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  • Solvar.7953Solvar.7953 Member ✭✭✭

    While it would be nice to filter by locked/unlocked in the TP, sites like https://immortius.net.au/wardrobe-unlock-analyser will let you do some of that analysis. I used the analyse tab to see what cheap unlocks I did not have, since I wouldn't want to waste a guarantee wardrobe unlock for something that I could have bought for 5 silver.

  • Oogabooga.3812Oogabooga.3812 Member ✭✭✭

    I don’t know if this has been suggested already, but can we get a Repeat Recipe button for the Mystic Forge? I will occasionally upgrade materials and clicking 9 times for one recipe every single time is physically giving me carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Ferayon.5482Ferayon.5482 Member ✭✭

    Is there any option to add those bubbles and boosts pads on guild halls beetle races to make beetle race more fun? =)

  • Daddicus.6128Daddicus.6128 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Three things related to luck:

    First, give us more ways to get rid of luck once we're capped. Is there a reason there isn't a luck buyer during all the other festivals?

    Second, give us a way to turn in the 50 luck letters received when a character finishes the last tier 1 storyline mission.

    Third, give us some new recipes for 500 luck (2 for 5 exotic luck). Higher amounts would be appreciated as well, as long as number one above is changed as well.

  • Zaoda.1653Zaoda.1653 Member ✭✭✭
    edited April 5, 2020

    X Birthday Dye Packs - Can we please have a list of dyes, instead, that we haven't unlocked, so we don't choose a dye kit where we've already unlocked all the dyes in it? As it is right now, I have to keep going to the GW2wiki page and finding out which dyes are in each dye kit, when I get them from my character's birthday rewards, because I don't know if I've unlocked all the dyes in each pack (and I certainly don't want to trust those API key things). It's a huge waste of time trying to figure it all out. It would be easier to have a list of dyes that we haven't unlocked.

    While we're at it, include new dyes in old packs, because many people have already unlocked them all (especially the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year dye packs), and what happens when those dye packs from the birthday rewards are already unlocked? Those dye packs are useless. So unless we can mystic forge them or something, it just wastes space.

    Movement speed, and golems, in WvW. WvW desperately needs some sort of movement speed ability, both for golems, and for players. I think for, say, 100 points, you could run 25% faster as a player, out of combat. For golems, there should be a +5%, +10%, +15%, +20%, +25%, +33%, and +66% movement ability. Considering golems are already extremely slow, a 66% increase in speed with this final ability, I don't believe would be overpowered. It would encourage players to use golems more (there are countless times where golems are simply left behind, because players move faster, and therefore capture more things before the golems reach said place - discouraging players to get inside the golems, because they're slow AF), and those who have been playing WvW for a long time, would be able to use more ability points, and feel like using a golem is actually rewarding, rather than a hindrance, as it feels like it is now. Plain and simple, they're just too slow, and many players refuse to get inside golems and use them because the other players end up making more WvW XP by the time the golem gets to the destination the group wants to attack. There's no incentive to use golems. You actually make less WvW XP because of their slow speed.

  • I know most players in GW2 have multiple Alt accounts, would it be good if we can have a multiple account profile on the launcher with saved passwords for easier login rather than depending on some other 3rd party to launch the game. Please if this can be made, it would be greatly appreciated. <3

  • Hello,

    Thanks for getting feedback from the players. Here are some of my suggestions.

    Open-World Event indicators and their links to achievements

    • During my gameplay, I spend 1/3 of my time looking at my second screen to keep track of events, and to keep track of achievements in that region. This requires hundreds of ALT + TABS in-game. Right now, the most efficient way to do Open-World content is by looking at third-party apps outside the game. I suggest these:

    • Develop a better world-map. Enable the player to see more information on the world map. NPCs, Small Events, Meta Events, Previously discovered Jumping puzzles, Secrets. Enable the player to use a filtering system to allow them to customize what they see on their world-map. The lack of this system puts a huge memory load on all players while intimidating the new players. A perfect example of map filter design can be Black Desert Online.

    • The new icons for "there is an achievement here" is an excellent idea! This can be explored furthermore. You can give better feedback whenever we enter a situation of an achievement. It can be an animation or even with a slight change in music. Put the players into the mood that there is an achievement to be made at that point. The goal of game design here should be, "Can this player achieve this?". But instead, right now, achievements are in a state of "Did the player read 50 possible achievements in this zone, and then can they remember it?"

