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Dev Celebration Tips

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Here are some ideas about participating in our Dev Celebration of the September 18, 2018 release:

  • One topic = One thread: Please create a new thread for a new question. One thread per main question is best, not a list of questions in a single thread.
  • Expand on existing comments: If you have follow-up questions on a topic that's already been brought up, expand that conversation by adding to the existing thread. This is efficient and allows the devs to get you the most info possible.
    -- Pro tip: This forum has a really good quote mechanism, so you can quote the preceding comment and add your thoughts with ease.

  • Please use spoiler tags. To do that, simply preface your comments that may contain a spoiler with with > ! (without the space between the > and the !)

  • No future-facing questions please: This celebration is about Episode 4, so please stick to that topic and to previously-released content. No forward/future-looking questions, please.
  • It's not just what you say, but how you say it: Please remember that a moderate tone and constructive input is best for all involved: players and devs. It's pretty simple: Disagreeing is fine; being disagreeable is not.
  • AFC to Follow! Players have shared with us that the dev celebrations are fun, but they'd like a chance to play through the content in order to provide more detailed and relevant feedback. In response to that input, we will have an ArenaNet Forum Chat next week so that you can post your feedback, questions, and suggestions.

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