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Crashes During Instances

Not sure if I am the only one experiencing this, but I have been getting a lot of crashes during story mode instances. It's annoying too, since I have to start all over after the crash. Anyone else having this same issue?

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  • Yes, this has happened to my wife and I repeatedly. Couldn't agree more with respect to how annoying it is.

  • I'm constantly getting this too. It's making the game near unplayable for me.

  • I am getting this all the time. I have completed a very difficult instance (The Departing) twice and it crashed at the very end. I told support that I am NOT fighting Balthazar again and to move my character back to the end of the instance where she belongs. Even if it took you back to a save point, it would be better than playing it all over again. This instance took me over an hour to complete both times. This is the most annoying thing about this game.

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