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Scope of the story in episode 4 and bejond

I've read the "Dev Celebration Tips" thread and I respect your choice not to answer questions that go bejond the scope of this episode. Nonetheless with the recent barrage of news regarding the future of Guildwars 2, specifically its Living World seasons format, I, as well as many others, are worried that things like fighting an elder dragon will take place during Living World episodes. The fights in those episodes have gradually increased in quality, but have never felt to reach the peaks of the final boss fights in either expansion. This episode seems to confirm the upward trend in terms of quality, but also confirmed that the quality of your previous expansions can seemingly not be matched during an episode. It would be nice to get an answer to the numerous rumors regarding the state of future expansions, regardless of wether this isn't in the scope of this AMA, a blog post, or something similar would be greately appreciated.