    • The current tracking system for achievements is insufficient. Let the players customize the in-game UI more. And, show only the related achievements to the player. For example, If I am doing meta events and casually completing my achievements in Dragonfall, I would like to see the progress bars of the achievements in Dragonfall to give me a sense of progress in what I am doing. But instead, I see a bunch of long-forgotten achievements which I have added to my watchlist. That is a completely wasted opportunity covering the 1/8th of my screen at the top right corner.

    Feedback mechanisms for the keypresses in-game.

    • This is existing in some ways in the game, such as being able to see player names on pressing shift. I suggest you develop this further. For example, within the tooltips of objects, we link them by pressing CTRL, Split stacks by pressing ALT. These actions can be highlighted upon key press. Imagine small link icons appearing at the corners of linkable tooltips when we hold the CTRL Key.

    LFG Menu

    • The LFG Menu have been getting outdated due to the amount of content released. Previously, a player had to browse through 3-4 sections and 7-8 subsections at maximum. Right now, this number is multiplied by 3. This causes the browsing of LFG very burdensome and causes some of the less popular sections not to be browsed at all. I suggest you have a new tooltip near each section's name. Before clicking to see the results, from the first layer, we can see how many total people are there in a section. So this enables the player to see if there is an activity in a zone beforehand. Before having to browse each one of them. One thing to ideate around can be to implement the LFG menu as an overlay to the world map. This can stimulate the players, giving a much more lively menu to choose where to go. It can also help players link regions and actions with their names easier, reducing their memory load.

    Overall, I think you are doing great with the QoL improvements in the game. I have purchased the world event and boss timers from the gem store. And I love the convenience they brought to my gameplay. The interaction of the items seems a little rushed (the chat boxes), though. I wish you could spend more resources on improving the overall UX flows of the game. But I understand that you also have to release a lot of content in very little time.

  • inubasiri.8745inubasiri.8745 Member ✭✭✭

    Suggestion: If you're gliding you can enable autorun to lean forward instead of having to press forward the whole time? It would stop if you run out of gliding bar and start leaning again once the bar is full again.

  • Pockethole.5031Pockethole.5031 Member ✭✭
    edited April 6, 2020

    When using Q, E for movement, it's slow. Please level the speed as high as W.
    When going forward with W and turning using A, D, the turning speed is slow at first and then radically speeds up (very annoying in LA lighthouse vista). Please level it to speed up speeds.
    When using space to go up in water, it goes more slowly than it would go with W, but you have to turn to face the surface. Please level it to maximum speed available with space key.
    If this clashes with your ideas of immersion, this can always be made entirely optional. Shouldn't be a huge problem.
    Just these small updates to movement would improve the game alot for me.

  • Simple Party UI for the entire Raid Squad

    Turning off the View as Grid option in the squad UI will display a UI similar to the Simple Party UI, which has the advantage of showing the effects currently on people (and just looks cleaner in my opinion) however the disadvange is that it only shows your subgroup.
    I think it would be nice to show, the entire squad while in raids, either by default or using an option, and maybe even separate the subgroups with a small horizontal line in between, that way you can both see all the healthbars of your raid squad and the effects currently on them.

  • nalovas.5961nalovas.5961 Member ✭✭

    Stacking sigils. I have 25 bloodlust on bow and want to switch to bloodlust pistol. It'll remove the stacks. Let us retain the stacks if we are simply switching weapons.

  • There are some skins that are mysteriously not in the wardrobe if you don't have them unlocked--the most noticeable being the absent Ascension. If the idea is that skins that you cannot obtain anymore (such as gem store skins) are not supposed to be in the wardrobe, then stuff like the etherbound gauntlets are there. The most confusing case is probably the etherbound set, as the gloves and backpack are there but the shoulder and gloves are. Could we just have it so all skins are there? It would be more convenient so that we don't have to go to the wiki to get the skin ids.

    Also, please make the mount menu better. I know there are addons, but I don't like using addons because I don't like putting my account at risk. The current menu is so awful and makes switching between them pretty miserable. There are addons like radial mount menu that are really efficient and nice. I get the vibe that the devs attitudes towards this is kind of like "download an addon if you don't like it," but I feel like a big game like this shouldn't be reliant on addons like that to fix simple bad ui.

  • Commander tags from HoT, and PoF masteries, available after the other mastery lines are done. Was thinking Commander in Thorns and Commander in Fire tag.

