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Official Feedback Thread: LWS4 Episode 4: A Star to Guide Us



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  • First off, this episode's story was kitten amazing. The instance with Zafirah and fighting her by yourself while in that vulnerable state - truly terrifying; the echo effect was fantastic as well and gave the instance a deliciously ominous feeling. The same thing happened when you're with Blish and time's running out before the storm hits - great tension and nerve-hitting, especially once you actually see it right there following after you. I'm looking forward to the next episode and more Mists stuff; hopefully eventually in the Realm of Torment so we can see more Forged (branded now, maybe?) which I miss fighting so, so much. Loved it - love you all. ^^

  • After I finished "Legacy" chapter and unlocked Sun's refuge, I bought un upgrade for it from heart vendor Warmaster Steelburn, something called "pact survelliance team" or very similar to it for 5 gold coins and 500 volatile magic. But I see no difference in my Sun's refuge instance. Is it bugged? How is this should looks?

  • @tekfan.3179 said:
    -I dislike that Z can shoot the player, even during jackal-teleports

    That is an oddity, considering the teleport being an evade was supposed to be (one of) the jackal's mechanics.

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    Ran an 80 to map, I personally can't stand stories so I clic and clic to get it over with and start exploring.
    Tried to do story a bit further but the riftmonster bugged at 33% invulnerable.
    No items, no special skill, waited and looked for 30 minutes, quit instance.

    Map completed it

    It's huge, and filled with many events that in a few weeks will pop on and off without anyone doing them ( not even now )
    Probably made huge to accomodate beetle use, I can live with that.

    Filled the new mastery line.

    Hardly worth going back as, like someone else already mentioned:

    • Tedious hearts
    • Low reward ( like the other LS4 maps, a rare, really ? I get 3 at least from 2 shots at maw )
    • New currency has nothing that makes me want to save them,
      for the first time I skipped the home instance thing, would be a waste of 50g

    • All 38 achieves to be done to finish the meta, not going to happen.

    So after one map complete and a small taste of the story I decided against sending more characters to the map.
    I think I completed the LS3 maps on over 50 alts, but I started to lose interest in LS4

    On my alt account I started to redo LS3 maps, and at this point doing those even Doric seems more rewarding then the LS4 ones...

    {if its more then 50 words just see it as 2 posts}

  • I have played through From The ashes (The ridiculous sniper one, with no obvious mechanics, no ability to gain swiftness, or anything relevant to the objective) 3 times for it to disconnect at the end.... kitten the only way to make a tedious mission like that worse is by making me do it 3 god kitten times.

  • Awesome work, Jahai best map living world S4, also can we have an extra back item slot mainly for cosmetic purpose and doesnt provide any stat boost in the far future? The Balthazar sword does look really really good as back attachment, my character feels a lot cooler and adequate with that sword, please add one more back attachment slot :)

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    The cutscenes with Aurene predicting multiple futures with Kralkatorrik looking menacing might be the single best cutscene GW2 has ever had. Her vs. Kralkatorrik, her plus friends, her plus friends plus a fleet of airships (Mordremoth showed why that is a bad idea). All the while Kralkatorrik is just staring them down. Just wow.

    Found it on the youtubes:

  • Just tried again... same issue. This is really killing my motivation to even bother continuing with this story..

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    im speechless. by far u best episode.

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    Great episode. It does however highlight an enormous gulf in consistency and quality between teams. Ep3 wasn't close in terms of quality to this.

    Great and beautiful map. Could have a used a bit more storytelling events, but the Legendary Djinn one was exceptional.

    Suns refuge seems a fun time investment. Unlike the pointless and over complicated turret one last episode.

    Achievement rewards need urgent attention. It can't carry on like this, it needs a rethink for balance and consistency which way off right now.

    Loved the raptor skin

    Mastery was OK. Really are just putting them just for the sake of it now though. The mastery system seems to lose its way between expansions. Perhaps using the Djinn event story as inspiration to protect against the Brandstorm would have been better.

    All the instances were generally very good. Deadeye had far too much hp. The los mechanic worked well, but the flow disrupted by an overly long and tedious tank and spank fight every 3rd health. The raptor jumping at the end was horrible. Potential for an epic instance was lost here and due to even a short hesitation causing the weird purple blob to insta kill you easily, it hurt the flow of emotion going on.

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    Well, I havent started the story, just plotted the perimeters of the new map and began exploring mid.

