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[Suggestion] Minor race limited story characters

I was playing around with some endless tonics and came up with an idea. Secondary fixed character slots that get issued with current events or LW episodes. They would be fixed (quaggan, skitt, etc) characters who's appearance couldn't be changed that would be designed to do minor storylines. They couldn't farm in the current sense and wouldn't have any skill panel. Combat abilities would be limited to that minor race. NPC interactions would be limited to just what they need to interact with for the story. The stories could be on-going either as a behind the scenes support to the main storylines and unrelated side stories. Things like running supplies through multiple maps to forward combat positions. They would get jobs done without being the glory hogs that the mainstream characters are.


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    I like the idea of side stories where you play as someone other than The Commander, but I think it would be better to do it by changing our existing characters - like the Season 2 episodes where you're disguised as Caithe - rather than building a new type of character slot and a special type of character for something I suspect only a minority of players would do regularly. Less work for Anet and easier for players to hop in and out of it as they feel like.

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    While a great suggestion on the flavor and story side of things, I think most ppl would "do it for the rewards then be done with it", given there are rewards worth going after, or they simply wouldn't bother just for the story and the flavor at all and complain on the interwebs that there are no rewards. Lots of work would go into such a system and I doubt most ppl would get out of it what you think you would get out of it. Personnally I wouldn't mind such a feature but I would definitely be on the "do it for completionism reason then never look back" side of this.

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    Why not just add story misions where you get a tonic effect on you

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