  • Frostfang.5109Frostfang.5109 Member ✭✭✭

    The ability NOT to see squad members names!!!!

  • Diva.4706Diva.4706 Member ✭✭

    It's 2020 and I still can't disable tool tips on the hotbar. Being an older player with hand pain, playing with the mouse and clicking abilities has always been the only way I can play games comfortably. Many games allow me to do this, but never GW2. That's all, let me disable those and I would be a very happy camper.

  • Avatar of Indra.6908Avatar of Indra.6908 Member ✭✭
    edited April 9, 2020

    1) No spawn zone within a certain radius around meta event chest(s) for summonable objects and NPCs such as banker, merchant and Trading Post NPCs, and objects that include, but not limited to, bobble head lab, box of fun and of course the infamous aviator box.

    2) Additional mystic coins as an option from the Chest of Loyalty

    3) Ascended enhancement buffs (oils as some call it) in addition to the ascended foods that already exist in-game.

    Edit 1:
    4) Ability to hide just the personal story/living story part of the objectives HUD.

    Edit 2:
    5) Allow Gifts of Battle to be stored in the collections tab of the bank. Plenty of other legendary items already there including those specific to just one legendary, might as well add one of the universal ones too.

  • nalovas.5961nalovas.5961 Member ✭✭

    Community boon bonfire: If owner does not choose boon it will random pick after a min.

  • nalovas.5961nalovas.5961 Member ✭✭

    Please make it so when I disable story it will stop popping back up. My screen is CLUTTERED.

  • nalovas.5961nalovas.5961 Member ✭✭

    Auto condense achievements list. Screen is too cluttered.

  • Dondarrion.2748Dondarrion.2748 Member ✭✭✭

    Seeing as light,medium,heavy professions can be tied directly to the defense values of the armor, why not just do that and add those defenses fixed to the profession whenever wearing armor, and then open up all armor types to all classes so there's no "weight" restrictions anymore, only the cultural ones. Voila, whole new fashion wars game where you can mix and match all kinds of armor?

    Neutral looking chars anyway in pvp/wvw where people would need to determine anyway if they ever do that based on looks ;)

    Oni Glaive (Grd), Bondsmith Yharnam (Eng), Mistress Glaive (War), Hasla the Huntress (Rng)
    Shadow of Gahaz (Mes), Seaguard Hala (Mes) + The Wintertalon warband
    Northerner @ Dragon Season (DS)
    Seafarer's Rest (SFR) since launch!

  • Soul.1378Soul.1378 Member ✭✭
    edited April 10, 2020

    It would be nice to have a Dungeon-centric themed Lounge Pass where you're able to either

    1) Have a portal to the map where the dungeon is located, or

    2) Prompt you to enter a dungeon when you're party is already inside the dungeon, while still in the lounge,

    Along with all the other goodies like crafting/banks/trading post/etc.

    I don't want to double post on the gemstore request thread, so if this post belongs there, feel free to move it there.

  • Hi why did elementalist revive speed go to 1%?? Tempest is commonly used as a support/healer, kindly return to like anything higher than 1% plsss <3

  • Velho.7123Velho.7123 Member ✭✭

    Skyscale's Engage Skill QoL Change:

    In line with the mount engage skill activation, could the Skyscale's Blast engage skill, instead of dropping a fire field in front of you with no aiming method whatsoever, drop the fire field on your landing spot so that it's easier to aim it, and is inline with other engage skills that have an effect on your landing spots?

    Examples being the Raptor's Tail Spin, Springer's Cannonball, Jackal's Pounce, Warclaw's Battle Maul and Griffon's Swoop.

    This change would really make the engage skill more intuitive and easier to use, with a reliable way to aim the fire field, be it for damage or planned combo interactions.

    Thank you for your time! =)

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Add mounts skins in account wardrobe (Bank); allow to preview dyes while previewing mount skin. I can't decide if I want a mount skin if I can't test dyes on it in the preview windows. Thanks.

    Shiny links, take a look!
    ->Ideas: Housing , Designing a new lounge , New GameMode
    ->Project: ASURAN EXPANSION available on WIKI.
    ->NEW: Crucible of Eternity path 4: Legacy on WIKI

  • Dondarrion.2748Dondarrion.2748 Member ✭✭✭
    edited April 11, 2020
    • Remove the prompt when you interact with guild buff banners. You know the "with compliments of..." which never states the name of the granting guild anyhow and only serves as noise when you get the usual situations where an array of 3-4 boost banners have been put down.

