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Niche utility for Power Guardian T4 Fracs

I'm curious about what other Guardians slot onto their Utility bars for specific encounters in T4. I play Core Guard (Zeal / Radiance /Virtues), and as standard I run:
Litany of Wrath, Sword of Justice, "Retreat", Bane Signet, and Signet of Courage (swap to "Feel My Wrath" if no Chrono)

If I'm in a fight where I need more CC I'll drop "Retreat" for Hammer of Wisdom. Lately I've been trying to get the hang of Shield of the Avenger, but I don't think I'm using it correctly outside of Nightmare.

But what specific boss fights in T4 do you swap in a niche utility skill for, and why?


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    I mainly play DH. My usual set up is this: I run Shelter or Litany as my heal. For utility I run Procession of Blades, Bane Signet and Sword of Justice. Elite skill, I run Dragon's Maw. Depending on the fight, I may switch out elite skills. Drop Dragon's Maw for Feel My Wrath for more quickness up time or Signet of Courage if things are going real bad in terms of survival (Deepstone, Twilight Oasis, Shattered Observatory to name a few). I rarely need to switch utilities as I'm in melee range for the most part (which eliminates the weaknesses of traps - you have to place them down at the enemies' feet.) Most boss fights I don't change anything outside elite skills. However, I will say that I run "Stand Your Ground!" and Hallowed Ground for underground facility, and I swap out Sword of Justice for Retreat outside of battle. If I need CC, I usually just activate Bane Signet. However, usually there are other classes who bring much more CC (Mesmer moa comes to mind), which means I don't really need to worry about breaking bars. Guardian only has so many bar breaks unless you slot into it (F1 pull, GS5 and Bane Signet for DH usually)

  • I alternate between Dragonhunter and Firebrand. Generally my setup is "DPS Skill, DPS Skill, situational utility," and the situational utility depends on which fractal I am in.

    Wall of Reflection: I use this in Volcanic, Underground (switch portion only), and Molten Boss/Molten Furnace. If I am not in Firebrand I will also use it against Artsariiv in CM100 and against Harpies in Uncategorized.
    Bane Signet: This is mostly for CC. I use it in Nightmare (against Siaxx) and in Chaos (against the final boss). I will also use this against Mai Trin.
    Retreat: I use this if I'm on a team that generally is not good at dodging. It also shows up in Cliffside, and against the Snowblind Boss.

    If I don't need these specifics, I just go with a third DPS option. For Firebrand it is Signet of Wrath, and for Dragonhunter it is Sword of Justice.

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