    I just wanted to say I had so much fun in the ??? area, sure, it was a little cheesy, but it's a fun little get away and I was giggling like a schoolgirl, thank you for that.

    So far, in my experience (which is minimal) the map seems to have taken little bits from S1 through Hot and merged them with a great POF map, so in my opinion, it's very well done and I think one of the best maps so far.

    I can't say I care for the race, but I only tried once and didn't finish, so maybe more practice as right now it seems weird and unclear on where to go or how to accomplish getting to where you want to go.

    Thank you for limited branded fury areas, adding a lot of VM and another pretty cool flax farm :).

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  • i just have a quick question, will you ever implement character-bound controls?

    such as controls specific to each character, not each account

  • One minor issue .. Koss on Koss volume 2. Uh.. do your writers know what date it's supposed to be in Tyria? Because Nightfall in GW1 took place in 1075, or 1275 by Elonian Dynastic Reckoning.. but Koss on Koss volume 2 has him being freed from his cave in 1094.. but we're now in 1331. So I think your writer flubbed.

  • There is a big difference in quality between this episode and the last one, this one feel's more polished , i loved every single sec of the story, great job anet

  • @Fat Disgrace.4275 said:
    bug on the storm tracking, keeps saying im out of instance and die

    I got his bug as well. The only way I could get past it was to hug the boundary on the right (stay away from the green arrow). The next part I am not able to complete at all. I have always been ok with the difficulty of FIGHTS in story instances but this is crazy. I don't even know where I am supposed to go. Even using the new mastery doesn't help me. Maybe I have a persistent bug. If I wanted this I would play Nier Automata. Please tell me if I am missing something.

  • Wow, I have to say the teaser for this episode did not do the actual story any justice. This map/story/gameplay was so engaging and entertaining I was blown away. It totally surpassed Ep3.

    I dunno if the "Sniper" Portion was a nod to Metal Gear's Sniper Wolf but that was freaking amazing. Man, I wish my Deadeye has that range lol.

  • The story for this episode was absolutely incredible. The quality of the story instances felt on par with PoF (in my opinion) and I love that. There's also just so much new content on the map that I almost feel overwhelmed, but in a good way. I will say, though, that the first raptor jumping section in the second to last instance is annoying to do on my potato computer. Not saying that it should be changed per se, but I just want to say that my experience with that part was that I had to do it over and over again because I kept overcompensating the jumps because of the swiftness.

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    Probably Anet's best work so far in GW2, even trumping most of PoF itself for me.

    The pacing of the episode was just right, exploration of the map felt natural with the story, little to no busy work that felt like pure filler to pad out the play time.
    Story was actually packed with story content.
    Although I'm very much so tired of the Desert, this Map was a joy to explore, it's beautiful and induced a real feeling of wonder and exploration. Lot's of variation.
    The GW1 throwbacks and lore drops were fantastically done. Not to on the nose, but also not to obscure. Things like finding that Tomb Marker of Joko from GW1 genuinely made me smile.
    More cutscenes and dialoge than usual, while not being tedious and poorly written, making you stand around and beg for it to be over so you can move on. Things were actually interesting, and most often delivered while on the move or in cutscene form.
    New mechanical interactions were well done and fun, like the fight with the spider not only saving you from the tedium of running from place to place, but also just being a fun moment. Lot's of unique moments, like the sniper level, even though that was a tad tedious, it was still interesting due to it's uniqueness.
    Little moments like activating the sword having that extra touch with particle effects and animations, being allowed to be a little moment to enjoy, made the experience so much richer.

    I mean, I can really just praise this episode.
    Having waited half a day to play it on purpose until the server load was much smaller, I had no technical issues with the release at all as well.

    Bravo Anet.
    If I still get Elite Specs, new features, new Fractals and Raids and major balance patches/reworks, I could actually be happy without expansions with this quality of Living Story (and would make me somewhat forgive the Mount skin gambling and focus on cash shop/BLC skins, if it pays for this).
    Although, quite frankly, seeing this quality Living World Episode, makes me that much more excited for how another expansion could look like.