    Just tedious having to click 'escape' or 'OK' to close the prompt. The buff was granted even before you interacted with the flag, so it really serves no purpose, and it should be updated to be as "silent" as the Road Marker and Spirit Banner banners that already don't show this prompt.

    Oni Glaive (Grd), Bondsmith Yharnam (Eng), Mistress Glaive (War), Hasla the Huntress (Rng)
    Shadow of Gahaz (Mes), Seaguard Hala (Mes) + The Wintertalon warband
    Northerner @ Dragon Season (DS)
    Seafarer's Rest (SFR) since launch!

  • @Bippo.4290 said:

    LFG Menu

    • The LFG Menu have been getting outdated due to the amount of content released. Previously, a player had to browse through 3-4 sections and 7-8 subsections at maximum. Right now, this number is multiplied by 3. This causes the browsing of LFG very burdensome and causes some of the less popular sections not to be browsed at all. I suggest you have a new tooltip near each section's name. Before clicking to see the results, from the first layer, we can see how many total people are there in a section. So this enables the player to see if there is an activity in a zone beforehand. Before having to browse each one of them. One thing to ideate around can be to implement the LFG menu as an overlay to the world map. This can stimulate the players, giving a much more lively menu to choose where to go. It can also help players link regions and actions with their names easier, reducing their memory load.

    Very much agree with Bippo's suggestions. I'd like to expand on the LFG section. Being able to team up with other players EASILY for storymode quests would be huge for me. It's so much more enjoyable to play with others but getting participation for storymode quests and then running along the storyline together is a challenge atm.

    Ideally I'd like to see some match making features; for example, set my status more granularly to include gameplay types I'm available for and the game then notifies me on matches (e.g. players who are online and at the same stage in storymode and have also set themselves to available). This wouldn't have to be limited to the currently active quests but anything that's open on the current character. I usually don't care much what part of the storyline I progress in, I just want to have some fun (play with other players) and progress.

  • Blueberry.8095Blueberry.8095 Member ✭✭✭
    edited April 16, 2020

    1. Improvement for invisible mode: make it truly invisble & live up to it's name. As of current, other people can tell that I'm still online by mouse-hovering over my name and they would be able to see that I'm actively in-game by reading the location next to my account name, when I'm still invisible. Also while invisible, I should be able to receive pm from my friends IF I pm them first until the chat is inactive for at least 5 mins; if I didn't, no one should be able to pm me to check if I'm online or not.

    2. Icebrood Saga currency: they should be able to let consumed. Not sure if I like the idea of exchange it at the npc WITH the karma. I prefer it to just consumed for direct currency, or increase the chillies/ice shards quatity required for the exchange. Currently having to cost the chilli/ice shard PLUS the karma leads players to having more shards than they can convert when they need to save up karma for something else (I know some people may have been sitting on a lot of karma, but not everyone is rich on karma). I personally have thousands for shards sitting in my alt thinking if I should just delete them instead.

    3. Crafting: it's very meaningless to set crafting to character bound, account bound would be more convenient.

    4. Secret garden reset timer: all secret garden should just reset at the same time (daily reset time). For example if I harvest all the seleted secret gardens at the same time the previous day, if I think I won't be available around the same time and decided to do the harvest early, some gardens are ready to be harvest but some are not.

    5. Materials/items that ideally goes into the material storage/wallet: the four flowers (Shing Jea/Ac royal irises/Koda's blossom/Spiderwort blossom - storage), keys of greater nightmare (wallet), piles of silk sand (storage), circus voucher (wallet), aetherkey piece (remove the need to combine but instead just load the key into the wallet), philosophy stone (storage), mystic force stone (storage), intact mosaic (storage), 3x assult knight power cores (storage), exquisite serpentite jewel (storage), ornate rusted key (wallet).

    6. Universal tomes for VIP lounges/LW tomes/misc. teleport devices: I'm sure many people would agree to this one. It was fine long time ago but the amount of tomes/boss portal devices/etc.. has been increased by quite a few ever since, it's getting very cluttered and some were abandoned in the bank and long forgetten. The convenient item has became an inconveniet dust collector.

