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Can WvW server be made not pay to win.



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    @XenesisII.1540 said:

    @Orakus.1863 said:
    As you like wow brackets for their fairness to vanilla (core game owners) , whoever got WOTLK and a DK destroyed brackets who did not have the xpack, same with monk when it came out, so WOW is P2W as well...

    Deathknights start at 55, they were only in the 55-70 brackets, 71-80 were expansion players only, the expansion players eventually don't play with the old ones, which I originally stated. They also were heavily restricted to already having a level 55 on the server, plus only 1 dk was allowed to be created on your account per server, eventually the restrictions were lifted. Monks started from level 1 but again eventually they go into the expansion levels too, away from those that do not pick up the expansion, most new races or classes to a game need to level up even in gw2 so that can't really be avoided.

    That's not an excuse for making them overpowered though, and blizzard does the same mistake as anet and makes their brand new classes op for like the first 6-12 months, I mean they want to sell expansions too so not surprising if they're over tuned for the first period. But here's the the thing, they've only brought out 2 new classes in 14 years and they tend to constantly rebalance skills on classes, like today dk's are one of the top tanks but middle of the pack with the 2 dps specs, same with monks, every class gets their period in the sun. Gw2 has had 1 new class and 18 elite specs over a period of 3 years of it's 6 years, and refuse to do proper balance when each and every one of those are in the same pool for spvp and wvw.

    If gw2 had "brackets" in that elite specs had their own separate pool of players this wouldn't be a problem, but there isn't enough players for them to do this and not have humongous queue times. These elite specs were originally intended to be different ways to play the class while still having similar power levels to their other specs which includes core, but they've turned it into play the recent ones or have a hard time.

    Your statement just assumes that they did not play on lower brackets where they could and some people just did. DK on 51-60 brackets had a friend that did that, monks did the same, people that preferred staying on lower brackets to ruin the game for others because they were op. Btw you can block your leveling in wow so you do not just eventually go on a higher bracket if you want to stay on an op level for your xpack class.

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    Yes I know. But leveling has to happen, so they will play with those players in the lower levels, but my point once again is, they eventually move out of those previous expansion levels, and you have to deal with them a lot less after the initial leveling rush. You don't have that choice in gw2 for pvp as you are always in the same pool of players.

    There's actually very few that bother to stop their progress, the most popular bracket for stopping use to be 20-30 because of certain items you could get to make yourself overpowered but there's scaling, I use to do this on an alt character when I was really bored. The majority of players move out of those brackets into end game levels anyways because that's where the chunk of new content is for every expansion.

    In any case the expansions are cheap now for gw2, wow gives away their expansions when the next one comes out.
    So pick up the expansions even on sale, no reason to be on core specs for gw2 at this point.

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  • @Orakus.1863 said:
    I'm a bit confused with some of the people that say this is pay to win, yet on their comments they keep saying that they kill other HoT/PoF players, or as you can see below you die once an hour etc... Its seems to me that your base class is still viable based on your comments, so by definition not pay to win with POF +HOT.

    @Skeletor.9360 said:
    So you might get the feeling that I'm frustrated and dying a bunch. Well its true. But what is a bunch for me? Once an hour. Used to be once 4 hours. Why am I dying more now. Well I used to be able to compete against a good player and win most of the time. If I couldn't win I'd at least survive. Now however a ranger has 3 invisibility skills. How many does my base one have? One. Do I hit harder because of less skills? Nope. Do I have more heals? Nope he does? What about movement skills. Again he has way better ones.

    Well thats just rangers...NOPE...

    thief..same have 2
    mesmer...same have 2
    warriar...same have 1
    Guardian...same have 1
    engineer...same have 2
    elementalist have 1

    So you see I'm not some noob that is getting owned and crying. There are REAL problems. Don't believe me or disagree? Roll a base class and post your unedited 4 hours session. It will be a target fest most likely or a structure hugging event.

    Are there balance issues that moved your death timer from 4 to 1 ? Sure and ANET really needs to work there, I for one do not like to be OS by someone I can not see until I'm down ( deadeye in WvW ). But tell me which perfect game does not have balance issues please I'll go play that.

    As I red WOW a bunch of times on posts, and level brackets that some people like and you can be competitive with base game still etc. In pandaria MoP you could own level 10 to 70 brackets with a monk and guess what you needed the expansion to play that class , oh and on top of that you needed the expansions coming before mist of pandaria. Same wotlk and brackets from 51+ to max with death knight etc. IMHO GW2 model is as fair as you can get on the industry and far from P2W.

    This said I think that the problematic is not the P2W aspect but your idea for core only WvW. Which I believe is a good one and I hope they implement something like this, or better yet give us the freedom to do that on our own with alliances maybe? For example three alliances (only core members) can choose to fight each other.
    I hope they do this for sure but I will also say that as someone who bought core+HOT+POF, they do not put this on a priority before any new content we can have in game that would bring novelty and not a time travel on the early days. I think most of the players in WvW have the expansions (at least on my server) and most of them do not really care for core WvW maps but something really new for WvW that will revitalize the scene and bring a breath of fresh air to it.

    At the end of the day I think it will be a business decision, put resources on customers not happy with our last content and try to get them back without Anet earning anything out of their daily work on it. Or keep the people that like PoF , maybe a Cantha Xpack (yes still dreaming for a Kurzick armor in GW2) or any new content on a faster schedule if possible happy. If I was Anet, I would not put any effort in core WvW only and certainly not put any good valuable programmers on it, but who knows maybe they will...

    I beat these people because they suck. When I run into an equal skilled player I am toast because I can't compete with the far better skills POF has. FOR EXAMPLE...thief...One huge backstab followed by 8 attacks that go off instantly... I die before I see him. No skill required.

  • and yes I Picked the most broken one....But really they all are broken.

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    @Skeletor.9360 said:

    Again. In WoW you pay subs to play, stop ignoring this fact. It is 3rd time i bring up this argument and all you just prefer not to note. You pay-you play. So is it P2W?

    I ignore it because it is not relevant. If you can't figure it out you are not smart enough to talk to.

    I am smart enough to afford $30 per 2 years.

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  • @Skeletor.9360 said:
    I actually paid for the original game. Its free now... But if I were to have not bought the game and supported the company back then and bought it now...I'd have the expansion.

    LMAO this is so cringe

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    @Harubpunbaru.3260 said:

    @Skeletor.9360 said:
    I actually paid for the original game. Its free now... But if I were to have not bought the game and supported the company back then and bought it now...I'd have the expansion.

    LMAO this is so cringe

    But it is true. Buying any expansion now, gives you the base game.

    Thank You for the {MEME}

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    @Sovereign.1093 said:
    i wonder if there way to buy expansions thru gems.

    I begged them to allow us to gift others the expansions.

    I was slammed to the ground.

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