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Symbol Guardian?

I've been messing around with core guardian and found you can get pretty significant symbol uptime with hammer auto and mace 2, as well as some proccing trait effects. I was wondering if anyone has found a slot for heavy symbol use in any of the gameplay modes? I was able to momentarily get up to 7 stacks of burn on pve enemies standing in the symbols, perhaps good as a fake out condi spike? Let me know If you can get a good usage out of symbol spam, I think all guardian symbols might count as light fields too..


  • Unknown.3976Unknown.3976 Member ✭✭✭

    Hammer guard has some uses in low lvl PUG fractals, it's easy to play and grants perma-protection for the team. It's not something I would recommend for serious play as it is superseded by newer, and fancier elite specs.

  • Rhyse.8179Rhyse.8179 Member ✭✭✭

    Symbols don't really make an entire build, but rather enhance a build you are already using. Every Guard weapon has a symbol on it. Depending on your build, you can use traits to get extra healing (Honor tree) or extra damage (Zeal tree).

    As a source of burning, they already naturally proc burning due to Virtue of Justice (each time a symbol does damage it counts as a strike). Permeating Wrath (Virtues Tree) reduces the number of strikes to proc down to 3, which can make symbols proc burning on every tick if you are hitting at least 3 targets.

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