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    Overall I'm happy with that new episode, as a comparison, will consider with the another episode I like.
    Story: S4e2 and S4e4 = 7/10 better than e3 (I hate that deadeye part, zaphira is horrible, killing you every 2 sec even if you are behind a wall, finished it in underwear)
    Map: S4e2 = 9/10, S4e3 = 7/10 interesting BUT WHAT'S that big unexplored hole at the north seriously?!! Worst than kourna!
    Metas: S4e2 and S4e4 = 8/10
    Easters eggs: S4e2 and S4e4 = 7/10
    Mob density: S4e2 and S4e4 = 9/10

    Special note: Sun's refuge, seems sunspear centered and don't have many npcs... The only thing I like is the jukebox golem. Not housing at all confirmed. Also I hate so much that deadeye thing: anoying bomb foes + toxic gaz + invincible deadeye killing you in air even if teleporting with jackal? Not a deal 3/10 (6/10 for e2 because of 2 metas in same map)

    Mention: Fungi room, very cool idea, I "met" someone I like a lot 10/10 (same for e2 with magneton lab)

    I was ready to shout and become angry but will give a pass, that episode is 10x better than the previous one.
    So total of 7/10 for that episode, gratz.

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    @Fat Disgrace.4275 said:

    @Justine.6351 said:

    @Fat Disgrace.4275 said:
    bug on the storm tracking, keeps saying im out of instance and die

    Yeah just keep trying, eventually it will let you through lol.
    They had to have known just how bad the escape portion of this instance was when the episode was finalized for release. Fairly disappointing considering the "emotional" aspect of that part of the instance being marred by this garbage.

    managed to do it, had to go far left at the start and i got past that first tunnel

    This was the only thing that worked.

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    @Fenom.9457 said:
    Please tell me that the giant rock formation smack in the middle of Jahai is explorable and im just an idiot. It would be horrendous if they left a giant piece of unexplored map

    Yeah unexplorable, tried to enter by breaking some Rbeetle walls but lead to nothing... That area isn't created, tried to pass through the roof with my gryphon: invisible walls. I suspect it's the same as kourna.. The map ISN'T finished... hmpf

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  • The map is cool. It have some interesting abnormalities, like the psycodelic mushrooms.
    The story is slightly disapointing (so far, haven't finished). It feel blown out of proportion. We killed zaitan with the help of the whole pact, then mondremoth (suppousely more powerful), with a small group, then the God of War, alone... I don't have high hopes for this episode. I might be surprise, but I don't think so.
    The sniper part of the story is terribly annoying. It sucked out the fun of the evening

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    @hugo.4705 said:

    @Fenom.9457 said:
    Please tell me that the giant rock formation smack in the middle of Jahai is explorable and im just an idiot. It would be horrendous if they left a giant piece of unexplored map

    Yeah unexplorable, tried to enter by breaking some Rbeetle walls but lead to nothing... That area isn't created, tried to pass through the roof with my gryphon: invisible walls. I suspect it's the same as kourna.. The map ISN'T finished... hmpf

    Man it’d be near perfect if not for that rock. So many epic things in the map, but every time I open the big world map it’s depressing


  • First of all, I rarely post on the forums, but playing the game pretty much daily (sPvP for the most part) and for this episode I really felt like leaving a comment:

    Congratulation to whoever was doing this one. From a purely gameplay point of view, this was easily the best LS-episode in a long time: The story-missions are straight-forward and intuitive in the way that it becomes clear right away what to do. No more half-baked puzzles and weird gimmicks that you cannot possibly figure out without smoking the same weird substances the dev did. Well-rounded boss-fights with clear telegraphs, playing on the strengths of the games combat (dodging, blocking, positioning) rather than pulling some lame special action key gimmicks, near-infinite health-bars, overuse of invul-phases/scripting and what not. Spider, riftcrawler, deadeye, more of these kind of fights please (and the achievements coming along with it were just about right)!

    While I didn't get to fully explore/play the open-world/map yet, what I saw while completing the story looked fine. It looked easy enough to navigate, makes good use of different masteries/mounts and incorporating different "areas" of previous maps into this one really added a special kind of flair.

    (... the story narrative itself was overly like a soap opera and cheesy as hell, but one can easily overlook this if the gameplay is right and that it was)

  • Very disappointed with the announcement Sun’s Refuge is abandoned content.

    You hyped it so much, you talked about it like this was going to be a new piece of content to be updated, but no, WHY?!

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    @WhatLiesBeneath.9018 said:
    Very disappointed with the announcement Sun’s Refuge is abandoned content.

    You hyped it so much, you talked about it like this was going to be a new piece of content to be updated, but no, WHY?!

