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PVP queue not working

i've encountered a problem not allowing me to queue for both ranked and unranked pvp's.

The queue buttons are not responding to my clicks at all.

Hoping this gets solved asap!



  • JustTrogdor.7892JustTrogdor.7892 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2, 2018

    Is there a chance you did something to earn dishonor? That will prevent you from joining PvP matches in both unranked and ranked until it expires.


  • Are you a high enough Rank? I'm not really familiar with sPvP, but I think I've read some posts about needing a certain Rank to que.

  • JustTrogdor.7892JustTrogdor.7892 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2, 2018

    @Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:
    Are you a high enough Rank? I'm not really familiar with sPvP, but I think I've read some posts about needing a certain Rank to que.

    There is no rank requirement to enter unranked which he OP stated they can't enter as well. Playing unranked (or custom arenas for less points) is how new PvP players earn enough rank points to enter ranked matches. A player does have to be rank 20 to enter ranked matches.

  • Gotcha, thanks. As stated, I know little about sPvP.

  • I've got a not that low of a pvp rank, i played ranked previously and i definetely never had dishonour. More to add, the issue is kicking dust up for more than 24 hours for now which pretty much exceeds any possible dishonour penalty time afaik.

    This should be a tech issue...

  • Exactly same issue, tho duo-queue solutions do not work.

  • Still not a single sign of solution...

  • Aaralyna.3104Aaralyna.3104 Member ✭✭✭

    I guess its best to make a ticket at support (even if it can take a week or 2). I am not sure Anet is checking every single post in forums and it is very possible it needs to be fixed account wise (which they can only do via support I guess). I see no other players reporting this so it may be a single case.

  • Hashtag Me2
    Not dishonoured, and on a second account I can queue just fine (so its not an installation issue)
    May not sound like much of an issue but it is game breaking for me as unranked casual matches is where I mainly play this game.

  • Pvp que still not working for me day 2

  • Still the same. Season is ruined for me.

  • @rudolfdvm.8327 said:
    Still the same. Season is ruined for me.

    You problem solved now? Have same issue

  • Hi my player is bugged in match making from several minutes, and i can't solve the problem just rerolling caracter or logging out. Can somebody pls unblock me? My Characters name is Juzo Suzuy... ty

  • Hey. 01/10 already
    Bug with pvp que buttons started at 27/09
    4 days. Still no any response from support

    Love it :))))))))))) Great Job

  • Bugs here as well, got a DC while in the queue and 2 DC's while in matches and ended up with dishonour even though it wasn't my fault as my broadband is fine.

  • Karrier.9604Karrier.9604 Member ✭✭

    same, "queue buttons are not responding to my clicks at all"

    its happening for a lot of people at the moment

  • Ashimmu.4219Ashimmu.4219 Member ✭✭

    I stuck at PVP lobby forever - cannot exit 'cause this button is grayed out nor enter the match - a fix won't hurt.

  • Makarow.3028Makarow.3028 Member ✭✭

    Same, also I got stuck in 'endless queue for ready to go match' and cannot exit/enter. Wrote ticket, let's see.

  • i got that bug now... i have been playing this season everyday but now i got this bug , based on this thread ANET dont care about players who got bugs like this i guess, hopefuly this bug goes away

  • Today after a match i was affected by this bug. First hour many people was affected, but now seems that i am the only in the lobby with the problem.

  • Shiro.2158Shiro.2158 Member ✭✭

    So, I've had this problem a few times, usually the fastest solution is to go to a private arena under the "game browser" tab and join a daily arena then just do a match then leave. That should fix it right away if not just do another and relog your game.

  • Stuck in pvp lobby as well with the pvp map choice in my face. Any fix would be appreciated ty :) Can't finish my Skyscale like this. Only joined for 1 game. My luck!

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