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Santa Charr September Update Thread!

Hello GW2 community,
It's Evga.2471 getting ready for another Wintersday with Santa Charr (That looks like a reindeer).

A little back story about me first:
I tell you it feels good to be back playing GW2 after a 9 month hiatus of not playing (even though I still don't have a lot of time to play). The reason is work; yes real life consumes my life among other things. Anyway I changed jobs. I'm still driving a truck; class B not A this time. This new job is so much better than the last because I have to do physical labor. Unlike the last where I just sat and stand all day. But still leaves me with little to no time for anything else except for my days off.

Anyway back to the topic at hand.
This year might be very different for you all and Santa Charr from the past two years. The reason is simple Santa Charr wants to do something different for a change. Granted some of you might not like it. With that being said there maybe another poll to vote on.
That's all I have to really say, sorry it's not much to go on.

All the details will come in November. So keep an eye out on the In-game Event tab.

For those that are just hearing about this Mythical Santa Charr (That looks like a reindeer) for the first time. Santa Charr gives out in-game gold and in-game items to you all during Wintersday in GW2 after leaving a Naughty or Nice comment on The Santa Charr Thread in the month of November. You can check it out last years thread by this link or just look for it under this tab on the forums (not hard to find).

If you all do have any suggestions or ideas for this upcoming Wintersday's for Santa Charr please leave a comment below.

As a reminder
• Please be kind to your fellow Guild Wars 2 players
• Please keep the thread friendly and follow the Guild Wars 2 forum rules.

Thanks everyone.

Stay awhile and listen.
The creator of Santa Charr that looks like a Reindeer.


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