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Overhaul power ranger to be wanted in wvw.

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More than en overhaul a few tweaks to the traitline and weapons so they can be used in a more broad situations. If in my prior thread i touched the condition skills to make them to target multiple enemies my idea of a power ranger focus more in positioning and target damage in line.
I think power damage is in line with other classes so my idea is not to increase the direct burst but to increase the offensive capabilities by support from increased attack speed and better access to unblockables for better sustained damage under specific conditions.

Trait line marksmanship
Minor tweaks to allow better sinergy between traits. Better access to ublockable under certain conditions to fight the amount of blocks and reflects in game. Removed the passive immunity for a CC alternative which offers better offensive trade of better suited for an offensive trait line.

  • Opening Strike You and your pet inflict vulnerability and cripple with your first strike when entering combat.
  • Alpha Focus You and your pet inflict Cripple in targets affected by vulnerability (icd 5s)
  • Precise Strike Opening strike always crit. Opening strike is refreshed when you kill a foe.


  • Earth Trap : Cast lesset muddy terrain when reach 50% health. 20 secs ICD. Lesser muddy terrain pulses(3) slow(3s) and cripple(5s), does not immobilise.
  • Hunter's Gaze : adtionally gain Fury when a foe is hit under 50% health.
  • Clarion Bond: Cast Lesser Call of the Wild when you swap pets. Unblocable effect from Lesser Call of the Wild affects you and your pet.


  • Brutish Seals : Activating a Signet grants fury (7 secs),quickness (3 secs). Attacks are Unblockable for short time (3secs) . (no CD reduction)
  • Farsighted
  • Strider defense. (ICD 5 secs) Evading an attack grant quickness (3s). While using a sword evading an attack additionally grants protection(5 secs) and resistance (3 secs). (no CD reduction on sword). This trait is better suited here as Sword is a power weapon and this trait line can benefit greatly of the synergy between LB and Sword.


  • Predator's Onslaught
  • Remorseless. Additionally apply +10% damage to enemies affected by Vulnerability. Opening strike increased damage +15%. Opening strike is unblockable. Reduced burst damage from this trait to make easier to access sustained damage as a mean to contain the burst from soulbeast. without nerfing overall damage.
  • Lead the Wind : Long bow pierces up 3 targets. Attack speed inc reased in 20%. (no CD reduction)

Small tweaks to make it better utility.

  • Hunter's Shot: Additionally if it hits grants super speed to the ranger and the pet.
  • Barrage: Reduce CD to 20 secs.

Small QoL improvements.

  • Hornet Sting Apply Evade (1 second evade) from the beginning of the animation. Rollback increased to 500 units. If the skill is cast without target the leap is done in the direction the ranger is facing. The skill is a LEAP finisher.

Axe offhand
Some Qol improvements so the weapon gain usability against players and bosses.

  • Path of Scars Increase width of the path to 200 units. Pull increased to 600 units.
  • Whirling Defense: Gain combat movement while executing the skill. Increased number targets to 5. Decreased CD to 20s (as the new trait in Skirmish does not reduce CD )


  • Signet of Renewal: Pasive : Heal the ranger in an interval. Heal more the less hp the ranger has. From 75% 62 (.06) / 50% 124 (.08) / 25% 250 (.1) . Active: Clean 13 conditions from the ranger. Apply resistance to the ranger (removed the AoE effect to allies). Break stun.
  • Signet of Stone: Active: Additionally apply stability 3 secs. does not break stun.
  • Signet of the Hunt Passive the same. Active : Increase stats for 6 seconds +300 in power/ferocity/precision.
  • Signet of the Wild: Passive: decrease condition duration 20%.

Additional notes.
MoC needs rework as it is an gimick effect which mess up badly with soulbeast numbers.

What do you think? Could this changes make the ranger be able to do better damage in zerg fights?


  • I'd love to see Ranger more viable in WvW. Probably not going to happen though. Everybody is already trying to call for a Nerfing of the Soulbeast Roamer. Most people want in your face Melee, not pew pew from long distance. Pew pew is unbalanced and unfair. Druid was viable in zergs for a bit for their healing, but then Guardians complained and it got nerfed into oblivion. Something I'd like to see is that Rangers had some kind of ability to see and hunt people in Stealth. I think that would be good to balance against Thieves and Mesmers stealth one shoting people. But as soon as I say that some Thief or Mesmer will come in and cry foul. But yeah, I agree that Rangers should have more buffs for WvW.

  • Blocki.4931Blocki.4931 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I don't think it needs any changes. You can do your very own niche job of pinpoint sniping and you're the very best at it.

    Very passive aggressively chuckling, because I'm totally not mad on the Internet.

  • noooo.. stop. I get that they are doing overhauls for some things that were messed up but the ranger is not unviable. There are many different specs that the ranger works well with and just because your specific niche role isn't working doesn't mean the class needs a overhaul.

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    Ranger isn't struggling to have a power builds in wvw... I can guarantee that more players would be miffed if the devs started fiddling with power ranger "stuff" while ignoring the real issues like...

    Pets are still not good, like at all. Condi ranger builds leave a whole lot to be desired. Druid staff and CA skills need a bunch of improvements. Daggers are very subpar weapons that need redesigns...

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