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  • Aeon.4583Aeon.4583 Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 9, 2019

    People from arena net, i make this plea again :anguished:
    Can you do something with Soulbeast Beatmode mode and Mount Attacking abilities?

    I am doing alot of PvE stuff on Soulbeast with a build that rarely depends on disengaged bestmode ( i.e. permanent beastmode on )
    Mount's offensive abilities makes Soulbeast to lose beastmode, and puts it in cooldown. If you can't add some form of Beasmode auto activation in options for PvE, consider to add trait or maybe brand new pve-only signet that will perma-lock beastmode in active state. It's really annoying to randomly reactivate it on dismount

    P.s. not every offensive or regular dismount makes you lose Beastmode :anguished:

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Can bloodstones incursions have a permanent icon on map + minimap when they are up? Pretty hard currently to figure in which map they are and where they are.

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  • @Jason Wolford.7841 @Joseph Clark II.3425 @Cal Cohen.3527 @Irenio CalmonHuang.2048 @Karl McLain.5604 @Robert Gee.9246 Here are a few suggestions I have, one in regard to Balance Patch releases and PvP, the other regarding audio and marketing team. Not sure if I am tagging the right devs, but please pass it along to the appropriate ones! Thanks :) !

    First- I have requested this quite a few times, and I'm not sure if has to do with the development process....but I'd like ArenaNet to sync Balance patches with the END of the PvP seasons. One of the most frustrating parts of PvP is to have the meta completely shift mid-season. This allows people who are much less talented to climb leaderboards playing classes that have become suddenly a bit overpowered due to the balance patch....for example CI mirage this past season. If balance patches for the entire game are synced with the END of a PvP season, this allows the entire off season for people to tweak with classes or for ArenaNet to make small fixes to classes that have become a bit too powerful.

    Second- I have always appreciated the ambiance of Guildwars2, audio always brings a great dynamic to the game. Your trailers have been absolutely phenomenal lately and really hyping up the game and players! However, I think the trailer music would be improved by integrating a style similar to the Halo 2 Soundtrack. It combined hardcore rock that would pump up and energize any player with orchestral music. I would LOVE to see GuildWars2 combine something of a similar fashion in a trailer or even something like a world boss fight.

    Thank you again for the consideration!

  • A custom arena gametype where players can design, share, and use arenas with a fair few free decorations for use with 5 or 6 map pallets to choose from, but guild influence to allow guild decorations be used also, and even custom arena match type options like prop hunt or juggernaught or something which team/vitality/toughness percentages and constant/reoccurring boons/buffs. (This would promote guilds, guild development, and use of scribe as a crafting profession.)

    Guild Auras to squads for more potent effects by guild development/guild members present (Probably at least 5 for maximum effect) within a squad. Guild specializations could become a means to keep other players up and afloat in mannerisms they otherwise weren't as fit for running through by a tiny margin and lessen the scenario pickiness of players by influencing a social leniency curve that makes guilds matter more in content also outside of WvW. I think it should have improved effect through upgrades and see something like a chosen Guild Aura effect that cannot be changed within 2 hours, so people don't rely on just 1 guild always to call shots. So to explain what I mean, you could have a squad here that has vitality +30, a squad there with Toughness +30, then a squad there less developed guild toughness +15, maybe a bigger squad with +20% magic find, and the aura would take effect by the rep'd guild of the commanding player. Maybe in guilds there could be a Commanding Guild Aura permission for player role, so someone newer doesn't try to host their own party without any proper experience or trust.

    An alternative Guild Aura idea I've had. On more event important/meta maps for guilds to make territory claims which can make holding out portions easy/more beneficial and just the push portions the more difficult aspect.

  • ALPHABETIZE lists of items!
    Mostly this should apply to currencies in your wallet and stat options when selecting or changing stats for your gear.
    Why on earth are these things not alphabetized??

  • Please move the award of chests to about 1" higher so when I'm in WvW I'm not consistently hitting the tiny "Mist War" chest tab icon when trying to open the chests! I bet I've hit that stupid icon about 10k times by now while trying to navigate fight and clear the reward pop-ups!

  • dmone.5631dmone.5631 Member ✭✭

    Add Transmogrify Silver and Platinum Doubloon to Jeweler profession. Why must these really be so hard to come by and not drop from pirates if it is their currency?

  • A nice gem store Quality of Life improvement would be having a lot more skins permanently available.
    Especially glasses and similar cheap accessories. Having to wait up to a year to buy an item worth 150 gems is super annoying :I
    That's an impulse buy "oh look, it might look good on my char, it's cheap so i'll just get it". But noooooooooo, it might be in the store in a few months. With a fat maybe on top >>

  • Revenants to get a rift portal skill as the class that is 20 % rift magic already.

  • Mount Adoption Licenses are a problem, but probably not the problem you think. Whenever they are in the store, I ignore them because it is too much of a bother to figure out whether I have skins from that mount skin set or not. I don't remember which set my mount skins came from, and I don't keep track of which set the mount skins I might want are from.
    If a gemstore sale doesn't display which mount skins in that set I don't have, then Anet has no chance of making a sale.

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