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Elite Specs for Underperforming utility trees.

How would you all feel if some of the elite specs didnt receive brand spanking new ultilities and elites. But had their new Espec work around exisiting skill trees.

A lot of what we have on some classes are considered "Dead abilities", some never to see the light of day in years. What of instead of getting more double duty over the top powercreeped utilities, we instead just got those reworked and buffed. Nothing that is already considered good, but those that are just completely underperforming. Class mechanic would also be focused on that skill tree.

Feel as though this wont overwhelm the team with balancing to many abilities as much and could produce easier planned elite specs for a more finalized design come release.

Elite Specs for Underperforming utility trees. 15 votes

Nay! New abilities!
Poikjm.6520sokeenoppa.5384 2 votes
Nay! Id prefer they just rework the abilities for core performance.
maddoctor.2738PurebladeProductions.4875Lahmia.2193Pterikdactyl.7630Dadnir.5038Coolguy.8702DragonSlayer.1087Rhyse.8179aceofbass.2163Rexts.8037Bashi.8902Orijah.3750Iustitian.9176 13 votes
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