    7. Consummables (plank/metal rod/rock/etc...): currently it's very inconvenient to bring up the inventory in the fractal -> minimised it & drag to the top right hand corner -> scroll down past the long list of shared inventory slots -> double click to use. Ideally it should have a separate "skill bar" that you can load charges into, and display on the character's screen if it's on the mode that allows consummables. Better yet the consumables are account wide, such that all the other charcters can share the same consusmable without having to waste the remaining charges should I decide to no longer using that character for fractal.

    8. Option to preview outfit with the weapon/backpack: currently in the hero's wardrobe, I can only preview the skins of the gear I'm wearing, I have to use my imagination to transmute the weapon or backpack to match with the outfit which can't be seen unless I waste a transmute charge to finialise it, go to the outfit panel, then waste another transmute charge again if I don't like the look.

    9. Home portal scroll need more options: should be able to teleport to any racial town instead of just 1.

    Edit: added a few items below.

    10. Prevent login to a closing map: it's been so often that as soon as I login to a map or VIP lounge, the instance is immediately asking me to switch map, it's really annoying.

    11. Inventory encumbured: please do not open more boxes when the inventory is full, because I can't salvage what's in my inventory first before taking what's idling in the warning pop-up box, it's few extra steps that I have to move an item to the bank -> take the extra item -> then move it back into the bank, the other optionn is selling an item straight to TP that is also an extra step.

    12. Selling limit to TP needs to be increased: I like to open all my unidentified boxes at once, and I'd salvage all the blues & greens but will sell the rare 1 by 1, but everytime when I do this, a warning message of selling to quickly will pop and I have to pause for a few minutes 1/3 of the selling evey single time.... please increaase the selling limit.

  • Not sure this has been mentioned (because I'm not hunting through 43 pages to find out for sure, lol), but it'd be fantastic if we'd be able to name personal bank tabs. We can name guild bank tabs or templates, so I feel as if personal bank tab naming isn't a huge stretch for the imagination.

    • Option for autodeposit materials
    • More Giants to kill
    • New Reward tap in Achievements ( kill xxx meta ang gain super rare drop)
    • Place where we can go to any activity (waiting xxx weeks for your activity is not good. Can play only on end of week)
    • Underwater mounts ( we can use same hotkey like ground/flaying mounts)
    • Legendary Dragon Mount ( dragon type) Finish legendary collection to get legendary dragon mount (first skin Aurene before Ascended)
      Every next skin we must craft (mystic forge) Gift of Dragon, Mystic Tribute , Gift of Maguma master /Desert and X Saddle (x = name of dragon skin)
      Tequatl, Risen Tequatl, Mordremorth, Zhaitan, primordus, karkahronik, Jormag, Glint,Shaterer, Death Shaterer, Claw of Jormag, Celestial dragon,
      ascended aurene, vlast and more.
      Dragon mount can fly like griffon and like skyscale (no falling down & We can chossee mode by using (f1)
      We can attack from Dragon by using Dragon Attacks 2,9,0

    • extract possible armor skins from outfits and per Festival (3-6 outfits per one Festival )

    • Map will closed 10-25 min after meta/ final worldboss or per 3h
    • New Item for Reset level/race/story and class ( cost 250 spirit shards, 250k karma, 250 exotic luck and 80 Tome of Knowledge) No change for Character name & Brtithday & progres map and your inventory
    • Fighting tonics + mounts
    • Option to Hide droped items from Right side (This endless strap that causes lag when we salvage fast xxx items/open bags etc)
    • Option to change mouse cursor ( color, size, skins) colors, size and skins can be acquired in the game.
    • Repeatable achievements in WvW tab for few Memory of Battle . Capture/Defense 15 camps, 10 towers, 5 Keeps,
    • Add hidden Barrier Above towers gate (to prevent enemies from jumping over the gate avoiding its destruction)

    Long long time ago Chronomancer was great support class. People had to stand still to receive boons. Now This classs is 4-8 times nerfed and other classes do not require standing still to receive boons ( GUARDIAN etc) The same applies to the healing class. If we have to wait in one place to receive Boon/Heal/bonus damage. Boon/s ,heal, bonus damage should be larger than the class that does not require standing in one place.

    If a class attacks at 5 enemy (aoe) It should subtract less from the class that attacks at less tragets
    If a class attack cast long then it should more damage.
    If the class used the Immortality skill then they should not be able to use Skills during this time

  • Frostfang.5109Frostfang.5109 Member ✭✭✭

    A checkbox to make other ppl's mounts look like default skins. I cant stand that raptor!!!

