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support professions that can do good damage?

are there any classes like tempest that can do 30k+ damage but still pump out good utility/support? like tempest provides a lot of might, stability, swiftness, etc. and also has auras and stuff with other helpful effects

i like damage classes with good support, so what are some?


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    Damage and support at the same time? I'd say warrior (banner, might, probably fury and so on), ranger (spirits, fury, might, regen, vigor and anything the pet can provide) and revenant (be it herald of renegade there is quite a bit of support that can be done alongside it's dps).

    Other profession tend to lack things of unique value to bring alongside their dps.

  • firebrand condi is sorta along these lines.

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  • I run full zerk renegade that gives perma 25 party might with f2, and the cc/heals from kalla and lifeleach etc. It's a decent amount of dps support while you deal great dps.

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    Condi Firebrand with Seraph pumps out a ton of quickness, and can do occasional spot heals with Tomes. Plaguedoctor FB can heal/quickness a 5-man group and still do moderate condi dps.

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    Full DPS scourge?
    Uses barrier from healskill and f3. Also can condicleanses with f2 when needed

  • revenant is basically an offensive support class with its current elite specs

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    DH provides some defense with F2 and F3. It can buff allies with signet trait and potentially swap one utility for aoe aegis/stability.

    Tempest also dont provide much might unless traited and both stab and swiftness from tempest are personal. The only real support dps tempest can give are aoe healing skill, stun break trait and rebound/water OL (which come with large dps loss). Auras also require traits, at which point you're no longer doing 30k+ damage. Assuming you're not in raid squad, earth OL also gives good amount of protection, but again, your damage isnt very high outside of fire/air skills and overloads, depending on build.

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