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Windswept Haven NPCs question

Hi there, thanks for taking the time to read my post.

My guild and I were considering moving to Windswept Haven; but we we wondering if we would get to keep our upgrades and merchants we have bought?

On a personal note; I was hoping someone could tell me whether or not the members of my guild would be able to access the npcs in the guild hall if they don’t have the path of exile expansion? I know the lost precipice and gilded hollow require players to own HoT if they want to use the npcs in those halls.

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  • Haleydawn.3764Haleydawn.3764 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    All guild hall upgrades are transferred.
    Think of the guild hall locations as ‘skins’, your upgrades are tied to you Guild Panel / earned level / treasury.

    Anyone can access a hall once it’s claimed. Though, to claim it (Windswept Haven) you need to own Path Of Fire to walk through the front door to the Hall, in Domain Of Vabbi.

    Guild halls are still a HoT feature, so don’t be surprised if people without this expansion can’t use NPCs in Windswept Haven

    The above was written as part of an attempt to waste time.

  • Ah okay, so the people with HoT will be able to use the windswept haven npcs?

    Thanks for the reply
    That’s awesome 👍

  • Linken.6345Linken.6345 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    @WavieDavie.5621 said:
    Ah okay, so the people with HoT will be able to use the windswept haven npcs?

    Thanks for the reply
    That’s awesome 👍

    No they would not
    Scratch that Im confused that says even ftp have full access to hot halls witch is false they cant access the bar buffs for example

  • Yeah, there doesn't seem to be clear answers for it anywhere. I've searched a lot of sites and nothing is clear :(

  • I will attempt to test this over the weekend. I have a guild that has windswept haven and my SiL doesn't have PoF, but does have HoT. So, I'll have her try it.

    MY understanding was that you had to have HoT for access to all of the GH benefits, but even F2P CAN access the GH. If I'm not mistaken, F2P can use the anvil and the merchant to sell stuff, but not the tavern buffs.

  • Sorry for the delay on this. My SiL has a HoT account, but NOT PoF. I added her to a guild of mine that has the Windswept Haven Guild Hall in the Domain of Vabbi. She was able to go to the GH, use the vendors, use the boosters in the tavern, and access her bank/materials storage through the scribing station.

    The new GH's were added with HoT and several of the features (like the boosters) require HoT. F2P accounts can go to the GH in Auric Basin and they can use the anvil to repair armor and CAN interact with the merchant there, but they CANNOT utilize the tavern boosters. They also cannot exit the GH into maps of the expansion they do not own.

    Lastly, back to the OP's first question. Yes, your guild will retain all of the progress upgrading your guild hall when you take the Windswept Haven Guild Hall. Also, your decorations will transfer DIRECTLY to the same 3-dimensional (X, Y, Z) coordinates in the new guild hall...and there is no direct relationship between your current GH and the new one. This resulted in decorations floating in mid air (higher than a springer high jump) in the new guild hall. I'd advise taking them all down before taking the new GH.

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