  • I don't know if this is an original idea, but a coloured commander tag icon in front of comm's names in chat would be helpful to quickly identify who's saying what, especially in WvW or events like het HoT meta's. I feel the opposite about the 'Mentor' feature, I think it's pointless to see it in chat.

  • lodjur.1284lodjur.1284 Member ✭✭✭

    Revert April 14th inventory changes, massive reduction of QoL.

    Ögonen omges av vita och svarta penseldrag som gör att de ser större ut än vad de egentligen är. Baksidan av lodjurets öron kantas av svart päls som slutar i den karaktäristiska tofsen högst upp på örat. Lodjurets svans är kortare än de flesta andra kattdjurs.

    • Have everything be voice-acted, it keeps me engaged and is why I never got into WoW.
    • Make side-quests more interesting. They feel very bland and are just there to get you exp.
    • Extend the main story and tie it together better. Everytime I was getting into the main story, I was pulled out cause I had to be level so-and-so to progress and after reaching that level and continuing, I either completely forgot about what was happening or felt that what happened before and whats happening now felt like their was a gap in-between that I was missing.
    • What I said before on this thread, basically, include romance options.
  • Aeon.4583Aeon.4583 Member ✭✭✭
    edited April 16, 2020

    Add numeric measurement in Makeover Kits in addition to scroll ( height, face elements, etc )
    Add race-specific NPC examples n Total Makeover kits to choose proper character height, NPC's measurement will be used to compare your character to others ( i think Kasmeer is still unit of measurement :D )

  • There really needs to be a way to reset adventures part-way through, unless it's already there and it's not obvious. Griffon races can be restarted by touching the ground, but others... well, I guess I can always just log out to restart. I mean jesus, I can't even talk to the starting NPC/location to restart! Any sort of timed or trial-and-error-prone process really ought to have this function.

    To be very blunt, this sort of obvious oversight is kind of a trademark of GW2's often spread-too-thin, half-hearted game design. I'd rather time be spent refining the core elements of the game rather than making these clunky adventures that mostly go ignored aside from achievement or reward purposes.

    Do I need to mention that many of the griffon time trial races often have the checkpoint gates visually blocking obstacles, making it more a process of trial and error, rather than the kind of skill you'd expect for a race?

  • JerryMain.4371JerryMain.4371 Member ✭✭
    edited April 16, 2020

    @tanpopo.9102 said:
    There really needs to be a way to reset adventures part-way through, unless it's already there and it's not obvious. Griffon races can be restarted by touching the ground, but others... well, I guess I can always just log out to restart. I mean jesus, I can't even talk to the starting NPC/location to restart! Any sort of timed or trial-and-error-prone process really ought to have this function.

    Top right of your screen where the activity progress is, there should be a close button (you know the standard square with an X in it) which closes the adventure and should allow you to reset.

  • Remove the low capacity guild map instances

    It's really annoying when you go with 6+ people to a guild hall and the first 5 have to change maps because a bigger instance has opened and the current one is closing.

    Slumbering variants of the other legendary trinkets

    Just like Conflux and Transendence I think it would be nice to have a slumbering version of Vision, Aurora and Coalescence too.

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Upgrade SAB player limit to 10. Even if 5 would be not required for checkpoints. It's better to guide 9 players in one run than doing 2 runs of 5 players. Especially if you are guiding several players for their first playthrough.

    Shiny links, take a look!
    ->Ideas: Housing , Designing a new lounge , New GameMode
    ->Project: ASURAN EXPANSION available on WIKI.
    ->NEW: Crucible of Eternity path 4: Legacy on WIKI

  • SoulGuardian.6203SoulGuardian.6203 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Please make more ways to get huge amounts of XP.
    It's only in order to get characters to level up a little faster.
    If the level 40 key is what's stopping you from doing it, then please remove the BLC key.
    I don't care about the key, just want to level up to 80 faster.
    I'm on 24 characters and just started 4 characters from fresh.
    Please consider guys.
    Place the level 10 and 40 keys on 80, or remove them completely.
    I know it's to stop key farming exploit, so as I said, I don't care for the keys.
    Just want to level up really quick, so I can access the vast amount of the other stuff that's otherwise impeded... under lvl 80.

    Thanks so much.

