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[GRIFFON BUG] Griffon can gain infinite altitude

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Game mode : PVE,All?
What : Griffon can gain infinite altitude by abusing endurance regeneration bug
Description : After some patch (i can't remember the exact patch), griffon can regenerate endurance faster when diving. Which leads to this bug

This bug happened when I do this step.
1. Mount griffon and do the double jump (so that the endurance bar is depleted)
2. Press and hold the dive button while griffon is starting to fall ,this will make endurance regenerate faster BUT it won't do the dive animation IF i don't press the moving forward button (If I press the moving forward button,it will do the dive animation as usual)
3. Before the griffon lands, press the "flap" or space bar by default. If it lands,the bug ( fast endurance regenerating ) won't triggered.

I'm quite sure this is a bug,so i post here as soon as i found out
I don't have any intention to post this to encourage anyone to use this bug. I post because I hope this will get fixed soon.

English is not my native language, please let me know if there's a part you don't understand =)

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