    What are you talking about? The entire story and the system behind it indicate that it continues

    Edit: Saw the stuff on reddit. It says "large scale", large scale doesn't mean abandoned. Simple as that. Pretty sure that means we don't see any new functionality, but collections or NPCs aren't off limits

    Logging out forever.

  • idk if any one has posted about this, but there is a bug when you go into the mist where the branded Wyvern that I'm guessing your suppose to fight just paces back and forth out of range of any attacks

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    @Fenom.9457 said:

    @hugo.4705 said:

    @Fenom.9457 said:
    Please tell me that the giant rock formation smack in the middle of Jahai is explorable and im just an idiot. It would be horrendous if they left a giant piece of unexplored map

    Yeah unexplorable, tried to enter by breaking some Rbeetle walls but lead to nothing... That area isn't created, tried to pass through the roof with my gryphon: invisible walls. I suspect it's the same as kourna.. The map ISN'T finished... hmpf

    Man it’d be near perfect if not for that rock. So many epic things in the map, but every time I open the big world map it’s depressing

    Agreed, but it just look like a scar in the map I hate that, no problem hum the map is awesome but that hole... I urge Anet to add an Rata-novan anomaly there, would make sense since we have maguma and orr ones....

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  • Did Revenant(Herald especially) have any special conversation while in the mist?

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    A great thanks for the hyper-space/mist story step/race, was an echo to pkm sun/moon for me! I'm happy the devs heard me and have added moving platform :D But need to be tuned, sometimes lags happens and volatiles don't work.

    +++Sandswept Isles: Advisory K-4: Don't be misled; with some effort, a charr CAN fit inside an asura-sized Inquest uniform.

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    This is the first time since PoF release where the story is good. I have not done enough events to say the map will be a hit, but it surely is very interesting. I like the branded. They were severely under utilized before. I think this map definitely made good use of them.

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    Definitely the most enjoyable story sequence for me so far (bugs aside but that's another topic). Boss fights were fun(ny) and not too long. Conversations were more interesting and characters had a bit more emotion that wasn't over the top. So well done.

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    PLEASE adjust the Requiem heavy female leggings. They are incredibly wide and make the lower body look a lot wider than the upper body. The armor is otherwise brilliant but I'm really afraid that this will make it impossible for me to wear it.

    Another thing that bugs me are harvesting nodes where the drop is not 100%. It annoys me greatly to go around searching for A MISTONIUM NODE and get only dragonite ore from it. Put a dragonite node somewhere if you want to give it, but a mistonium node should give mistonium 100%. Make them appear less or something, but a node should always give the rare ingredient. (bitterfrost had it right)

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    @PookieDaWombat.6209 said:
    Bad guy suddenly becomes biggest badkitten in the world with some unstoppable something that locks everyone down
    Bad guy gives pithy speech
    Random other NPC comes in from stage right or left and one shots bad guy and saves the day (Or enter in any number of other deus Ex nonsense)

    It got old ages ago and now its just upsetting and feels like lazy writing.

    I almost accepted that slop with Joko. He met the qualifiers: strong, ancient enemy and a flair for the dramatic. It was annoying, but I could shrug it off.
    Rando Joko-minion doing the same thing and me having to sit-stun through pithy monologue isn't fun.

    At this point i'm fully expecting the major climax to all of this being that we will go through absolute hell just to face down Kralk, fight in some hour long keyboard smashing cluster that will require the twitchiest of reflexes to even do, only for his health bar to return to full and just before he eats us after telling us how futile our attempts are to beat him, Bubbles will come from the depths of the ocean with a Largos and Zomoros on its back and bite Kralk's head off before going back into the ocean and Aurene will absorb his power, become an elder dragon then go to sleep after warning us that they will rise again.

    Better yet, Zommoros swinging a Largos like a new legendary weapon. :3

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    I enjoyed it, but it feels like through all PoF we might meet some random NPC in passing, or only once or twice and suddenly our character is pretty much long time friends with them. Always remembering who everyone is regardless of if we only saw them 1 time for a few minutes.

    This episode had alot of that, from the opening mission to suns refuge. I'm just standing there looking at these NPC and I have no idea who any of them are, but the game treats them like we've done so many things together.

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    Trying to do the content while it was still hot ant steaming, ended up disconnecting all the time.
    Now I know why I always used to wait before I played the newest content. Maybe I should return to doing just that.
    A more qualified feedback will follow in this spot, but as of now it's Disconnectopia.

