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[NA][PvE]--- Rsenal [Rsnl] - Small casual guild looking for members and fun times

History of Rsenal

Rsenal is a local group of friends that slowly began to take in members from around the US. We've got a few members in the west and east coast. We started as a group in around 2014 and went from there. We are still a small group but still enjoy playing games with one another and just having a good time on discord and the like.

Our GW guild

On GW2 we are a very relaxed and laid back guild, we enjoy doing mostly PvE but we do dabble in PvP and WvW from time to time. Our guild at the moment is still small and lacks a lot of essential things (especially with our guild hall, we are only currently a level 7 guild). Despite our small numbers and our un-built hall, we still do our best to increase what we have and to ultimately have a good time. Our guild does partake in guild missions when we can, we also do fractals, dungeons, world bosses and eventually we will get into raids. We are a band of friends that just try to have a good time, all while building up friendship and our hall.

Communication and What we ask for

We tend to chat in guild chat, however we do have a discord server. We would like to ask anyone who joins to join our discord so we can have voice for missions and just to have a hub inside and outside of GW to chat, laugh and enjoy other games if we so desired.
We also don't have any requirements or strict rules, we honestly just want to have a fun time playing with others. Whether it's partaking in missions, events, raids or even just playing other games, we just want to have a great time together as a group.
We do ask however that members not be rude (we understand after people get to know one another, they may make jokes and be jerks sometimes, that's fine, but we would like for new members to get to know us first before we joke around) We also ask for members to at least be 18. Finally we ask members to be open about things, we would like to know how you feel about stuff and how you think we can make our guild, our group, our family, even better than it is now.

In Conclusion

-Friendly and laid back guild
-PvE focused, sometimes PvP/WvW
-We have a discord :D
-We play other things too
-18+ please
-Don't be a jerk

Thanks much, and if you would be interested in joining let me know. On behalf of me and my fellows in Rsenal, we do hope you give us a chance and say thanks for taking a gander at our family or dorks :D


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