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Claw Island / Ship to Ship fight / Skimmer Races

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edited September 13, 2018 in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

I've though for awhile that Claw Island and the surrounding islands (south and west) should be an open world map. I was in the Admiral Taidha Covington fight the other day and thought it would be interesting if there was an event on a map where we did a ship to ship fight like in old pirate movies. That could be an event on a Claw Island map. As much as I dislike disabling mounts in areas I think a ship to ship fight would be best with mounts disabled (except skimmer) but put some form of boost platform like bouncing mushrooms to get up into the ships rigging.

It would also be a good map to have a slow boat ride on and skimmer races (w/rentals). Other things could be karka attacks and pocket raptors on some islands.

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