  • DemonSeed.3528DemonSeed.3528 Member ✭✭✭✭
    • Game message-> Miscellaneous message when you have toggled autotarget or snap to ground via hotkey binding.
    • An option to put an overlay on weapon skills/slot skills with their respective cd's over the icon to help players get easier acquainted with their profession cds, instead of having it show the cd countdown only after using it. So for example on ranger shortbow, on poison volley it will show 8 on the icon, quick shot will show 8 on the icon, etc. Then when they are used it will show skill recharge. I believe this will help people learn their weapon and skills easier.
  • Witch of Doom.5739Witch of Doom.5739 Member ✭✭✭✭

    PLEASE let us "dismiss" achievements that are almost completed. Not delete the actual achievement, just its listing in the main Achievements window. The top one on my list is, as far as I know, something I won't be able to complete for months & months because of an event, and I'd rather see "do-able" ones. Thank you.

  • The must have QOL improvements we need in my opinion :

    _ More waypoints in Season 2 of the Living world and HoT
    _ Mystic Forge : add a window which would remember all the things we already crafted and an option to select the number of those we want to craft.
    _ Achievements window : make it open on the last one we watched instead of always opening on the main page.
    _ A dedicated Event and Adventures window where we can see clearly all the events we've completed and all those we never did, including the best score we reached for the Adventures .
    _ Ability to skip all cutscenes and dialogues from Season 2 of the Living World, HoT etc because it's really annoying to lose time and be obliged to watch and listen to all of it over and over again when playing it again to complete achievements
    _ When using salvage items, give the option to recycle all items of the same color / quality at once or to select multiple items we want to salvage instead of needing to manually click on each item one by one.
    _ Add a real combat / damage log where we can see exactly what killed us, how much damage we received from which skill / condition etc.

    And, finally, change the game and classes description to inform all players that there is no ranged class and all professions end up being melee fighters because whatever.

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    • I have a quality of life suggestion: fix WvW skill lag and high ping in large groups by significantly improving your server quality.

    • How? Spend more budget on server quality and you will actually MAKE more money in the long run- as you will retain your many WvW players, who, becoming happier than ever before, will begin to play and spend more.

    • How #2 - I and many WvW players would pay you to have these servers. Try a poll if you don't believe this. I suggest an annual donation/pay as you like drive to be able to support these server. Or if you must- try this poll for WvW players: Option 1: 1$ a year fee for significantly, improved servers. Option 2: servers remain as they are for free. I suspect overwhelmingly people would pay the 1$.

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    Option to hide commander tag in when leader of squad in PVE. I understand the need to have it showing in WvW but should not always be required in PVE.

    Edit: To add some context, this option could just be available if you are in the squad alone. For a scenario of why this is desirable, when linking waypoints/items etc. from the wiki I do not want to be spamming public chat with this and therefore will create a squad. It is also not ideal to have the commander tag always showing when trying to do trivial things.

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    Please reduce the intensity of the bright flashing light that appears every time the player leaves ranger’s Soulbeast mode (like every time the player mounts). I’m thinking about returning to the game, but bright effects like this hurt my eyes and really discourage me from wanting to return.

    Seriously, this isn’t even a long or difficult change... For how many years do players have to ask for the reduction of such unhealthy and bright flashing effects before Anet takes meaningful action? Same applies to just about every Holosmith skill that causes bright flashing effects.


  • WvW, PVP, Open World, and Dungeons/Fractals Display Option Templates.

    So I'm fortunate enough to have a 2080ti, and even that thing can't keep up in WvW running max settings on 3440x1440 in zerg scenarios. I'd love to be able to tune my settings better for each game type to keep as much as I can while remaining playable, but instead I find myself going full potato for WvW, and "ALL THE THINGS!!!" for pve. I'd especially like for the graphics settings to change automatically with my spec and gear upon entering the different parts of the world.

  • casualkenny.9817casualkenny.9817 Member ✭✭✭

    not a suggestion, but thanks for the 2 qol changes that you heard and put in place, that i noticed

    1) spirit shards given even tho mastery track isnt completed due to lack of mp
    2) showing more than 1 map currency in maps now

  • Trollocks.5084Trollocks.5084 Member ✭✭✭

    It'd be great if we could get some Mystic Forge recipes for gathering tools. Like the Mystic Salvage kits.

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    I know that there is amazing qol suggestions but the only thing i want for now is:
    A favorite list in the craft section

    so instead of using the keyboard i only open the favorite list and crafting ;)