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    What I loved:

    • Politics: I find it amazing that there are factions now and especially the heart quest where you have to show people from different factions that they actually care about the same things! I'm so excited about those Free Awakened, I really loved Vabbi and I was a bit afraid that
      killing Joko
      would kinda remove all those undead. But no, they're awesome now. Like, I think the friendly undead are literaly my favourite part of the game now xD
    • Commander's sick burns in first instance, omg

    • This sylvari Sunspear

    • THIS MAZE RACE EVENT THING, it's so awesome!!! Not just another race, this is amazing <3

    • Flying up in the tornado!
    • Whole new map is so pretty
    • Rytlock's fur
    • I'm always a bit sceptical with time traver theme but this piece with Orr warr was really nice, like this endless loop, awesome. Also thank you for pointing out AGAIN that Trahearne is dead :'(

    What I liked:

    • Aurene vision video. I mean, it was sad, alright, but it was showing the vision of future nicely. Because to be honest I wasn't complete fan of that HoT kaleidoscope vision video. This one was amazing though!
    • Sun's refuge. It's lovely, also I missed that, I think. It's like home instance but fresh and amazing. I started those upgrades collections, I love that idea. I'm hoping in future we'll be able to upgrade it more and more, to make it cozy c:
    • I like that a priest of Balthazar is a sniper! Eventhough first thought is warrior, I think it's pretty interesting that she's stealthy

    What I disliked:

    • Surprise terminal condition. Ok so this might be a bit personal for me. But the thing is we're in world full of magic, with healing spells, amazing technology and all that but suddenly there's this deus ex machina illness that we can do absolutely nothing about. Why can we eat god but not cure some illness? Like, commander freaking DIED and got better but this illness is deadlier than death. please don't let my smol baby die
    • Why does this dolly have a name but the other doesn't :(

      Hey look, those are my cute pets, Tegon and a dog.

    • I have to be honest, this Storm Tracking platformer wasn't that bad for me cuz I have a griffon. But many people don't, and yeah, it was pretty sick xD I kept dying anyways cuz of that bug with instance borders

    What I really disliked:

    • Zafirah: So I already mentioned how I loved sick burns. Why can commander be awesomely assertive and just cool in one instance and then in another she's such a pushover. I like the idea that you're showing that priests of Balthazar can be nice too, not only evil overlords "muahaha fight me" but this was pretty bad... Zafirah has awesome design, sniper snooper, her outfit is amazing, she seems interesting, alright. BUT OMG why does commander let her be suck a jerk. Idk I kinda wish we had a choice, it seems kinda stupid for us to let her stay in our shelter, like, she's still being so awfully rude, she keeps humiliating us while we do absolutely nothing, I don't know what she might do next, I don't know anything about her and to be honest I don't know if she won't backstab us any second she wants. Why can commander stand up to leader of faction but not to some deadeye. I think it makes perfect sense that commander has enemies and it's nice when they are good at being bad. But this, this is Livia all over again. I see absolutely no reason for us to stand her, we don't need anything from her and why are we even helping her? I feel like we're loosing agency here, go awai zafirah.
    • Zafirah's fight: I feel like it was really unfair, idk, she was really OP compared to everything else we faced and then she'd just use finisher on us while we couldn't even interrupt her with 2nd rally skill. It was frustrating and I never want to do it again. Like honestly, she was way more OP than Balthazar, it was ridiculous.
    • Also she kept crying out her tragic backstory during the fight but then we actually ask her what the hell is she about and she's like "No.", well okay but get the hell out of my instance then x.x What's that Balthie's family trope anyways, idk, I guess I'm just really furious at her xD

    I'm so sorry, this ended up not being 50 words :s

  • Hi, at the Storm Tracking quest after you finished the mist part and you're back at the sunspear refuge. After Caithe shows up and you talk to Braham, taimi, and deadshot girl my game won't progress. Tried looking for Blish but he's nowhere to be found. There are no other "green star dialogues" on the map and the option to leave the instance isn't available. I also wasn't awarded for the completion of the story

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    In the final instance i think the devs could do better than just have us both run from kralk while also having blish's emotional moment.

    One takes away the focus from onther and it leads to both situations feeling weaker imo.

    Id have tj3 run sequence alone and then when we leave the mists have blish's dialogue kick in or something.

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