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"Recitation of the litany of deeds" collection, bug with items received.

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"Recitation of the litany of deeds" is an achievement from rare collections where you have to help different NPC's completing events to get specific items which are tradable with other npc's.
Example: helping some ogres in tomb of primeval kings awards you with Tale of loyalty and then you trade it with Priory Historian Elisa to obtain Blessing of loyalty which says in the item description double-click to gain a reward but that's the problem, nothing happens when you double click on the item and it happens with all the items you get from Priory Historian Elisa related to "recitation of the litany of deeds" quest.
Such items are "trophys" with no gold value and non-tradeable with regular merchants but i repeat, you get nothing when you double click even when it says that ull get a reward for doing it.

-During the fight with Tequalt the Sunless ive been getting random crashes since PoF release** and many other ppl as well who shout in general chat for answers, idk if mounts are the source or some of the new elite skills animation but it makes the fight with tequalt a waste of time since you have to restart and most likely be placed on different map.

  • Priory npc Jeppa, a little asura who seeks for her lost dolyaks on Desert Highlands, sometimes tends to get stuck trying to jump some cliff and the only way to make the npc continue with the event is let her be killed by some enemy.

  • Finally, we still have the animation bug when you use the mount and the screen only shows your character moving in the air without the mount and the camera remains static, it happens specially in Amnoon waypoint or crowded areas (LFG bounty hunt trains).

I know we should make a topic per bug but i find the "recitation of the litany of deeds" and tequalt the most urgent to check out because theres nothing we can do ourselves to fix that.


  • I'm actually also having issues with this one. Not only does the 'double-click to gain a reward' not work, but when I traded my 'Tales of Plenty' I got the 'Blessing of Plenty' and the double-click consumed the item, but gave no reward, and did not register in the collection.

  • I am having an issue with getting Tale of Plenty after completing all three events mutliple times. I have it unlocked in my collection, since I've gotten it already, but then destroyed and now I can't get it again...

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