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Living World Season 4: "A Star to Guide Us" devs here – ask us anything!

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Hey everyone!

This morning we released the latest episode of Living World Season 4, "A Star to Guide Us". In this release, players will get to explore the Jahai Bluffs, a section of Kourna that is under assault by Kralkatorrik's forces and an area that we have not seen since Guild Wars: Nightfall. You will be able to unlock and build up Sun's Refuge, a long lost Sunspear safe haven, to regroup your forces and unlock additional stories and rewards as you gear up to talk on the Branded. A brand new legendary scepter, Xiuquatl, is yours for the crafting, along with its serpentine familiar. And finally, journey into the Mystic Forge with 9 of your most formidable allies to take on the latest challenges in the new raid, the Mythwright Gambit.

For the next couple of hours members of the teams that worked on the content of this episode will be joining me to help celebrate this release. Thank you for joining us and we sincerely hope you enjoy the latest episode, "A Star to Guide Us".

Here's who will be here with us today:

Living World Team – Linsey Murdock, Heather Conover, Kirk Williford, Connor Fallon, Jeffrey Vaughn, Charlie Engelhard, Heather Smith, Tracey West
Current Activities Team - Joe Kimmes, Josh Foreman
Cinematics Team - Da-Hee Im, Jason Byfield
Engineering Team - Jon Olson, Joseph Cherlin, Raymond Lukes
Audio Team - Katelyn Isaacson
Systems Design Team - Matt Pennebaker, Jessica Croft, Byron Miller
Raids Team - Benjamin Arnold, Anthony Tran
Communications Team - Gaile Gray
Marketing Team - Mike Silbowitz

Even though we're doing this in a new location, our ground rules are the same. We're here to chat with you about the new release, its features and content related to the new season of Living World. We will not be discussing or revealing future items that may be in development. Finally, please remember that not everyone will have finished playing through the episode yet, so please sure spoiler tags appropriately.

We will also be hosting the Forum Chat next week, here on the official Guild Wars 2 forums where devs from the episode team will answer questions as well.

Once again, thank you everyone for your continued support and for making Guild Wars 2 such an amazing place to play.


EDIT: Thanks for joining us today! We'll see you at the next Dev Celebration!



  • I've been incredibly excited to see the original dream of home instances realized in the form of sun's refuge. What kind of things do you hope the instance gets utilized for?

  • Is there gonna be a fix to the issue that you cannot use two novelty items simultaneously? Mainly speaking of Selfless Potion / Endless Friendship Tonic ? :anguished:

  • Hey folks -- please post a NEW THREAD for each question. It's way easier to respond that way. :)

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