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Ascender and Carpet prevents mounting.

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I can mount while using the broom but the electromagnetic ascender and magic carpet prevents mounting. I wish there was smoother transition from gliding to travel toy; especially when the glider/travel toy match.

I'm going to add a feature request to this post also. Travel toys would be more useful if they allowed characters to travel over water if started while on land. It wouldn't replace the faster moving skimmer but would make smooth movement across small stretches of water.


  • Shikigami.4013Shikigami.4013 Member ✭✭✭

    It would be nice if people who have the other movement tools would add info as to if mounting while using those is possible or not.

    In case the movement items will stay as they are, I would not want to buy one that does not let me mount while it is active.

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