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Alehound Captains hiding spot?

In every encounter with this champion they run behind a convenient set of crates making it difficult to actually get a shot on them without almost being in close combat range. And due to it's mechanics the area to attack become quickly unusable. So far only a Scourge with high healing and minions is the only professions that can stand in there to finish the fight. Every other profession is incapable of sustaining attack and cc to keep the champion from attacking. Can we have the crates removed since this environmental object is making the captain unnecessarily difficult.


  • I've never personally fought him so I can't say if the crates are a problem or not. All I can offer is possibly bringing some hard CC and a couple of dedicated support people. A thief with Basilisk Venom and the Deadeye's powerful knockdown combined with venomshare usually does a good chunk of a defiance bar for most champions upscaled or not. I recommend, personally, to bring a chronomancer or a druid. I find they make all fights fairly easy if done correctly.

  • He's killable with a group of people. As a scourge though I can usually do it with one other person to keep up the cc. The problem with the hiding spot is the hitbox. It obstructs attacks unless you're literally on the edge of the platform and in a few poison cycles they can wiped out, especially if the person assisting doesn't keep their side clean. With minions I just let them use the poison I accumulate to keep the champs healing down.

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