot is likely not used anywhere near as much.

    I'm getting concerned over trying to mount up to leave a bunch of approaching enemies only to find I'm instead attacking them with an umbrella or balloon. I understand not wanting to change the HUD but it's been basically the same since the start of the game and a redesign might allow for numerous beneficial changes. I'm about ready to delete all my novelty items just to prevent it.

  • Excursion.9752Excursion.9752 Member ✭✭✭
    edited July 24, 2019

    Simple Request a Portal Tome for all of our city passes.

    Just off the top of my head:
    Royal Terrace Pass
    Mistlock Sanctuary Passkey
    Captain's Airship Pass
    Noble's Folly Pass
    Home Portal Stone
    Lava Lounge Pass
    Invitation to "Lily of the Elon"
    Armistice Bastion Pass

    I believe should be able to be entered into a book just like the living world scrolls for their season tomes. These are gem store items and I feel that they should not take up the amount of space they do in our inventories. It would be nice to get back some of my shared inventory space for other things.

                                                              There is a 50% chance you will not agree with me and a 50% chance I will not agree with you
  • Aeon.4583Aeon.4583 Member ✭✭✭

    Can you ( please! ) fix mesmer's Signet of Illusion?
    Make this signet spawn clones in PvE only if player in combat with chosen target.

    Since your chrono rework, i had to use this signet for better Shatter activation, but mechanics of this signet is hell. It's simply randomly spawn clones if you have even a glimpse of combat situation.

    Simple example in my case. I fought off hostile mobs, after a fight there is a small timeout for combat to wear off. And during this small timeout signet spawns clone, and it goes to fight with nearest neutral mobs even if my current target is nobody, even if that mob is not hostile to me. My actual hostile target is dead, no need for clone to spawn and run around map taking agro.

  • Let us color our backpacks please! uwu

  • TwilightSoul.9048TwilightSoul.9048 Member ✭✭✭

    This has probably been suggested already but I think it's something that is needed in game.
    Objects like trees, houses, cliffhangs, whatever can obstruct your view should become transparent when it is in fact obstructing your view.
    Right now it either just obstructs your view or (if it is a massive object) it'll jerk the camera between the object and your character which is very disorienting. Instead, objects which obstruct the view of your character and it's surroundings should turn transparent as it is done in Divinity Original Sin 1 and 2 for example.

    The issue with this not beeing the case in GW2 is not only that you'll sometimes be disoriented or just plain die because you didn't see some deadeye or whatever in WvW but it also really breaks the immersion when you can't even see your character or his/her surroundings. I'm used to playing third person but loosing sight of my character because it is obstructed feels very weird and unsettling.

    And about the camera jerking between your character and some massive object is even worse since it makes you feel like your not even in control of that character's third person view.

    Thanks for reading and I hope for a time where I can move my camera around my character freely without beeing obstructed by stuff :)

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  • Hey Devs,

    I've just had this idea once when I was swapping around legendary equip and so on between characters.
    Would it be possible to create something like a mobile armor stand which can be placed in a shared inventory slot to make swapping gear between chars less tedious.

    I imagine a chest-like item that holds one of each (armor, gear, 2 weapon sets) that can be opened from inventory using only one slot.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Can lower level crests be made salvagable like runes and sigils?

    Also why is this post no longer sticked to the front page? I had trouble finding it now.

  • Would really love an option to perma LOCK the camera zoom level! So many events these days seem to mess around with the zoom setting (bosses/event triggers each time u accidently go OOR and back etc) so you get quickly disoriented especially when playing on these huge monitors/screen setups.

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  • Friday.7864Friday.7864 Member ✭✭
    edited July 30, 2019

    Add a yes/no message before we attune or infuse equipment.
    When I click on something to show me a location DO NOT take me there in map view, lock the map and close the map view immediately afterwards. Did it ever occur to you I might wanna look around the map and teleport to a nearby waypoint?
    Oh, and actually remove the 10k TP limit.

  • As a Scribe for my guild, I'd love to see all the decorations on the Scribe panel broken up into categories. Its a real pain endlessly scrolling thru that one giant list trying to pick out plants I haven't made or whatever. I would think this would be really simple to do.

  • Jura.2170Jura.2170 Member ✭✭✭

    Please let us be in more than 5 guilds

    please make a Taimi voice mail pack
    my QoL wishes

  • SnowMochi.7602SnowMochi.7602 Member ✭✭
    edited August 1, 2019

    In addition to the points I made below:

    • What about saved dye combos per character or over the entire account, just in case you want to return to an old combo or something?
    • A version of the game you can play offline with your guild/family/friends.
    • Add a Favorites option to the Trading Post and The Gem Store so you can remember stuff you like.
    • Dyeable back items.
    • Items in Safe or Invisible bags and boxes should _not_ show up when using the Mystic Forge.
    • Quaggan glider, chair, weapons, kite.

    What about:
    The back item version of the Floral glider, complete with a shower of flowers?

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Display on world map (not minimap) ressources available around you (wood/ore/plant) within a radius.

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